BLM’s Spin (I mean report)

Here is the BLM report on the investigation (spin on the video).

Here is my draft report on the roundup (please keep in mind that I have been to more roundups in the last 12 months than any BLM staff).

BLM staff are present at the roundups. Several BLM staff reassure me on a continual basis that they “are there for the horses.” Not a single one of them has spoken out about what they see and have actually gasped at. All I can say is that there may not be a backbone in the entire agency.

Here is the relentless pursuit yet again of a single horse on 2/6… Superbowl Sunday. My equipment is not the best and  I apologize for the render. I can’t export a larger file… the distance is great but you will get the idea.

My response to the “Investigation.”


8 thoughts on “BLM’s Spin (I mean report)

  1. Barbara Warner says:

    Another cover-up by the BLM based on lies.

  2. Pamela Vilmar says:

    Hi Laura……..I just want to let you know that I have created a document with your website, grassroots, MP sanctuary and a few others…..I am now cutting and pasting all of these websites into “voice your opinion” on Jane Valez CNN, News 4 out west and many of the others….At least they are immediate tools they can check out ……..Thank You for everything you do… are our eyes and ears……Travel Safe……….Pam

  3. Barbara Warner says:

    Great idea, Pam. Many thanks

  4. Honor Hannon says:

    This is a disgrace!!!! Our tax dollars are paying for the wasted fuel for the helicopter, and the crazy teenager pilot inside who is harrassing a wild horse on publically owned land! If any of us did that we would be fined or sent to jail. If this was footage for a movie the Humane Society would shut down the entire film. There are laws against this kind of abuse—-where is the Humane Society in all of this? Surely Wayne Pacelle does not support this kind of inhumane treatment.
    Thank you Laura for this excellent expose. Amazing how very dear freedom is to this wild one. We should all fight so hard to keep them free.
    Stay strong

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    For political and economic reasons the Humane Society is not getting any further involved than the little bits they have done; sign the moratorium letter and say they think the roundups should stop. Because of their business with BLM buying PZP and PZP-22 from them, the Humane Society has a huge conflict of interest. Wayne P recently declaring that HSUS is now managing our wild horses with PZP!! As Sandra said, “Over my dead body!!” To date there is very little research done on wild horses overall and the PZP issue is only a part of the need for research for future sustainable management of our wild ones. mar

  6. […] BLM’s Spin (I mean report) ( […]

  7. Jerry says:

    Of course they (BLM) say “they are there for the horses”, but lets be real and have them say why they are there for the horses. “TO ELIMIATE THEM”, is the part they aren’t willing to add!!!

  8. Suzanne Moore says:

    This is sad, infuriating and whatever words anyone wants to add, but, it’s just what we expected. With the BLM an “internal review” is bureau-speak for “whitewash.”

    I have been faxing most of this stuff to my, as Mar would say, Congress Critters, but so far have heard nothing back. But, I’m keeping it up. I’ll bury them with documentation if I have to.

    I feel sick….

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