2-21 and a plea

Laura Leigh copyright

How pregnant am I?

Take a good look at this mare… then take a good look at the lather on the stallion that just lost his band save one (perhaps two if she doesn’t abort).

One last look back

Now look at these…

2-21 Antelope

2/21 Antelope

Now do me a favor, please. Find the FAX line for your Senators and Congressional Representatives… and flood the FAX machines demanding that a program that was NEVER implemented as intended… that is so filled with conflicts of interest that it should be illegal… that does NOT comprehend or care about the broad sweep genetic bankruptcy being carried out in an inhumane fashion (as if it was built in 1910 and never evolved passed stone-age concepts of humane care) be investigated top to bottom.

Would you do that for me?

Take a half an hour and compose a short letter … and FAX it until you get a response.

The name of todays game was: how do you put your observers closer than 1.5 miles and set them back just far enough that they can’t really see and obscure what they can see to make documentation as difficult as possible?

We could see when horses broke from the trap on our side but not the back… we could see that there was at least one single horse chased but I can’t tell you how far. We could see that the contractor has yet AGAIN set the trap with panels set at a right angle and horses hit it right where the saddle horses are tied but I can’t tell you what happened. I can’t get a respiration rate or even attempt to assess for injuries even in photos taken with a significant lens enlarged on the computer.

And yes… there were stunning, amazing, hearty, beautiful horses taken today.


Stop hitting me in the head with that thing... I don't understand!



27 thoughts on “2-21 and a plea

  1. Anna says:

    hello that is one beautiful white mustang; getting “hit ! keep up the good work; ps sure the senators have a fax number ?

    My opinion: Rep. Dan Burton is the Wild Mustangs only hope !

    I plan on calling Rep. Burton and leaving this message: In the Year 2010; BLM rounded up about 12,000 Mustangs; from these 12,000…only 900 Mustangs and Burros were adopted !

    so obviously the blm breed; gather; adopt or sell scheme is
    a total hoax to the idea of “preserving america’s mustangs

    the idea the blm “saves Mustangs is a “joke…a scheme; an unfounded “hatred of the mustang going to hundreds yrs ago
    these blm people must go ! and a new cabinet formed! imo

  2. Morgan Griffith says:

    I never saw a better argument than this to outlaw plastic bags. So far the argument has been about the environment, these contractors have turned it into an argument against cruelty. Will compose a new letter at lunch and let the faxing begin.

  3. arlene orlando says:

    Sorry i am mad as hell, at the Guy hitting the horse in the head, What is wrong with these super A–H—-, My instincts say take that stick and put it right where the Sun dont shine !!!!! This kind of Scene Is cruel and horrible to a horse that isnt understanding what that Creep wants from him……………………………….Do any of these creeps even understand how to communicate with a horse !!!!!!

  4. Connie says:

    will do Laura, every day. Thank YOU for being out there collecting photographic evidence. We all know this is not easy.

  5. Morgan Griffith says:

    Not only do they not know how to communicate with a horse but they obviously have no incentive to learn. You’d think after a few months or years that some degree of basic knowledge would sink in wouldn’t you?

    • Suzanne Moore says:

      They are also setting all these horses to fail if they’re adopted. They are going to be SO frightened of helicopters and plastic bags that even a professional will have a hard time getting them over it – and maybe they’ll never be able to get over it.

      Faxing commencing, Laura.

  6. I concur. NY Times is quoted that only Reason will change laws on horse slaughter which has direct influence on respect level of our Mustangs.
    Tell Burton thank you and to consider real change that will protect America’s future horses, too.
    4% Fair Tax Averages on America’s 9.2 Million Horses
    Replaces Horse Slaughter with Logic and Value

    A. *Horses under 501©3 is 0.00 tax until Adopted.
    B. *est. $1,200 valued horse in range of $300-$2,500 is $48 tax.
    $48 x 4mhorses = 1billion.9m.2k Revenue
    go to https://sites.google.com/site/horsesasnationaltreasure/home Petition
    site, for more figures.
    This is vast revenue to pay for land, training, and wages for Committees to
    oversee America’s horse industry, including reclaiming the Wilderness Preserves
    for Our Mustangs.
    Rebuild America with pride.
    We built this Nation with horses.
    We can do it again.
    Sanctuaries should not only foster horses but should be learning facilities to
    teach responsible horse ownership. Sanctuaries become county revenue builders
    as fees are paid for horse adoption, trail rides, horseback riding lessons, and
    host competitions. Ideally, Sanctuaries should adjoin Federal land already
    utilized by equestrians or with promise to do so, such as land owned by The Army
    Corps of Engineers, State Parks and National Forests.

