Working on photos and video… and an “end of roundup wrap-up” report.

Just came across this sequence and thought I’d share it… and explain a bit why I love these horses so much.

I am an American. My forefathers experienced great oppression… as did so many of the people of this world. They came to a new land of hardship to find freedom from that oppression and continued to experience it. So they wrote the “Declaration of Independance” and followed it with the Constitution of the United States.

The ideals of a free society of expression and thought… of a place where survival was not based on “pedigree” or station… but in theory everyone by his own will could build a life of their making. In practice it hasn’t worked as well as it could… but the premises are alive and well and as Americans (in theory) we defend those premises with our lives around this globe.

The spirit of the mustang… not based on pedigree, but on a tenacity and flexibility almost unrivaled by human or animal… an ability to adapt… a spirit of… well…

I’m an American… “Don’t tread on me”…. and if you do…. “Have a nice day.” (My fellow Jersians will understand that reference… for the rest of you it has a four letter word involved).

This mare was captured by violent stampede (just what it is), has had family ripped away, is in absolute unfamiliar ground surrounded by beings that are predatory and … I’ll leave the rest of my opinion out.

She stands in line to be branded and treated with a drug that will screw with her hormonal cycle for the next two years as she is pushed and prodded by these predators. She is curious and scared. She touched the metal… only to have her nose squeezed hard (look at the face of the human)…. but watch her reaction.

She could pay with her life in an instant by those that hold the powerful position… and then the (caring experienced horseman… where?… has to use the gate to control the wild horse) man squeezes her behind the door… wonder what would happen if cameras were not present? Just asking….?







let go!


so ya' wanna play?


you hurt me


you need to understand


Don't hurt me!


Then she gets her face squished for it


treated and released today

If that isn’t a “living symbol of the pioneer spirit of the west” what is? Hopefully soon she will begin to live with the respect and honor she should have had after Congress passed the 1971 legislation… maybe this program can evolve into this century?

I will have the full report as soon as I get through pics and notes…


40 thoughts on “Working…

  1. jan eaker says:

    Experienced horse people, my a__, experienced in bullying and causing pain to helpless animals, that’s what they’re experienced in.
    Thank you again for being the voice for these magnificent horses. My Wind sends her thanks as well, her family disappeared into the BLM abyss, there is no record of what happened to them.
    Horses are to me, the MOST magnificent animals in the world. They helped form this country. That they are subjected to this kind of brutality sickens me. The person in these pictures sickens me.
    Every email, fax, phone call I make I include the sentiment that we are NOT going away; we are in this forever. to borrow from another campaign, we are “in it to win it.”

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Your marathon has been run for now… I do hope there will never be another like it! You came in first, Laura. I know the prize is still out of reach but we will get you there… mar

  3. arlene says:

    The man is a circus freak!!! he belongs there with someone throwing knifes at him……………………………….

  4. Honor Hannon says:

    This horse is an abused animal. And she will carry the memory of what these men did to her all the days of her life. Those who have been victims of abusive behavior will experience only empathy and compassion for this poor little mustang!
    How can we bring these perpetrators to justice?

  5. Jan Schultz says:

    Did he slap her Laura?

  6. Dianne Holland says:

    Laura, Excellent job documenting this instance of animal abuse. We need to encourage local law enforcement arrest this abuser–this was in Elko County correct? So that would be Sheriff Pitts.

    Great job getting close up pictures of the abuser–and that sick smile on his face while he is obviously torturing her. We need to find out his name. And specific location of this incident. Do you have that information?

    I will file a formal complaint of animal cruelty with Sheriff Pitts and I will use your pictures as evidence to initiate the investigation.

    Laura, please consider filing a formal complaint with Sheriff Pitts specifically on this incident. It would be very powerful for you to do that, since you were an eyewitness to this crime, and sign a written afffidavit on what you witnessed.

    Thank you

  7. Jan Schultz says:

    Do yo have the photos in between the ones on this blog? It is apparent that he took advantage of her putting her nose p in the gap between the gate latch and the frame. Then he got her head behind the gate. Do you have rapid sequence shots? This man is on his way to abuse others and probably people as well.

  8. Morgan Griffith says:

    What this moron was doing to her was bad enough, then I looked at the expression on his face that showed such a smirk. He obviously is enjoying this. My blood ran cold when I looked into his face. Reminds me of the look on the Amish kid’s face as he abused the animals at the auction.

    • arlene says:

      Dear Morgan, I have seen that very same look at Sugarcreek Auction here in Ohio, What that idiot did is unforgivable, She was doing what instincts prompted her to do Flee, where was she going , what was her threat to that freak, again these so called people dont understand a horse and have absolutely no BUSINESS being involved with this needless nonsense……………We are all sick and tired of all this unnecessary abuse by these Jerks from hell……………………………

  9. Jan Schultz says:

    This man – Logan is the name on the jacket – is on his way to abusing women and children. We love the horses? How do we show that love? Yes, it is good you were there – not to witness but to document the normal crappy behavior of people who handle lots of animals.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      He actually releases her nose and then squeezes it a second time….
      of course I have rapid shots.
      I think Terry has this as well.

