Death of the Antelope Foal

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"Chance," was all he needed...

Didn’t I write this last winter? Didn’t I tell you all about a baby that I knew someone would take that died after a roundup?

Little Hope died after his feet sloughed off from being stampeded during Calico. I said that I would take him and it would cost BLM nothing… but they let Hope die after his vet report (if you remember it had no intake or treatment dates) said he got horsey ibuprofen by the experts as treatment while his hooves literally separated from the bone…

Well today I saw a brand new baby that had been born in the filth of holding… he struggled in the slippery surface with wind gusts of over 35 mph to stand… I don’t know for how long. I decided he needed help and went to the office to get it. He (and mom) needed to go to drier ground and he needed fluids… mom was attentive.

I made two calls and at least two approved BLM adopters would take the pair. I went to the office….

John Neill and a wrangler went out (after I went back to the pen and started photographing again). They drove the truck between my lens and the baby… took a liquid from the truck and drove off… baby in the cab. I looked at mom and she looked at me…

I went back to the office area where Neill and the wrangler were… they got back in the cab and drove through a mare pen and back to the “off limits” area where you can’t see anything.

All day dump trucks were leaving in a caravan taking what appeared to be manure from the back.

I walked in and left my number with Tim Greene to call me with the foals prognosis and repeated that I knew someone who would take the pair.

I got a call from a very upset friend… not ten minutes after I left… she said Tim was going to call me… they euthanized the baby.

I thought I was getting that baby help… but instead they “took out the trash.” (this is my BLOG and that’s how I see these animals treated… like garbage.. not an animal protected by an act of Congress).

I edited this to get it out… it’s not the best edit… but I feel like I’m goung to puke.

Baby never had a chance…

BTW: I have not seen the new babies I photographed two days ago… they are “somewhere in the back.”

WE all know BLM will come up with some statement about the baby… that he had an anomaly or was sickly… I can tell you a horse in the Antelope complex would never choose a muddy fecal filled hole to give birth in… an open area in 35 mph winds… I saw those mares run and run at a time of year that they never should be run.

I heard the raidio transmissions one day from the spotter saying horses were by the “cattle guard” and used my vehicle to determine those horses were at least ten miles away regardless of what the BLM “update” says. In that group of “about 14” spotted only 9 made the area of the trap… three heavily pregnant.

When will BLM stop using a published fiction to facilitate ease to ranchers and contractors to determine when the safest time of year is to stampede our symbol of freedom into cages?


80 thoughts on “Death of the Antelope Foal

  1. Mary Matthews says:

    Thank God you are watching out for them but perhaps in this case God was also being merciful. The baby is better off dead! Where the protected mustangs live under the “protection and care” of the BLM, the living are already dead!

  2. Your voice has become like a ring of a bell which announces it is time for tears , it is time for breaking hearts and cry for the wild horses , the Mustangs , the national icon of America , this national icon has no meaning for the BLM but it has for me as an outsider , one day justice will be served , one day the blood of the wild voiceless ones will take it’s revenge and one day those whom are responsible have to stand before this great nation , that day is not too far , it is near …..
    Thank you Laura ,
    bless you , all of you

  3. Louie Cocroft says:


    Cree Prophecy
    Warriors of the Rainbow

    The tasks of these “Warriors of the Rainbow” are many and great. There will be terrifying mountains of ignorance to conquer and they shall find prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart. They will find willing hearts and minds that will follow them on this road of returning “Mother Earth” to beauty and plenty – once more.

    The day will come, it is not far away.

  4. Louie Cocroft says:

    These people have their choice, Laura–which road to follow

  5. In reggae ignorance is translated into “Babylon”.
    I do not know what would be the Jamaican translation of people with bad behaviour, though these folks will get their experience in life. Actually….they are already living a life of misery. I know that doesn’t make you cheer….I’m just saying ‘no one, with common sense and a happy heart is doing what they are doing’.
    True….Obama could make a difference…but he does not.
    Though all those people happy with the new president overlooked a huge thing….Obama is at least just another politician, just that I see more bad behaviour coming with him, leading the US in the direction where many do not wanna go.
    I know things will get better eventually… as soon as the money ( funds ) are gone you’ll see that all those BLM staff will tell you, we were just doing our work. Where did we hear that before….???
    Read about the Nazi’s and you see behaviour of people with different names though bad behaviour is see worldwide.
    Lack of self respect is shown in the killing of animals.

