Another day….

Sent out reports and loaded video.

Will edit when time allows.

Snow fencing down all day at holding until BLM media and lead PR show up… then up it goes for “safety” by a contractor smoking a cigarette by the hay bales….

Safety? (photo by E. Buzan)

A horse fought so hard to stay with family that he literally flung himself over the fence… video when I can find time to edit… later (most likely same horse) vaulted cleanly over.

Threw himself over (E.Buzan)

Gorgeous stallion that I believe came in two days ago could be photographed and has evidence of a wound on his face….

Facial wound (Leigh)

Pens are literally packed as roads were too bad to travel this am.

Another storm coming over weekend….


23 thoughts on “Another day….

  1. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Your work is very appreciated Laura. Take care of yourself too. Nice to see some get away. 😛
    Thank you for being out there in below freezing, whatever, however ~ you are there. I hope GRH is getting lots of donations to keep you on it, and comfortable at times too. Hang in….

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    Thank you, Laura. Stay safe and I’ll be praying for you and the horses. Did you see where I got your book for my little grandddaughters? It is a beautiful book and I sent a donation too.

  3. LisaG. says:


    did that horse land safely and was he/she able to get away?

  4. Anna says:

    hey Laura; concerning the bale of Hay…why does the BLM and the contractors always put the Bales of Hay on the outside of the Fence instead of inside the actual pen ?

    answer: this is to train the mustangs to understand this: @ Fallon NV the only place to get Hay is the troughs on the outside of the corrals; there is no hay inside the fallon corrals; except meager hay spread on the bare ground; ie

    There is not one Hay Feeder that I know of Inside the corral

    • Cat Kindsfather says:

      Anna, your statement is not accurate. I have been to Broken Arrow 12 times on the 2010 tours. The hay is not on the bare ground, although it was in the beginning days, they built wooden feeder troughs last winter along the outside of the fence, so horses must stick their heads through to eat. The sick pens have feeders inside the corral. Just clearing up facts.

  5. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Laura, I am thinking about the horse that cleared the fence and the chances that it is the same one that flung himself over also, earlier. Do you have shots of both occurrences? Do you think this guy is still free? The wild fire of freedom, awesome. Visualizing him claiming it righteously!
    We got about a foot of snow in our neighborhood last night, near the Sierra foothills. Tons of accumulation. Praying the horses are ok, you too. Thanks…

  6. deborah hurley says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! you have the hardest job in the world, watching what you hate more then anything everyday. i wish for your birthday you have a year of EASY. thank you so much for all the love you live everyday. :)))))

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    Beautiful Stallion… the escaping horse is amazing.. hope he is long gone. More bad weather… will all these horses be trucked out then before the weather hits, this time? Happy 50th, kid. Have good one with Elrik. hugs, mar

    • Laura Leigh says:

      He did not escape… he threw himself over the fence in the alley to get back to his family… possibly twice…

      • Mar Wargo says:

        The pic that Elrik took should go to AP as it may get picked up for its “Sensational” quality and that means it could bring attention and even money…. mar

      • Mar Wargo says:

        Amazing horse!! mar

      • LisaG. says:

        You would think there would be something about that horse the BLM would consider desirable and release it and its family back to the HMA. If they had half a heart, they would do that. Of course, if they had half a heart they would have released the mare with the blaze when they released her stallion.

        So, far 1029 gathered and only 8 released.

  8. Mar Wargo says:

    Wonder who the mystery press is.. mar

  9. Arla Ruggles says:

    May ALL of your Birthday Wishes come true!

  10. Barbara Warner says:

    Happy Birthday , Laura. You sure deserve one and many more. You don’t even look 30 so it’s hard to believe you’re 50. Wow–a half century–He! He!

  11. Louie Cocroft says:

    I second that Barbara. I would not have guessed Laura’s age–not even close.

  12. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Happy Birthday Laura. I wish you a dreamy day, watching wild horses play in the snow. Give yourself a well deserved break. Relax with a band.

  13. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday Laura! I am so in awe of your bravery and determination-you are like the Wild Ones themselves. Thank you so much for your work and I hope you have some time to enjoy your special day.

  14. Honor Hannon says:

    Happy Birthday fellow Aquarius. How is this for a birthday wish—The BLM disbanded,
    Salazar removed from office, A new cabinet position is created to protect all wild creatures and you Laura are the Director, and finally, Madeline Pickins gets her ranch and all wild horses in pens are returned to their home range and wherever possible families are reunited . There must be some kind of paper trail of where they all went!
    May this wish come true so we all can begin to repair the past.

  15. Suzanne Moore says:

    I hope this link will take you to the right place. It’s Will LeRoy’s Facebook page with news from the BLM Nevada State Office – Special Task Force Visits, Evaluates Antelope – with article following. That’s who these people likely are. Supposed to be from the AAEP. No matter, the BLM will give them a dog and pony show as usual. While they keep YOU away, Laura. If they had nothing to hide why would they bother with what you see? I don’t trust the AAEP anyway.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      When those guys showed up the water truck came out, fencing went up and everything changed.
      You can call and say “I’m coming to investigate you… what’s a good time?”


  16. Mar Wargo says:

    Oh the water truck came out…!! They have one…. needs more use. mar

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