Offload at temporary


The video shows how horses are offloaded at temporary. The horses at the front are scared by the “baggie whip” and push the horses at the back out. Often the horses at the back stumble backward off the trailer. This load shows the last horse off limps. (Any lameness will not be reported as a “gather” related injury as BLM does not consider a lame horse an injured horse regardless of cause).

Horses are then placed into a collective pen (all ages and sexes) until the contractor finds time to sort.

Note: the beautiful stallion that was calling to his mare all afternoon yesterday is still at temporary and will go to Gunnison in the am. His mare was shipped off to PVC this am.

BLM is claiming it was too dark to give an exact count of horses.. “about 80″… today. That implies horses are not counted as they load on the range and are only counted at holding.

He leaves for Gunnison in the am


11 thoughts on “Offload at temporary

  1. polly says:

    Perhaps we should try to get them and reunite them?

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    If people can do the adopting/Sale Authority then their May be a place. I have to look into that. mar

  3. Morgan Griffith says:

    If they are not counted until they hit holding then any horse that dies in the trailer and is dropped off at rendering may not be counted as having ever lived. Once again American history is erased.

  4. Tara Bruning says:

    Nice “BIG” loop hole….what horse?

  5. Puller Lanigan says:

    eleven horses came off the trailer. How many were in the small pen they were added to? Are the pens made smaller so horses don’t have the space to gain speed and attempt to jump out? Crowded conditions make for short tempers and more injuries it seems as kicking and biting escalates.

  6. Lyn says:

    For sure the BLM does not want anyone to know how many horses are being taken so they can do their fuzzy math. I just hate this! Poor stallion! He will never be the same. I don’t blame the horses for trying to kick the snoot out of so called humans.

  7. savewildhorses says:

    Too dark to count horses? Are they serious?

  8. savewildhorses says:

    If these yahoos can’t count (and I don’t doubt that they literally cannot), they are not fulfilling their contract. How do we know they aren’t giving some away to their illiterate kinfolk to sell to slaughter? Why is the BLM so lackadaisical about our horses?

    • Suzanne Moore says:

      Why are they so lackadaisical about the counting of horses? So we won’t know if they skim some off for slaughter or whatever…..

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