  6. puller9 says:

    Was this the same foal you photographed with the long umbilical cord? I am just gobsmacked by the stupidity of the individuals in control. Is that all man can think about, is to kill, kill, kill?

  7. arlene says:

    Dear Laura , I am so sorry that little foal died from the negligence of the BLM how many stories like this one do we not even know about,iam also sorry that you must endure all this, it takes a woman who is strong and has an even stronger love for the Wild mustangs to be able to with stand this needless genocide that the BLM is committing, each day is more horrible then the one before , but through all this there is Laura whos strength is a phenomenon , she knows in her heart she would choose to be no where else, through her love and strength , this will end, just because you loved and stood tall for the Wild Mustangs, and Dear Laura, RT and Terri and all who are out in the field the thousand s that stand behind you in the capacity they can bring you perseverance strength and love , it is here for you, and I hope you draw from it, there will be a day I feel very soon The Mustangs will get justice and freedom all here pray and work for, the strength that was given to the Mustangs helps them to endure , Mother Nature and The Creater do not make mistakes they provide what is needed to accomplish this for the Mustangs………… They are here to stay…… All of us say it is in fact so….Those who assault the Mustangs have to live with themselves , this will be part of the Mustangs justice ……Stand tall Laura Rt Terri and all here we together will will make this happen …………………………

  8. betty says:

    Was this pretty bay mare the same one that fell?

  9. Death Of The Antelope Foal…

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  10. sandra longley says:

    I wouldn’t count on “living with themselves” to be any kind of punishment-they have innoculated themselves with justifications.
    anyone who has ever raised foals-has to be appalled at this, if you are not prepared to handle births in this season when you absolutely unequivicabley know, mares will be foaling, you have no business removing them to give birth in this squallor with no protection and privacy, and the next person who says that they have no protection from the elements in the wild, don’t even deserve a conversation-but just need to be slapped and not just once..If you have no common sense-please just shut up

    • Suzanne Moore says:

      Oh, Sandra – I SO totally agree! Actually, I was wishing I could strangle the next person who says anything THAT idiotic. How can anyone possibly BE that dumb?

      • Ronnie says:

        Agreed, Sandra and Suzanne, There will be no “punishment” of “how can they live with themselves,” to those doing such horror. No such “punishment” of conscience, now or later. Never! For they have NO CONSCIENCE. The BLM is a subculture. Many workers get sucked into the BLM mentality. However, a majority that can do such cruel “work,” enjoy the suffering of the animals. And please do not take this as an exaggeration: They are sociopaths. The inability to care, to love, any person, any animal. This kind of job is perfect for them. To enjoy suffering, creating chaos. Taking pleasure knowing the advocates are so affected. These are their goals. (And a sociopath is not only a Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer.) There are so many amongst us w/o a conscience. So we need to go on fighting for the horses with this horrible reality in mind. Stay strong, Laura. This is the best *offensive measure you can take while seeing all this. Do not give the BLM the pleasure of seeing any overt distress from the advocates in the field. Later, you all have each other for support with your hearts breaking…and rage!

  11. Jenniefer says:

    Oh Laura, I can’t even imagine how you would feel. It breaks my heart this far away, where I don’t even get to see it up close. All the strength to you and all my love. Bless you.

  12. Headline says “THE Antelope Foal…” is it the same one with the umbilical cord you photographed and posted earlier? If not, what happened to that first baby when it was removed with its mom– away from the general population? Hopefully, it is okay.

  13. jan eaker says:

    I agree Sandra, giving birth in the cleanness of your home range compared to the filth of these holding pens, there is no comparison. Yes, there is foal mortality, but to take a baby, that had a place to go, out back and shoot ti, leaving its mama with no idea where her baby is? MONSTROUS! These people have no conscience, no hearts, no souls. Besides supporting GRH, Laura, what can we do? Besides taking it to the streets?

