2/28 Antelope Complex… full update soon


Palomino Valley Center: Antelope Complex

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… I have more than a “thousand” for BLM on the subject of “foaling season.” This issue WILL be addressed before the second “leg” of roundup season starts in July… trust me.

copyright Laura Leigh

Newborn being run by wranglers for separation out of general population 2/28

Next BIG questions to ask…

How come there were so few pregnant mares making the trap as the pilot was flying in a manner that spurred an investigation? AND How come there were no new foals two days ago in the wild when there are at PVC?

Edited to add: The photo of this foal born on 2/28 was added to show it’s umbilical cord and recent birth. If the foal was an orphan I would have written it was orphaned. Please don’t jump to conclusions without asking questions. Thank-you.


27 thoughts on “2/28 Antelope Complex… full update soon

  1. savewildhorses says:

    This newborn was born in captivity? Certainly it was not run in a round up. Please elaborate.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Not sure what can be misunderstood here…? This baby is brand spankin new… at PVC. Mom was run PREGNANT… very pregnant…
      If there are new babies at PVC why did we not see any at the roundup… and why were there so few very pregnant mares when Sun J was flying like a crop duster?

      The issue of foaling season was never addressed because of the (choke) water emergency of Owyhee… but it will be.

      • Jennifer Drake says:

        this baby still has it’s umbillical cord hanging…how cruel can they be

        • Mazie McNeal says:

          They want them all dead. The ranchers are claiming they need ALL the land for the cattle they get wealthy from It is all about money. It is a cruel, unjustified crime against our heritage.

      • Mar Wargo says:

        Yes, This is where you began last year; looking for the foals. Owyhee was a tragic sleight of hand; now you see them and now you don’t.
        The treatment of foals has become one of sorest results of roundups and captivity. The system of recognition of deaths that BLM employees makes no sense. To not count a casualty until it occurs in the pens??? Those are all our horses out there and deaths in the field have become another huge coverup. The early deaths that come from the arrival of the contractors may be very high. Maybe two or three times higher than the count that begins at the pens… Laura, we need to know so much more and we need to stop all this lying the BLM does to the world about their handling our wild horses… mar

  2. savewildhorses says:

    I think Sun J left a lot of orphan babies out there in the wild. I think Sun J’s actions are criminal. And that goes for their boss man, the BLM.

  3. Doraine Van Lew says:


    • Linda says:

      I agree. We need to DO something/fb is great but we need to picket/march and educate people who have no idea how our tax dollars are being spent. For one being spent on a salary of a bunch of fools to KILL and harm innocents that were put here by God. They live on the same earth as we do and we should respect them and show dignity.
      We can make a difference if we would put down the keyboard and arrange a time/date and meet in each city for people to get the attention across the nation!!!

      the BLM does NOT think we’ll do this: we should~ Call CNN/Nancy Grace/Oprah..who cares… with all the worlds problems/gas /fod prices rising and we are spending our $’s on killing our horses??

  4. NIcoole says:

    If they left babies out there to starve and die we need this recorded this should not be taken lightly how horrible 😦

  5. Jennifer Drake says:

    This round up has been as heinous if not more so than Calico. To leave newborns out in the wild to die is barbaric. To run full term pregnant mares with a moronic, dumbshit 27 year old heli pilot who had no training is this is the BLM and Bob Abbey. The BLM, Bob Abbey and Ken Salazar are in full CRUELTY, KILLING MODE.

    HITLERS, the GOVT is full of MURDERS.

  6. Im just feeling totaly chocked…

  7. Barbara Warner says:

    Can anyone go back out there where the roundup was and look by dead foals ? This is like Sheldon and Calico all over again only maybe even worse.

  8. Pamela Vilmar says:

    Laura………Incredible picture and incredibly sad…….

    Put asside all BLM funding……clean house and put repsonsible caring people in charge….if these people are not getting paid they will not stay………..Pay the new management and employees handsomly to do a job well done……I know individuals right now, whom would be honored to be riding on horseback out on the range and be part of a successful program……..as long as they could have their basic essentials……..Thanks Laura for being our eyes and ears……..keep up the great work….all of us together will get there……..Pam

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Basic essentials… what’s that?
      But you bet your bet there are many that would give much to serve these animals as they should be… there are many that are.

