2-23… on and on

Copyright Laura Leigh

Fight for Freedom (Leigh)

Keep up the pressure…. storms moving in tomorrow afternoon. This needs to end now. More heavily pregnant mares…. more small family bands. Horses coming in so often in the roundup under 40 animals a day is NOT an over populated range. Warned BLM there could be trouble for days the way the trap was set… happened but (thank god) not fatal. More small families fractures… and I can show you what I saw but honestly can’t “tell” you much. Still can’t get respiration or get close enough to evaluate injury….


27 today…


12 thoughts on “2-23… on and on

  1. Cindy says:

    thank you Laura….for keeping us there with you

  2. Anna says:

    mon…what does the BLM do…they capture wild mustangs who have been living their whole lives on a million acre of land? and put these exact same Mustangs tiny cramped pens; and then when the mustangs jump; blm “whips ’em with plastic bags and sticks? talk about Gov. agency out of control

  3. Barbara Warner says:

    Dear Ms. Warner:

    Thank you for your e-mail to the Nevada Office of the Attorney General. Although the wild horse gatherings on Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land are taking place within the State of Nevada, the state has no jurisdiction over the wild horses on BLM land nor any decision or method of removal of those horses in that area. All comments or complaints on this issue should be directed to the state office of the BLM which is located in Reno, Nevada. Comments should be directed to Nevada BLM acting director, Amy Lueders, 775-861-6590.



    Attorney General

    By: Citizen Response Unit

  4. puller9 says:

    WOW! The AG office responded to this? That’s interesting.

  5. Suzanne Moore says:

    I just wish there were SOME way to get the videos to our Congress people!

  6. Mar Wargo says:

    They are now taking the Spruce-Peq. horses to Salt Lake and Delta, Utah? That means everyplace if full. These horses will not even be with their herds for adoption and sale. Out of sight and out of mind??? Hope not. Do we have anyone in Salt Lake who can visit the corrals?? mar

    • LisaG. says:

      I saw that as well. It means they have no more room anywhere. Does anyone know how much room they have at Gunnison? Hundreds and hundred have gone there during the past few months.

      Also, I have been told the BLM will stop the roundup prior to March 1st (the start of what they call the peak foaling season. Does someone have time to verify?

      • Mar Wargo says:

        Salt Lake holds 750… and Delta, Utah holds only 300… Gunnison holds
        1000 and has often been full…

        This roundup, Antelope Coplex is set to end in just days. The next 2 roundups are burros;NV in March and AZ in April. mar

  7. cward says:

    Sent video links and photographs to POTUS, as well as My Representatives, both state and local. Laura, keep providing the information and I promise to keep sending it out. Thank you for doing the hard work.


  8. MJ Wilson says:

    Thank you Laura for all you do. We will continue the fight!

  9. Poor Ginger says:

    Did anyone read the three part series on the Antelope roundup that was published 2/17 & 2/18 by the Elko Daily Free Press? I assume not, since there was only one comment to the second article, in which Lesli Coakley said the gather will continue until the end of February, unless the BLM BEGINS to see pregnant mares, in which case the gather will cease due to dangers in gathering these animals. Not a direct quote, but how many pregnant mares have been captured since this interview was done?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      More than I can tell you off the top of my head with at least three today that are HEAVILY pregnant.
      That is WHY WE are pushing y’all to CLOG THE FAX… it is aginst BLM policy to roundup heavily pregnant mares and they are repeatedly doing it.
      It is the WH&B specvialist, Bruce Thompson out of Elko, that has that responsibility to make the call.

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