BLM’s Spin (I mean report)

Here is the BLM report on the investigation (spin on the video).

Here is my draft report on the roundup (please keep in mind that I have been to more roundups in the last 12 months than any BLM staff).

BLM staff are present at the roundups. Several BLM staff reassure me on a continual basis that they “are there for the horses.” Not a single one of them has spoken out about what they see and have actually gasped at. All I can say is that there may not be a backbone in the entire agency.

Here is the relentless pursuit yet again of a single horse on 2/6… Superbowl Sunday. My equipment is not the best and  I apologize for the render. I can’t export a larger file… the distance is great but you will get the idea.

My response to the “Investigation.”