  9. Poor Ginger says:

    A Friday, 2/25, article in our paper -“BLM to curtail horse roundups” (exclusively about Bob Abbey’s “new direction” for the WH&BP) – was front page, above the fold (Included a June 2008 Cold Creek, NV, photo of a helicopter pilot running 4 horses. With everything that’s gone on since 2008, who dug up THAT old thing?).

    The BLM Press Release citing they called off Antelope BECAUSE OF THE PREGNANT MARES wasn’t published in our paper or any other paper I could find. Just on the blogs. Question: Did the BLM even RELEASE it to AP?:

    “The statement from Ken Miller, BLM District Office manager in Elko, NV regarding the stopping of the antelope Complex roundup is ‘the official reason for stopping the gather is that we have been monitoring the roundup from the beginning and the number of heavily pregnant mares v. the number of horse to be gathered within the few days left of the gather and it was not worth it to stress the pregnant mares’.” (Also, we’re called “animal RIGHTS advocates” – again!)

    Part of the article that WAS published in Monday’s paper (Buried on page 6, with no photo.):

    “It was called off because of high winds that frequently grounded a helicopter used to herd horses, (BLM spokeswoman Heather) Jasinski said, and the dispersal of mustangs into smaller groups that made them more difficult to gather. (Who’s fault was THAT?)

    “‘That’s all it was – a combination of those factors made it harder to gather horses in this area,’ she said. ‘It’s been a successful gather’.

    “But some horse activists say the roundup may have been called off because the BLM and a contractor were having difficulty locating horses in the complex, raising questions about the validity of census data upon which the agency bases its management decisions and the true number of mustangs on the range. (Toward the end of the article, but something that might make people think.)

    “Animal rights activists (AGAIN!) complain (Implies “whining”. Should have been “contend”.) that the roundups – which include the use of helicopters – are inhumane because some animals are traumatized, injured or killed. (Sort of good?)

    “BLM officials said the agency has a mandate under federal law to remove ‘excess’ horses to sustain the health of herds, rangelands and wildlife. It was determined the complex can handle only 427 to 788 of the animals.” (Nothing about the SIZE of the complex!)

    IMO, the BLM “spin doctors” are once again manipulating the general public. The two published articles were AP pickups, which makes me question how much influence the government may have over AP (and, consequently, newspapers in general).

    I’ve tracked back a number of AP articles on other controversial subjects to the source reports, only to find they’ve either been heavily and selectively edited or TOTALLY REWITTEN, distorting what was originally published in favor of government positions.

    So is AP independent, or has it become a “mouthpiece” for Washington PR on this and OTHER important issues?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Journalism, IMHO, hardly exists in this country anymore. Finding large press to cover any issue besides foreign affairs in an in depth matter is like searching any corporation for someone without conflict of interest…

      • Mar Wargo says:

        This is our reality and it affects us in so many ways… We do NOT hear about many things right here in this country because of conflict of interest and the owners of the news media being all connected which is actually forbidden by law. There are to be no monopolies within the press as it dilutes the reported news to the extreme. That is what we have here plus there is no money to pay reporters any more… not that it ever paid well… mar

  10. Gayle-Suzanne Barron says:


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    U.S. Department of the Interior
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  11. julie vandyck says:

    What in the hell is this world coming to anyway? Leave wildlife alone..I’m sorry but JC anyway..nothing better to do?

  12. cward says:


    Thank you again for all that you do for the horses. The incredible sacrifices you have made to ensure that the plight of these beautiful animals is documented and brought to the attention of the public is beyond admirable.

    Pictures paint a thousand words, and your photographic evidence allows those of us who cannot physically be there an opportunity to know the truth. Without you, we would never know the truth…

    I am beyond anxious to know why there is an absence of foals… I am pretty sure that the answer cannot be good. If in fact the BLM left newborn foals on the range, the BLM will have knowingly participated in government sponsored animal abuse/cruelty.

  13. Lynn Van Gilder says:

    This heartbreaking and unbelievable. These are criminal acts no different than what is going on in libya. These monsters HAVE to be stopped. A march on DC sounds like an idea complete with photographs like that of the newborn foal. I cannot imagine the terror and suffering those magnificent animals are being put through. This is more than unacceptable, it is intolerable

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  15. […] This is what Laura Leigh has written about this Foal at HER BLOG. […]

  16. Dear Laura ,
    thank you for your nice comment in my blog ,
    i wrote few lines about this FOAL , i love to know if i was close to reality of what really went on in there in the BLM Concentration Camp or no , was everything that i said close to what really happened to this baby ?
    bless you .
    with you to my last breath.

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