    • Mar Wargo says:

      If you live in the Reno Area Please go visit Palomino Valley Center… See for yourself what it looks like and Tell John Neill what you see and feel, too. Don’t not go because you don’t have the stomach for it… go because the horses there need to be seen and their conditions and their exposure. Just go and learn and give them hell at the office! mar

  14. savewildhorses says:

    This is the email reply I received from John Neill when I wrote a month ago about older foals not being reunited with their moms (they reclassified all of them as yearlings). Please note Mr. Neill’s use of exclamation points to underscore how well he thinks they take care of the babies. He doth protest a bit too much.



    John Neill
    National Wild Horse and Burro Center
    Palomino Valley
    Facility Manager
    Office 775-475-2222
    Fax 775-475-2053

    What a crock of total BLMBS.

    • Jan Myers says:

      John, save your breath for people that are stupid enough to believe the crap that comes out of your mouth. Your choice to destroy this foal says it all. It is a blatant act of abuse of power and you should be held accountable for it. I am a very tenacious and patient person and I now have a new cause, YOU and the removal of your ass from your current job!

    • eileen gray says:


    • Rene S Terrell says:

      I want to thank you Laura for opening my eyes, without people like you how many of us would not know what was and is happening to one of our National treasures. These atrocities have consumed me, my thoughts throughout the days and nights are on the plight of the mustangs and the cruelty humans have bestowed on them. I am very ashamed of our government. To think that my hard earned taxed money is supporting these crimes against nature makes me ill.

  15. gwen confalone says:

    Oh Great Spirit, give us strength to go on with this fight!
    Shine a light on those who have lost their way,
    And hold those who keep the faith in your warm embrace.
    Sustain us, so that we may sustain those who have no voice….

  16. Cindy says:

    so very sad….. neglectful…and unnecessary.

  17. Mar Wargo says:

    These foals are so special. To know they did this when it could have been different- better… what was the purpose?? To be rid of another?? John Neill has made the wrong decision and acted on it. How could he do this??? I remember when he was bellowing about “How could you publish those pictures!” to you last Spring.

    How could you destroy this foal, John Neill??? I see a foal who wanted to live and might have been fine if it was not in manure and urine and high winds!!
    We have lost so many foals to this indifference and this Management Fiasco!!
    This should not be happening. mar

  18. Speachless…Right now I can just Thank You from the bottom of my heart for you documenting this…Lots of energi to you and I will do all I can to raise awerness from here out to “the world”. Thank You Laura.

  19. Mar Wargo says:

    LL, Don’t let this drive you crazy… mar

  20. Honor Hannon says:

    Laura, Could this be edited down to 3 min? Could it be shown to the Advisory(?) Board at meeting next week? I would show it for you during the 3 whole min. given to me to express my concerns to the board. A picture like these is worth a thousand words to a group who(I bet) has not been to the pens to see this deep sadness of the horse prisoners. Let me know. I want you to use your time to speak, if you are planning to go. Also was the mare that fell on the helicopter chase this foal’s Mom? You might want to leave a message on my e-mail–
    Love ya and hope to see you soon,

  21. Louie Cocroft says:

    They need to hear from us:

  22. ljbain says:

    Why can’t a LARGE group of people converge on that holding area and take pictures. Let the world knew exactly whats happening!! Hell, if it’s showing the be it..poor babys and mommys, But this has GOT to go out without any more 2 sides,,, The TRUTH needs to be shown!!!

  23. Mar Wargo says:

    PVC is open to the public… they have to let you in the posted hours and they have to take your grief if you have the guts to tell them what you think… mar

  24. Jan Myers says:

    What can I say that has not been said many many times before? The fact that these people can do what they will with my (yours too) horses is repugnant to me. I implore you to say/do something, ANYTHING in defense of this foal. AND in condemnation of John Neill and others that saw fit to take this foals life as if it meant nothing to anyone. This life does MATTER to me John Neill. A hell of alot more than yours does. Too bad Laura only had a camera to protect that newborn from the likes of you! Give you ten guesses what I would have preferred!

