Quick thought (opinion)

Today came testimony on the Budget:


Note that one of the biggest problems with public land management that messses up this country is the lack of what is referenced as a “full cost recovery system.” In other words your Congress rents your land to a tenant that does not pay enough in rent to take care of the property.

Much of this is pushed BY Congress for extractive industry and literally leaves field offices without the needed funds to do their jobs… and that includes doing the REAL ground work to protect your land (and horses) while it puts funds into the pockets of big interests on your back.

They (Congress) are going to do it again. The fees and taxes on extraction are needed to stop “welfare” uses (extraction, livestock) on your land. The idea that allowing these corporations to operate basically on a subsidy to make your life better hasn’t worked… and it’s not going to start.

What is the common┬ádefinition of “insanity?” Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

This process is what leaves resources for things like wild horses and burros in a bind. Fast-tracked projects that don’t have enough funding to do REAL environmental assessment will hurt this country in the long run.

Just my ever so humble opinion.

Congress needs to wake up and hear the words: “We don’t inherit the land from our anscestors, we borrow it from our children.” Ancient Indian Proverb

WE as a nation need to decide what it is we will leave to our children. WE need to decide what it is we will teach them. WE need true leadership by example… and I don’t see it.