      I have alot of information that will go into a formal assessment of the entire roundup. As an “interested stakeholder” we as a group can present this to Congress.

      It will be very detailed.

      I’m tired though and feel like the marathon runner that just finished a race tpo realize he fractured his ankle three miles prior… so it may be tomorrow night before the draft gets finished and then a couple days for the final.

      This hasn’t just been Antelope for me guys… I’ve been running this gauntlet for months now…

      • Laura,

        I can’t imagine how tirelessly you are fighting this battle. See I was one of the firsts, I am Olivia Fiamengo’s oldest daughter, and my entire middle school and high school life was devoted to rescueing the Estray Horses and having them Federally protected like the Wild ones were under the “Wild Horse Annie Act.” I was doing all of that from age 12-17/18 and now here I am at 30 and it brings a lot more than a tear to my eye to see what is now going on and what my children will miss. I feel the pain of not being able to take them to Grandma’s house and show them the wild horses anymore. More than even that I keep seeing the look in the horses eyes after they would come to our place and after they have been rounded up with a helicopter and treated so inhumanely. They held nothing but hurt, anguish, fear, confusion, pain, for the first time in their life they were alone (assuming they didn’t get kicked out to a stallion band) and so much more. I even feel guilty for not being there for the horses like they have been there as a constant friend for my mare and now my gelding. So much has happened, it makes me wonder how humanity went so wrong? I know we are hunting and doing all this manly provide for the family crap but last I checked, the Native Americans did the same thing and they did it ON horses from FREE ROAMING HERDS. Ugh I don’t know what I can do for you other than to tell you, you’re not alone, I have faught this too and will pray for the horses and for God to smile on them and go a little easier on them, we owe them quite a lot.

        Lots of love and prayers

        Jen Fiamengo-Negron

  10. Louie Cocroft says:

    They’re afraid of the horses. Good wranglers, just like good veterinarians know how to work with scared animals without being rough.

  11. Dianne Holland says:

    Logan was clearly knowingly and willingly abusing that horse–this was no accident.

    Thank you Laura for clarification on the location of this abuse. I will contact Sheriff Watts with White Pine County and file a formal complaint of animal cruelty based on these pictures. I will send this link to him.

    I understand you are taking this to Congress and that is an excellent strategy.

    I know you must be exhausted, I don’t know if you have already left the area. But if not, will you please consider taking these specific photos to Sheriff Pitts and file a written complaint of animal cruelty?

    These abusers cannot continue to get away with breaking the animal cruelty laws. Thank you.

    • LisaG. says:

      Isn’t that the county where the Prosecuting Attorney has so little investigative acumen that you’ll need to provide him with the GPS data so he can be “sure” the incident even happened in his county?

      • Dianne Holland says:

        Yes LisaG. this is the same County as the collapsed mare incident. The BLM staff have recently provided us the GPS coodinates for that incident on 01/27/2011 which Sheriff Dan Watts did an investigation on for Animal Cruelty. The DA told reporter Brooke Boone with My News 4 Reno that he could only prosecute incidents in his county. He has now been provided the GPS coordinates for the incident, that plus the date embedded in the videos plus the eyewitnesses prove jurisdiction.

        He needs encouragement to prosecute pilot Josh Hellyer for abusing the collapsed mare. A petition is being set up today. Please contact the DA and request he prosecute Josh for the abuse of the exhausted collapsed mare: White Pine County: District Attorney PO Box 240, Ely, NV 89301 (775) 289-8828

        Mr. Kelly Brown
        White Pine County District Attorney
        801 Clark Street, No. 3 Ely, NV 89301, Tel: 775-289-8828
        Fax: 775-289-1559

  12. Louie Cocroft says:

    Dianne, does Laura have to take the photos in person, or can any of us fax them for her?

    • Dianne Holland says:

      Louie, anyone can send this information to the Sheriff and request a formal investigation for breaking the State Laws of Animal Cruelty. I encourage you and everyone to politely file a formal request for an investigation: Sheriff Watts/White Pine County Sberiff, 1785 Great Basin Blvd, PO Box 151870, Ely, Nevada 8930, Phone:(775)289-8808, Fax:(775)289-1468.

  13. Jan Schultz says:

    Louie, Dianne will answer you. In the meantime, feel free to report the publication of these photos showing this boy’s acts – tell Sheriff Watts what the reported date is and the location. Laura will have to produce unedited film and a complaint based on her own eyewitness account. In order to flesh out our complaints, she will have to do this for us. There is no other way. But anyone who has seen these photos should feel compelled to bring in the law. Our precious horses and burros are under the protection of the American people! Photographing, witnessing and building bridges with law enforcement. And hopefully bringing these yahoos to justice. As an aside, this kid was acting like he was at a rodeo, rodeos are exempt from cruelty laws – that needs to change. It was a bit disconcerting to see the guy with the Wyoming ___ Wild Horses on his jacket, like it was a business and then see the treatment given the horse in his presence!