  25. Barbara Warner says:

    I am afraid this is one of many the BLM has thrown away like garbage. It’s so horrible it’s almost unbelievable.

  26. arlene says:

    The BLM must go ! They are the worst bar none bunch of lieing,decietful, murdering,uncaring, poorest excuses for human beings I have ever encountered or ever witnessed……… their disgusting torture ………………….of the innocent Wild Mustangs……………is unforgiveable ….

  27. Lynn Holmes says:

    Laura, I am so sorry to hear the loss, of the newborn foal and to everyone who is suffering. Hang in there guys, and keep battling. Between you all, you are doing a marvellous job. You are keeping the pressure on this out of control lunatic outfit, as I can see from the irrate email from J Neill. It appears that he is somewhat rattled. This idiot is not only lying to everyone, but to himself, for he knows full well that the horses and burros are not receiving the Welfare that they all richly deserve, and they are definately not top priority in their plan of thinking, hence the ongoing cruelty factors. Laura you have the videos, and the photographs and the day to day eyewitness accounts. I pray someday, that hopefully you can use this barbaric evidence against them. Keep heart, and I am behind all of you, all the way, for as long as it takes. God bless all of you, and the horses, foals and burros.

  28. savewildhorses says:

    Mr. Neill needs to find another line of work.

  29. The GOAL of the Wild Horse Roundup was and is to Destroy to the very last ones so why not do it in the Foaling Season , they have done so before why not do it again ?

    • Ronnie says:

      Agreed! The BLM is progressing with their goal, as outlined in detail, “Secret Documents,” obtained by FOIA by The Conquistador Program, June 2009. Goal: Destroy wild horses on the range and in holding. And it is now confirmed, many go to slaughter…and how many are killed in the field. ?? No answer, I know.

  30. Becky says:

    None of this is “accidental”. It is patently obvious that they know everything about how to cause death, injuries, and sickness. This is intentional. The propaganda then tries to hide behind that “these things happen”. They are intentionally running them back and forth, trying to force premature births and spontaneous abortions. This is genocide!

  31. Stephany Adams says:

    This is all disgusting where is the ASPCA in all this by law we are required to supply Food, Water and Shelter to our Animals . I never see any shelters! A mare would go off and have her foal in the shelter of trees by her self. They have no choice there but to foal in Mud and disgusting places. This has to be STOPPED.

  32. TracieLynn says:

    I may be out of line for saying this – simply because I don’t have all the information in front of me – but that foal looks like he is premature. Again, I don’t know all the facts, and I wasn’t there, but I gotta say… Just looking at him in the photo and the video, he doesn’t look to be at full gestation. His head looks to be a bit misshapen, and no, not the kind that results from the trip through the birth canal. I wish there was a better shot of his hind legs – both of them – because it appears that his problems with getting up are coming from them. The front legs appear to be moving and cooperating, its the back ones that aren’t getting with the program. And one more part of this, at one point in the video, his back leg is visible. Only trouble is that it didn’t appear to be “right”. Like, it was pointed in the wrong direction and it looked like it was in the wrong position.
    All of this added together gives me great cause for concern. Add to this foal the foal from the gather, we got some serious issues – speaking directly and specifically of the mares and foals. (I’m doing my best to leave my “colorful adjectives” for humans out of my comments.) The possibilities – and again,, they’re just possibilities at this point because we don’t have all the information – are staggering. There are possibilities of internal hemorrhaging for the dam of the foal during the gather, and for the mare in this particular article there is the possibility of severe depression and/or dangerous behaviors. And naturally, there are many more mares in this situation.
    If this foal was in fact born premature, and if the foal from the gather was in fact born as a result of the stress from the gather process, we may be looking at another Calico type situation (the aborted foals) only this time, the foals are being born at a gestational age that gives them some sort of chance of at survival. Granted, they will not get that chance without outside intervention as the mares are not in a physical position – their location – that would allow them to do as they could were they alone. Maybe I’m off base here, and maybe I’m completely wrong, but I somehow get the feeling that there will soon be a few more foals in need of such a chance.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Conjecture like this is simply not needed, Tracy. The foal is covered in manure and mud. You don’t have all the facts. mar

