It’s OVER!

BLM will send out a press release this afternoon but the Antelope Complex roundup is OVER!

Lesli Coakley just sent me a text… but I think I owe the Elko district office lunch? Y’all wanna chip in?

Tomorrow we will document a treat and release and get that out to you…

More info when I have it.

2/25 Antelope Complex


21 thoughts on “It’s OVER!

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Yipppyyyyyyyyy!!!! Love those wild horses… let em be!! mar

  2. photorover says:

    Thank GOD! AND – thank YOU, Laura, for unwaivering dedication!

  3. Darcy says:

    Awesome news Laura, thank you for all you do & can’t wait to hear the BLM press release. Also can’t wait to see the horses released from you guys! You guys are awesome & we all thank you for all your hard work & heartbreak as you watch.

  4. Poor Ginger says:

    EXCELLENT! Best news I’ve read all day. Thanks to you, Laura, and everyone who braved the cold to witness this … also to those who kept the faith from afar.

  5. Puller says:

    Hi Laura, Go home and relax. Job well done. I wish I could embrace ‘it’s over’. I’m more inclined to believe, it has been put on ‘hold’. But until such time….THANK YOU!!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      There is no “home” to go to… There is far too much work to do out in the “nowhere.”
      The next four months are vital… keep watch on Grassroots Horse to volunteer. Time to stop playing “catch-up” and get ahead…

      No rest for me… documents and reports to get filed.

      We are in the middle of a challenge that needs your support to gain access…. real access…. and get those closed facilities open NOW!

  6. Mar Wargo says:

    Salute to those who got away and to those who have been taken. To our wild ones… mar

  7. Mike Lorden says:

    Laura, Do you have a copy of the PR from the BLM? Thank you for documenting this and being a voice for them. It was an honor meeting you at the beginning of the month. Go get warm!

  8. LisaG. says:

    I’m hearing that 500 cows were moved in within the past few days. Any truth to that? BTW, the Antelope grazing season for livestock is from November 1st to May 15th. Nearly 6 full months.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yesterday in the Spruce/Pequop HMA we saw the lease holder driving their cows out to graze… I think has the skinny on the blog.
      I have pics but it has not been priority.
      I need to get back to work…
      for whatever the reason we can go to bed tonight and know that the chopper wont fly in the morning… maybe we can sleep.

      • LisaG. says:


        I know you are relieved the roundup is over. We are too. It would be interesting to see the BLM state exactly WHY they did stopped early, even though just for a few days, and if their reasons are anything like ours.

        The cows are only important if they are removing horses and increasing the grazing allotment. I’m glad grassroots had the story.

  9. jan eaker says:

    I too am thankful the helicopter is done, and that nightmare is over for the horses and you. Grassroots does have the cow release story, according to them, 300 cows have been released onto the same range that was too poor to support the horses.

    • Poor Ginger says:

      Just checked the weather for the area. Apparently 1-1/2 feet of snow overnight, but I don’t know the location of the monitoring station. And I feel for those poor cows. It wasn’t their fault they were released or driven onto a range covered with snow. I can’t imagine they’re as skilled as wild horses at pawing through to find food.

  10. Barbara Warner says:

    Thank God and you, Laura, and all those working so hard to save our wild horses. Hopefully this will be a turning point to stop the extinction of our wild horses and burros. God bless them and all advocates. Onward !!!

  11. Honor Hannon says:

    Thank you Laura for being the thorn in the side of BLM. Perhaps Salazar’s visit to Congress next week to ask for more funds, and the very bad storms(Divine intervention) as well as your documentation and pictures (worth more than a thousand words) have all helped the wild ones for this week at least. I do not trust the BLM and what they will do when they think there are no more humane observers watching.
    May the Spirit that guards the herds both penned and free watch over them.

  12. Louie Cocroft says:

    Sleep tight, Laura, and dream of Wild Horses living as they were meant to live. We’re all trying our best to make that dream come true.

  13. Anna says:

    yeah…thanks Laura; alot of the Mustangs shipped to Fallon did not do too well; esp. the foals…I was reading about Return to Freedom and looking at pix of General; etc. the reunion of these Stallions is something we can be thanful for;

    as far as “the treat and release plan goes; please send info;
    what I don’t get is this…IF the purpose of the BLM is to make sure the Wild Mustangs do not get over populated; then why does the BLM NEVER return an Geldings to the Range? why?

    Geldings don’t breed so if they returned a “ratio of 6 STallions to every 4 Geldings with 10 treated Mares (for example the BLM would return 400 Geldings with 600 Stallions and some treated Mares and some untreated;

    this way you control the population growth but you do not ruin the bands because you leave some Stallions in; with a percentage of Geldings…why do people not want to see Geldings returned to the Range…this I just do not understand;

    becaue if you return only stallions you have “overpopulation; and this is the very excuse the BLM uses to “round up Mustang

    because I don’t think they will increase the AIM usage which I agree is ridiculous; saying 1 mil. acres does not have forage!

    and to top off that baloney: AFTER the Mustang Roundups which the BLM says are TO PROTECT THE RANGELANDS

    after all the mustangs are “rounded up”; the BLM “does out with Diesel Fuel and sets Prescribed Wild Fire Burns; DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW THIS UPSETS THE NATURAL BALANCE?

  14. Anna says:

    ps for example: if you remove the Mustangs; then you set “wildfire burns with diesel fuel (source BLM website 2010)

    you destroy “mice; voles; worms; cocoons; caterpillars moths butterflies praying mantises; birds nests; birds eggs; small mammals like Turtles Frogs ground dwelling birds…NEVER in my life have I seen such natural resource mismanagment! imo

  15. Jan says:

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL! If sleep escaped you last night, it was likely due to celebration…and that is a GOOD thing! BIG deep sigh of relief coming from the East. And a standing ovation for you, and for a dedicated, won’t take no for an answer, stick to your guns, love ’em and never leave ’em Team assembled out there.

    Looking forward to reports of today’s events.

    Humbly yours ~ Jan

  16. Louie Cocroft says:


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