Happy Freakin Valentine’s Day

PLEASE help me stay out here and continue this battle to actually have meaningful access to OUR horses!


8 thoughts on “Happy Freakin Valentine’s Day

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Advocates, please don’t let Laura break her stride. She is doing something amazingly difficult with so little funding! But because the funds are low she may have days she cannot get to the roundup… don’t let this happen!! You know horses are dying and they need us to be their witness. Laura has been doing this since last summer and attending court when not in the field. Her work is constant. No holidays. Few breaks and no perks.

    I am sending her $100. today, please send something so she has gas and food and will not have to stop her observations. We cannot afford to lose Laura’s eyes on our horses. mar

  2. MOM says:

    out in the field documenting ……..well happy valentines day and I hope your 50th birthday this week brings some happy times. You have been at this for so long, your dedication is astounding. I love you, I miss you, but I know you are doing what you were born to do for the horses. I just hope soon, soon, soon there will be justice.

  3. Louie Cocroft says:

    Happy Birthday, Laura

  4. Mar Wargo says:

    I am outraged anew at this 40 gallon water trough which is on its side in the alkali winds. There should be half a dozen of these full at all times. Why are these contractors working without a good water system??? They make enough money to have as good as available.

    BLM, Get water to these horses. This is cruelty and negligence. mar

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    Laura, there are horses entering the chute and all turning and running out. The waste of energy to go through all this and to escape because the crew can’t hide by sitting low and out of site? These poor animals are run and run and they are eating alkali dust and have no water!!

    This is illegal. mar

  6. Robin Bailey says:

    Laura, just matched Mar’s donation and sent you another $100 thru PP to help stay in the field. Thank you for all that you are doing!!!

    Can the pics of the overturned, empty water trough not be used as evidence of animal cruelty and be submitted to the sheriff’s office? This photo needs to hit the news wire, utube, everywhere. This has to stop!!!

    (P. S. Laura, happy birthday.)

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