      • TracieLynn says:

        My sincerest apologies Mar and Laura… I did not intend to offend or to make conjecture, only to offer my opinion based on my observation of the photos and the video. You are correct, I was not there and as I stated in my post, I may have been wrong and I don’t have all of the facts. I have talked this over with several friends and before I’ve made my own opinion known, they’ve stated the same. Regardless, I truly do apologize if my comments were unwelcome.

        • Mar Wargo says:

          Tracie, Don’t be silly… It amazed me you wanted to climb out on a limb! People get very bent out of shape over the treatment of foals… sometimes guessing is just inappropriate and it was, IMHO, in this case, your analysis went a bit on for so little info.

          I never implied your comment was unwelcome.. it is not my blog. When someone says they think people are sniping it sets everyone up and implies this is happening when, in this case, I believe it is not. I have seen some very uninformed opinions (not yours). People don’t handle me with kid gloves (Laura either…). mar

        • Laura Leigh says:

          Tracie… my response was just to give you more of the info I had… and vent a bit about the lack of statistical evidence we have on the babies and miscarriages. Lack of basic info drives me nuts… and those statistics in a management plan are about as basic as they get. The fact they they don’t eists speaks volumes!

          • Suzanne Moore says:

            That’s the crux of the entire problem here. The BLM loves to complain about “wild rumors,” and tells us that we don’t have all the information. Well, who’s fault is that?

            If they were truly transparent; if they would be forthcoming with info we could trust, there wouldn’t BE wild rumors or speculation. If they would GIVE you the correct info you would print it and that would be the end of it as far as WHAT happened. We still might be outraged, but at least we would have the truth. That isn’t going to happen of course, but that is NOT your fault or the fault of any of US.

            Rumors and wild stories spread in a vacuum, and that is what the BLM has created. They have no one to blame but themselves. We DO have the right to be concerned.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      They knew that this baby was there and “in trouble” before I got there according to statements made.
      We will never know about the statistical miscarriage rate because no statistics are kept.
      “Foaling season” for BLM is a paper fiction just like AML.
      That’s why the grassroots horse lawsuits are important.

      The baby I photographed (pictured on this blog) with the long umbilical cord (indicative of retained placenta) has not been seen and is “in the back” where we can’t see her… if she is in fact still there.

      The secrecy has to stop.

  33. cward says:

    This just turns my stomach ~ where is the empathy and compassion for these animals whose lives they (BLM) have just destroyed?

    Laura, I sense in your post that you feel awful for having brought the foal to the attention of BLM personnel. Please be assured that you were doing the right and responsible thing…trying to get help for a suffering foal. There was no way to know that the BLM personnel would act in such an inappropriate manner. Just when we think that the actions of the BLM could not get any worse, they show us a whole new level of depravity.

    I sometimes watch “Animal Cops” on the Animal Planet Channel, and I can see that people are CONVICTED and GO TO PRISON for neglect and abuse that pale in comparison to what these horses must endure at the hands of the people hired to protect and care for them.

    Godspeed little foal ~ know that there are some good humans in the world who are fighting to protect your bretheren.

  34. Crystal says:

    Why would anyone ask the BLM to help a needy animal? You asked the BLM to help that foal…big mistake. We have ALL seen them do this before, and we KNOW their stance on needy animals: they don’t believe in healing, they believe in killing. We have seen them kill sick or needy foals before. They said themselves they don’t believe in medical intervention.