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    Thanks for all the ammunition you have provided…. It is going to be used well… mar

  8. Mar Wargo says:

    L, These horses were not sorted until this morning??? Why didn’t BLM halt in time for the horses to be tended to??? I am sure they have that option. The trap pens are no place to leave these horses… and I imagine they had little or no water all night again? This is a deteriorating situation… so this last week at the roundup is going to be about short cuts and quotas?? Injury and death have no official place. Take care all… mar

    • Anna says:

      Hi Mar:

      first of all I just wanted to say thank you for your many positive and informative posts; you stay on a even keel; you do not get bent out of shape emotionally like i do…lol

      anyhow I appreciate your posts and your “fortitude…imo

      anyway the sad news is: these mustangs rounded up here in Northern nevada etc. are being SENT TO FALLON NV

      you recall the old Indian Lakes disaster? where 140 mustangs perished in the pens from Jan. 2009-2010;

      well bad news from the Indian Lakes blm camps front:

      A WHOPPING 36 MOSTLY ADULT MUSTANGS HAVE PERISHED IN THE BLM INDIAN LAKES concentration camps for Mustangs from JAN. 01; 2011 TIL TODAY FEB. 2011

      yes friends; in the last 40 days; another 42 FORTY TWO

      • Anna says:

        ps that should read in the past 50 days; 42 mustangs…

      • Mar Wargo says:

        Thanks Anna, I know the horses are dying in Broken Arrow… again. We need access. Laura’s suit is going further soon… roundups are winding down and we will have a few months to focus on the fight.

        42 good wild horses dying in less than 2 months… great sadness. mar

  9. Karen Rhinevault says:

    Will write and fax-thanks Laura for the pix and info.

    I have to say though, to the poster who brought up the horse tax, I have no idea what anyone thinks will be accomplished by it. It won’t faze the breeders-they will just pass along the cost or regain it by selling to the killer buyers and for folks like me who have rescued horses and keep them simply because there is no market for them, it will finish us off. It’s all I can do to keep up with farrier, vaccinations, wormer and feed on my seven.

    It may be a good idea for someone somewhere but I have yet to meet that person.

  10. Jeris Turner says:

    Those horses are soaked with sweat!! Man this fries my ass.

    • Anna says:

      Amen ! oh and ps “this is the blm ‘s “spring foal crop; so they don’t give a rat’s ass or a rat’s tail about the Mares;

      or Stallions; this is about “the BLM’s “harvest of spring foals!

      (ps I sent the Ginger Kathryns Congressional appeal today to my Rep. and two senators; just find sen. web contact us!

  11. Anna says:

    comment: I do feel; although not apparant; things are “looking better for America’s Mustangs and Burros; in the long run; but this will take years to undo the blm blashphemy
    pps many feel the BLM is “rounding up America’s Mustangs and Burros to make way for Cattle…I disagree…I say the BLM is making way for “Gas piplines; gold mines + the like…a sin!

  12. arlene orlando says:

    All this is now beyond Cruel and inhuman, it is now a Sadistic display of Dis honor and humiliation for Life, The BLM is a Torture Agency, they not only torture Our Mustangs now , they are torturing us………………….. Total disregard for LIFE, these Magnificent horses they are now torturing beyond belief are Our Icons and Our symbols of FREEDOM…………… When they do this they are disgracing HUMANITY……. and Everything Human beings stand for not to mention What Our Great Country stands for, and The Mustangs who have always been there for us………….. in every facet of our lives, and this is how they repay them, I have always thought of Mustangs as a wonderful gift to America,I have visited them hundreds of times on the Nevada desert, their beauty, power and grace have never disappointed me……. The BLM has turned a Beautiful Country into a sham of lies, deceit, and out and out disgusting Circus of Horror…….. all at the expense of the American People… I am so Ashamed …………………..

  13. arlene orlando says:

    There are some things that are Priceless , The Wild Mustangs are one of them…………….

    • Anna says:

      Arlene wrote:
      What Our Great Country stands for, and The Mustangs who have always been there for us………….. in every facet of our lives, and this is how they repay them, I have always thought of Mustangs as a wonderful gift to America,I have visited them hundreds of times on the Nevada desert, their beauty, power and grace have never disappointed me……. The BLM has turned a Beautiful Country into a sham of lies, deceit…

      Anne’s comment: thanks for the great explanation of what America’s Mustangs are…I agree…good to know !
      so why doesn’t the blm set up Mustang Eco-Sanctuaries?

      then we could see the Mustangs Prancing on the plains..!

      • arlene orlando says:

        Dear Anna , sadly , The BLM is on a mission of destruction and devastation , They dont care about the Mustangs, never did never will they need to be closed and another agency that will Protect and preserve them appointed ………………………….The BLM just waste taxpayers money………………………….. they have no regard for The Mustangs Or any Sanctuaries for them……………………………..

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