2-22… keep up the pressure

stallion soaked in sweat (E. Buzan)

His very pregnant mare

Please keep FAXING. Clog the fax machines at the local and DC offices of your Representatives. This program needs a serious investigation. BLM personnel have the responsibility to manage these animals in a humane fashion. Fracturing family bands and running pregnant mares in wind gusts over 33 mph that were so frigid spectators (including BLM) had to repeatedly return to vehicles. An abundance of heavily pregnant mares is a listed reason to halt a roundup.

The contractor continues to run horses into a trap with a 90 degree panel angle creating a safety hazard that can and has created fatal consequence… BLM has been told and it has not been addressed.

Serious hazard


4 thoughts on “2-22… keep up the pressure

  1. betty says:

    Sad thing ot have to say but these SunJ clowns make the Catoors look like princes in comparison!!

  2. with u Laura, we r calling.. and shrng, time for a revolution

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  4. Suzanne Moore says:

    Faxing, faxing, faxing….

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