    Why would you ask them for help? That’s like getting shot and then asking the perpetrator to drive you to the hospital. lol

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Like I said to Tracy, you don’t have all the facts. And You were not there. If there was no other way to try to help- you do what you can. Laura knows these people and they Have helped other horses. I have been there and seen this. We all take our chances dealing with BLM but they have our horses. We have to deal with them until they do not have our horses anymore… mar

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I asked for help because I couldn’t give it… and if you stood there (in person) and watched as I did you would have done the same thing… at least he didn’t continue to struggle in the mud and cold… it was almost unbearable to stand there and not be able to touch him.
      I have a mare right now that I almost lost this week… and stood with her bargaining with god to take a couple of years from my life… but to keep her with me… the contrast of experience was enough to make me dizzy…

      Until you stand in my shoes… day in and day out… do not pass judgement. I have given up almost all I have to do this work… and it has been a marathon.

    • Jo-Claire says:

      What would you have done? Nothing. They won’t let anyone help. They are the only ones who could do something.

      How dare you attack Laura who is out there day in and day out fighting this battle. What are you doing besides bitching about her asking for someone to help that foal. The unmitigated gall.

    • Suzanne Moore says:

      I can’t believe you posted this, Crystal. We’re ALL worried sick about these babies, and don’t you think Laura would have done more if it were POSSIBLE. What, pray tell, would you have her do? Her choices were let the foal lie there in the cold mud or tell those responsible on the chance they could/would do something useful. They have saved foals before. They have also neglected foals before.

      Laura took the lesser of two evils in a situation she did NOT create. That’s all you or anyone can do. Many times in life you must make a choice between bad and worse. If this has never happened to you, you are either very young or very lucky.

  35. Barbara Warner says:

    Bexky and others, you are right. The BLM is causing the deaths of the foals on purpose and many adults will die too just like they did after the Calico Complex roundup. They are as evil and sadistic as any humans can be, and should be sent to prison for animal abuse. Real men would not act like a bunch of cowards and hurt anything that is helpless. Research as proven those who are cruel to animals will also abuse people. I wonder how thei families are treated?

  36. Barbara Warner says:

    Laura, Leigh did the right thing asking for help for the poor foal in the mud. Please do not criticize her in any way. She is a true heroine and has done what so many of us would not be courageous and strong enough to do. I hope your mare is well now , Laura, I know you have even given up time that you would have liked to have been with her in order to get the truth out to us. There are not words adequate enough to thank you.

  37. LisaG. says:

    I think that some people are being criticized for thoughtful opinions and analysis and I don’t believe they are criticizing Laura for her actions at all. Maybe this one has got us so emotionally involved we are sniping at each other and not really reading and understanding what people are truly saying.

    I see no one posting here who is not concerned and upset over Laura’s report and what it might mean for the horses.

    Has the BLM released any official statement about this baby and the actions they took?

  38. Barbara Joseph says:

    You all have got to know that they do this just so these mares will foal & the foal will die don’t you? It’s a CRUEL PLAN BLM ALSO GETS AWAY WITH!
    Come on people, Make that 9×11 in. post card & hit the President with all you have! Put the horror stories on them for the world to see also.
    My card landed on the first of the month. A box of this type of information will be going to him again!
    Get creative. Let Obama know how you feel!

    • Suzanne Moore says:

      If the president doesn’t know how many millions feel by now, he never will or he doesn’t care. Either way, I don’t expect to accomplish much by sending him anything else.

  39. Barbara Joseph says:

    Laura, Thank you so much for what you do, for the pain & suffering you also go through with our horses.

  40. Thank you Laura ,
    If i were in your shoes i would of done the same …….
    being in your shoes is too hard , to witness by your own eye is far different than reading it on paper or watching it on Video , the Foal was fully Mature , the mud and rain has turned him like that , horses must never lay on the ground it is not normal it’s dangerous for a horse to be on the ground specially in time of rain or snow ….
    when a horse is on the ground we say there is something wrong ,
    Any foal would stand on his feet after approximately half an hour the most , on the ground means death , the baby must stand in order to survive and drink milk …..