  14. Louie Cocroft says:

    Jan, one of them is wearing jacket with a Sun J logo–are these BLM employees or Sun J employees?

  15. Jan Schultz says:

    I have no idea if the jackets are issued to company employees are given as gifts to observers or attendees. We can only report what we see, we have no context available. Thank you Louie.

  16. Jude says:

    As any rescue will tell you, anyone that would abuse an animal has the potential to go on and abuse people. This is no exception.

    Our prayers are going forth for righteousness on behalf of All of America’s Wild Horses and Burros. These people may be fooling themselves but God sees it ALL.

  17. Ellen Holcomb says:

    thank you Laura for the heart wrenching time you spent documenting this abuse. May your heart and body heal…

  18. Mary says:

    What a sicko punk! Make your mamma proud boy. Totally uncalled for!

  19. Louie Cocroft says:

    They need to be culled so they don’t procreate any more like themselves–they wouldn’t make the cut.

  20. Louie Cocroft says:

    Women who are seriously considering having children should be VERY selective as to who they choose for a partner and Father of their children. There must be a kindness and gentleness to ANYTHING that is vulnerable and can’t speak or defend itself.

    • Morgan Griffith says:

      I agree Louie. From our children, to our elderly, to any animal of any kind we are their protectors and their caretakers. This is a duty which cannot be shirked.

  21. arlene says:

    I agree Louie and Morgan,There are enough obsticales in life , abuse is the worst !!! The abuser usually abuses those who cannot defend themselves because underneath that lies a coward…….who he himself was abused …… Horses always want to please if they figure you are a leader !!!!! There is no place for abuse in a horses life either, those who abuse them , are sick !!! and need help !!!!

  22. savewildhorses says:

    These people and the Cattoors hate horses. Why would we give government contracts to people who hate wild horses? It is like hiring a director of a animal shelter who hates cats and dogs.

  23. Louie Cocroft says:

    Cattoors have a lot to answer for and there still needs to be some legal action taken against them. It ain’t over yet.

  24. Christie says:

    Why do we have a Wild Horse and Burro program employing people who clearly have no understanding of horses??? Or land management??? It seems that about the only requirement for this work is being able to make animals suffer.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      There were huge blunders made when this program was begun and the problems were not isolated or rooted out. The historic and cultural attitudes about the wild herds were incorporated along with BLM policies. It has been a train wreck ever since. Time to switch residence for the program… a fresh new home and public scrutiny… Who needs BLM? mar

  25. arlene orlando says:

    Since the BLM admittedly has said they are not a Horse agency , why in the heck havent Our Mustangs been remove from them????? Thats what we need to do ReMOVE THEM FROM THE BLM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..

  26. Honor Hannon says:

    I agree Arlene and Margo! ,lets “suggest this idea” to the Advisory Board next week in Phoenix ! I don’t know anyone who thinks the BLM has the horse sense to care for wildlife or the land much less horses. But they sure know about greed.

  27. Dianne Holland says:

    Louie, anyone can send this information to the Sheriff and request a formal investigation for breaking the State Laws of Animal Cruelty. I encourage you and everyone to politely file a formal request for an investigation: Sheriff Watts/White Pine County Sberiff, 1785 Great Basin Blvd, PO Box 151870, Ely, Nevada 8930, Phone:(775)289-8808, Fax:(775)289-1468.

    Nevada State Law: 574.100. Overdriving, torturing, injuring or abandoning animals; failure to provide proper sustenance; penalty.
    1. A person shall not:
    (a) Overdrive, overload, torture, cruelly beat or unjustifiably injure, maim, mutilate or kill an animal, whether belonging to himself or to another;
    (b) Deprive an animal of necessary sustenance, food or drink, or neglect or refuse to furnish it such sustenance or drink;
    (c) Cause, procure or allow an animal to be overdriven, overloaded, tortured, cruelly beaten, or unjustifiably injured, maimed, mutilated or killed, or to be deprived of necessary food or drink;
    (d) Instigate, engage in, or in any way further an act of cruelty to any animal, or any act tending to produce such cruelty; or
    (e) Abandon an animal in circumstances other than those prohibited in NRS 574.110.

    I think Logan works for SunJ, his jacket looks the same as the other Sun J jacket but can’t tell for certain. The Wyoming____Wild Horses, I am wondering if that person was giving the PZP and who was that–was that a vet? Disturbing that others witnessed Logan abusing the mare and did not stop him, esp if a vet witnessed it–absolutely unacceptable.

  28. Dianne Holland says:

    By “others” I mean other staff there–just to clarify.

  29. If this is not INTELLIGENCE what is ?

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