2/16 “Neglectful?”

Yes… I just heard the BLM got a wrist slap from the House and had $2 million removed from the budget.


When will Congress call for an actual investigation into the actions of an agency left to police itself for far too long?

Video was taken before noon as winds hit about 18. At 3 pm weather service said winds at 59… rain, snow, sleet… it is supposed to get worse. Even if no “accidents” occur at holding humane care would require thought as to the debris around the pens, stress to the NEWLY rounded up and the fact that wild horses seek shelter in weather… and there is no place for them to go. Holding is out on  a level area…

I was tempted to stay but travel back (at least an hour) was bad enough in the wind at noon. A tractor trailer overturned on 80…

How much ya wanna bet it’s “pest control” as usual on the range in the am?


26 thoughts on “2/16 “Neglectful?”

  1. Jane Bravery says:

    It will happen.
    Picture it in your mind, often. And picture the horses running free again. It will happen, and nothing will stop it.

  2. LisaG. says:


    who cut their budget, House or Senate? The funding hearing was not supposed to be until March. If the cut is real, is it from their requested budget for this year or was it a cut based on their budget from last year.

  3. Jill says:

    Winds…. if only the winds would blow the copter and it’s pilot into cartwheels, whether it is docked or not.

    If only the winds would blow the fence so the horses could escape and run for shelter and some decent food.

    If only the winds would blow some sense into our President’s head and some love into his heart.

    If only the winds would blow some decency and respectability into the Congressional seats of Congress and they would STOP these roundups!

    If only the winds would blow some protection across the backs of our horses.

    If only….

  4. Suzanne Moore says:

    I agree – it’s not nearly large enough to stop the BLM, but the fact that it happened at all is significant. We need to continue bombarding our people in DC with reasons why this is good, but we must have more. We must have an independent investigation of the entire BLM structure, with a moratorium on roundups until that investigation is completed.

    I look upon this as a foot in the door…..

  5. arlene orlando says:

    I agree Laura , They need more than just a hand slam, they need full scale investigation, Laure wanted to ask about the Stallion and the Mare from Sunday mornings Horrorfest…. Cant stop thinking about them !!!! They showed to all the strength of their Bonds , God some People should have their Bonds, I have seen this displayed by horses and it is a beautiful thing , they should never be torn apart !!!, and My Heart Bleeds for them…………………………..Again Laura you are the BOMB………. Thank You !!!!

  6. savewildhorses says:

    That $2 million is how much we, the American Taxpayer, have paid Sun J since last August, when they incorporated as a new business, for their abuse of protected wild horses. It’s a start, but it is mostly symbolic. And they will most likely not let it affect round ups, but rather horses in holding.

    And if the contractor is not safely able to transport horses out of the gather pens, then they cannot safely round them up. What exactly do we pay the officials overseeing these round ups for anyway?

  7. Sierra says:

    Laura-Can you please publish some of your stories (videos) to current TV? You can do it online (posted the link below) What is going on is disgusting and horrific. I can’t even bring myself to watch the videos. It makes me sick to my stomach. My family has a house in Southwest Reno and I am very passionate about the wild horses. We see them roaming around and they are breathtakingly beautiful-and very healthy. Also, I have video (if I can find it) of the horses being unloaded in Fallon. They were frightened, scared, and being shocked. It was sickening. I was granted access with a TV station. What is going on NEEDS to be exposed. I commend you for your passion and your ‘fight’. We need to stop this. We need to get celebrities involved (some have been but it’s not enough). It’s sad that we can’t do it on our own and our ‘Government’ just gave the BLM a little slap on the wrist.
    I am a freelance writer/photographer and I have some ideas if you want to email me.

    Thank you for doing what you do.

    Here is the link to post video etc on Current TV.


    • arlene orlando says:

      Dear Sierra, Did you say they were being shocked while being loaded onto a truck????????

    • Anna says:

      I Anne would be interested in seeing the Fallon Video if you ever find this maybe you could post this; Fallon Indian Lakes is a “horror house for mustangs; esp. for foals. we know; just ask Hope (the Foal) who bit the dust there and is now safely in the makers hands…STOP THE BLM THANKU

  8. Donna Buscemi says:

    Congressman Burton also included in Amendment 485 “that none of the funds made available by this Act may be used for the gathers and removals of free roaming wild horses and burros except for the purpose of fertility control”

    So if this says what I think it says and it passes in the Senate, then permanent removals may be over!!!!!
    So even though they only cut the BLM budget by $2 million – the $ can’t be used for roundups – except to administer PZP.

    Can someone double check this so I can be sure I am understanding this correctly?

    • Mar Wargo says:

      The way to administer PZP (one year) is by dart. A roundup would not be necessary. PZP-22, which BLM prefers, but most advocates do not, is an experimental drug. The use of this and any experimental operations show a high disregard for the wild ones. Like you didn’t know, huh?? PZP-22 needs to be done up close in a chute. it must not be used as their is no science and BLM is over-using in hopes of causing sterility.

      Many volunteers and locals are willing to help with annual PZP by dart application. There is a certificate program to learn and be able to apply it.

    • Anna says:

      This would be the best news ever if this is true; sure they would continue to round up to adminsiter the “darts; but atleast they would let them back on the range; great news!
      (if true…the blm says on web; only 900 mares to be darted Y2011; not sure if this is a chute dart or range dart); thanks

    • Donna Buscemi says:

      Based on Palamino’s report from DC, I was correct! YeHa!!!!

  9. Mar Wargo says:

    Laura and Elrik, You have been heard by more and more people.. and It is good to see them ‘talking’ about what is really happening. You did that. mar

  10. savewildhorses says:

    Willful negligence.

    • arlene orlando says:

      Dear Savewildhorses , just read a post from Sierra (above), while reading it , she said that the horses were being shocked while being loaded, Is this true that is EXTREME ABUSE ……………………… Wonder if she has photos of that?????

  11. Arla Ruggles says:

    Laura – You are doing a job that few people I know could accomplish. Keep on!

    I have just read your newest on Grassrootshorse.com and I need you to please clarify (when you have a moment):

    You said they had worked in Goshute CANYON today …. there are several Goshutes in this area; Goshute Creek and Goshute Canyon (Wilderness) are in the Cherry Creek Mountains, White Pine County. Have they come back into WP? Or did you mean Goshute VALLEY, below Spruce Mountain?

    We have seen how important location can be; I just want to be sure I have it straight.

    Thanks very much for all you are doing!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      What I said was “Goshute HMA.”
      I wanted folks to really get the idea that these are separate areas. There seems to be confusion as to the vast area this roundup is set to cover.

      We were near the homestead by the WSA.

  12. Why couldn’t the videos be compiled into a long showcase, and why couldn’t it be presented by the “Sundance” network? Robert Redford lets all kinds of people show what they themselves “made” on his channel. Thats one of the things he does..giving people a chance to get their movie out there, when nobody else is interested. Just a thought. He IS, by the way, on our side.

  13. Puller Lanigan says:

    Everyone should contact this CONGRESSIONAL Committee to report this abuse:

    and here are the members:


  14. Anna says:

    speaking of stills I still don’t understand why The Bureau of Land Management Dept. of the Interior; division of the USDA;

    I still don’t get why the BLM “Salazoo’ers said NO to Madeline Pickens Spruce Ranch Mustang Preserve; gosh the blm said to Madeline buy the land then we will discuss the ranch; so she buys the land and then the :”BLM throws her idea over a cliff; gosh there are no words to describe the blm bummers…

  15. Dear Laura ,
    I can’t watch this Video ,
    it says , i need the permission of the owner .

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