  41. To those whom say the Foal was PREMATURE at the time of BIRTH.
    look at the conditions a pregnant mare has ,
    1- Chasing the mare for miles and miles with a helicopter .
    2- The STRESS she has from the NOISE of the helicopter .
    3- The STRESS she has from chasing .
    4- pushing her into the TRAILER ,
    Why horses react so differently by the GATE of the TRAILERS ?
    why all the vital accidents happen by the GATE of the TRAILER ? Because it is so simple horse is a PREY Animal , they see TRAILERS as CAVES , for a PREY Animal CAVE is the place which the Hunters jump out from , the big CATS and horses are the food for the Big Cats so when you want to force them into Trailers is like forcing them to death , to be hunted and to be eaten , that is the reason all horses are afraid of Trailers because they see Trailers as CAVES.
    you can imagine how even domesticated horses are always run away from Trailers and you all have Trailer loading problems with your domesticated horses , Now how a WILD HORSE would react to Trailers ? you can imagine if you have ever been with horses and have an experience of Trailer loading ….
    Even if they bring them on foot to the BLM pens you can imagine the amount of stress on these poor pregnant mothers …
    We say the Foal was Premature , WHO IS TO BLAME ?
    I have more reasons and facts , i want to make it short ,
    I am willing to answer any Questions .

    • Good point, Hassan. I think we all…including those who are working for BLM ie involved in the roundups has the common sense to understand when anyone is chasing their 5-9 months pregnant wife for about 2-8 miles and then drop her somewhere in the mud and cold and giving birth to a child that chances experiencing these conditions are about 100 % that the mom and the newborn are facing stuff that is not adding to the wellbeing of both. Eventually leading to complications.

      These workers, as well as those behind the round ups, and that includes Obama, are very well aware what they are doing. Although behaving as people who need to be in a mental home, do very well know what is happening and what they cause.

      As I said before…IGNORANCE…. Babylon, I asure you, the boomerang is on its way in their life. It is just a universal law.

      • Laura Leigh says:

        They said they saw the baby first thing am… that’s 8:00.
        I saw baby hours later…
        regardless of the issue baby was there an awful long time (and sprayed by the water truck in photo on video).
        I went to look at the area he sprayed and found the baby.

    • arlene says:

      Thank you ! for all the info…………

  42. My dear friend Rob ,
    I just want to witness with my own eyes before dying , the same thing they are doing to these creatures would happen to them , sons and daughters , loved ones , wife , husband and their families ….
    Horses have served man throughout history , this is not the way to pay them back , if Dog is the best friend of man horses are the best servant of man ….
    i don’t know if you know the NEWS “Horses are out and Cattle are IN” ,
    This is in Antelope Complex :

  43. Theresa Hoff says:

    The foolish BLM plan will never be changed as long as special interest groups run our country. We have to find the hearts of the American people to resist and stand up for nature, for she is our Mother. What we do to this planet on a daily basis, is akin to our own genocide. If its possible to have a change, it will be a long hard road due to the greed of our Meat industry, and oil & gas exploration companys.
    If we can take our general apathy out of our outlook, we can see the world can change. If the people in Tunisia,Egypt, and Libya can stand up and demand change, we must do so here ,in order to repeal the Burns Amendment, and restore the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971. Lets all push for a better life for the Mustangs , Wolves, Mountain Lions, Bears,etc. We have to have balance in nature, so watch the documentary”Lords of Nature”.
    In this presentatiion by PBS, Aldo Leopold’s ideas about ecosystems and how they must be maintained for a healthy life for all the animals, is the theme of the program. I think President Obama, and Sect of Int. Salazar should be watching this with the Senate committee on Natural Resources and Energy. I have written to Senator Burr of North Carolina about this issue. Another letter is due to him, soon. Everybody write, make noise, as the squeaky wheel should get the grease. We shall see!

    • Mar Wargo says:

      When I was young I studied wildlife management and hung out in the mountains in Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado and I was a part of the environmental movement which included the Endangered Species, Clean Air and Clean Water Acts in the 70s. These great laws have been attacked recently more than ever and the methods we used to effect change have been gutted by DOI and others. We must support these laws and continue to use the system in order to change it. Our voices are being tuned out and international corporations now run the most press around the globe and they failed to report the facts to the us and show us how one another feels. Some of the big news agencies are not covering the Very Amazing Events going on in Wisconsin right now… If we do not keep fighting it really is more than the horses we are losing. What we are doing has far reaching consequences. Our public lands and all life on them are threatened today more than they have been previously in my lifetime. Much good will come when this fight is won. Keep fighting wild horse warriors!! mar

  44. Jo-Claire says:

    The head of BLM is the one feeding information to Obama, I’m sure that Obama knows nothing about horses. That is why it is important for us, the public, to educate him on the horses, their importance and the appropriate alternatives, which are to leave them alone.

  45. Honor Hannon says:

    Thanks Theresa, I look forward to seeing Lords of Nature. Could PBS send a special copy to the President, Michelle and their daughters???? I wonder where ALL our letters and e-mails to the President go? Who is so effectively keeping him in the dark about the wild ones? This would be a good thing to know.

    Anyone know anything about the woman from Wyoming who is taking Director of Nevada’s BLM after present director retires in May or June

    I am bringing extra impeachment forms to Phoenix ,lets share the info and GET OUT THE VOTE!

  46. Honor Hannon says:

    Sorry, the names would help! Outgoing Director—Don Glenn (no friend to the wild horses) to be replaced by Karla Bird from the BLM office in Wyoming. Would be good to know her history and thoughts re. the roundups.

  47. Jennifer Facer Brown says:

    I am a horse breeder. I have been present at 100+ foal births. This foal was full term. And was typical of a full term baby, it just needed some help, and if momma and baby had been moved to a dry warm spot, baby may have been able to work up the strenght to get up, or they sure could have tried to help the foal. There was no excuse for this, this wasn’t a slaughter house facility, this was a government facility paid for by tax payers. And just disgusting, is all I think of it..

  48. arlene orlando says:

    The BLM has a very rude awakening coming…………… And I am sure they will not be ready for it !!!!!! What they are doing to our Mustangs is disgusting to say the least, The Whole World has its eyes on them, this will not continue , people are finally getting the Idea of what these despicable morons are up too…… and what their Greedy premises are……………… They will also be held accountable for everything they have done to Our Mustangs ……..

  49. Sabine says:

    I am sure that part of the problems the baby had was the cold.My guess is that it was hypothermic in a very short time.The fact that the mom attemted to help shows that the baby did not have any gross malformations.It was wet when it was born and in the wind it had no chance to warm up and dry and to spray water on them in this weather is just plain attempted murder of all the horses.I regularly post info about this on open forums,like craigslist and others and so should you in your local areas.Together we can spread the word.I think that the pressure is building.I also don’t think that Obama cares much for animals.But there are members of congress who do.Those are the ones we have to email and write to.

  50. Honor Hannon says:

    Congress is looking for waste and fraud in the government. BLM and the wild horse round-ups are ALL about government waste, lying to the American public and betraying their Mission Statement to protect and preserve the wild horses and burros .
    This is what I emphasize when I call members of Congress. And I am outraged that they waste the taxpayers money. This money the BLM gets would be better used for health care,teachers pay,and clean air and water projects. Everyone in Congress whether they like horses or not will respond to that message.

  51. when i think of this baby , it breaks my heart ,
    my heart breaks for all of them ,
    they have so much learning abilities , specially the moment they are born , their senses work like a full grown horse , the only parts that need time to mature is Physically (their Bones) but their senses are fully mature from the moment of birth.
    foals are not like human baby , cat’s or dogs , they stand on their legs half an hour after birth and get their own food and run as fast as their mothers to prevent danger but they can’t prevent the danger of the BLM Helicopters and the Concentration Camps even their mothers and their fathers can’t .
    Bless you Laura and thank you .

  52. Well i tell you this is the most horrific things iv’e read yet..It’s a shame that the world has come to this.Every one + every thing has a purpose in life but just plain ole ABUSE is unessary and uncalled for,,people are just plain ole stupid about things now days,it’s time to put a stop to the crazyness,People PLEASE sign,protest or what ever it takes to get the message across that WE WILL NOT TOLERATE OR CONDONE THIS..PLEASE SUPPORT THE CAUSE..Thank you to those who work so hard every day to protect what is important to all of us..THANK YOU!!!

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