2-9 Antelope

Just finished getting reports out.

COLD today… It’s late and I need to walk dog, shower and get a few hours of sleep.

Steaming horses… all day.

89 taken….



15 thoughts on “2-9 Antelope

  1. arlene says:

    Dear Laura had a 45 min conversation with Dean Bolsted last night about just that very thing , about the steaming horses , and the fact they are loading them before they cool dowm, we talked about many things concerning the Wild Ones …………. Mr. bolsted is probably the only one at the BLM that is even worth talking to……..Of course everything we talked about he wants proof of, and said he would address providing he is supplied with proof……………….

    • LisaG. says:

      What does he consider proof? Seems to me the proof is everywhere .. on this blog, on links to video of the mare that fell (Now over 10 days ago!) Doesn’t he have the internet and access to these sites? If he doesn’t see the proof practically right in front of him what does he want us to do?

      • savewildhorses says:

        He’s not interested in proof or truth. He works for the BLM.

      • arlene orlando says:

        Dear Lisa I did tell him all the proof he would ever need to see is right here on the computer, i believe it is a cop out answer, talking to him he believes what is going on is what needs to be done , the only conclusion i can draw from , his answers it was always send proof of this for everything i tried to present to him in fact !!!!! I called Tom Gorey, Bob Abbey, Alan Shepard 5 days ago and left messages for them to return my call, he is the only one who did, It gave me an Erie feeling like no matter what , their destruction is in place and nothing can stop it…………………………….. Although there were times during the conversation where he displayed some compassion………………

        • savewildhorses says:

          One cannot have true compassion, then do nothing.

          • arlene orlando says:

            Do you think they are all brainwashed ,???? It looks that way …………….There is a huge prize for all of them if they pull this off, thats the impression i got……………………………………………

        • Suzanne Moore says:

          Don’t even bother with Alan Shepard. He’s bottom of the barrel.

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    More of these will die from pneumonia too now. This is nothing but animal abuse /cruelty. God help these poor horses.

  3. arlene orlando says:

    Yes It is Barbara, that is what the BLM is hoping for they want the complete destruction of the Wild Mustang he is in their way, of what they feel will line their pockets, the greed here is phenomenal , by castrating them as they come off the range is the pure proof of this they want in 10 yrs for them all to be gone, How can America allow this to happen, it breaks my heart and soul that this is the fate that The BLM bestows upon our Wild Mustangs , who have always been there for us, Something needs to rise up from this pile of unnecessary garbage that the BLM is getting away with , and needs to happen now for Our Mustangs !!! God Bless The Mustangs and Laura Leigh……….and all here ……………………

  4. Barbara Warner says:

    Karen Sussman predicted a few years ago in the Vanity Fair article that our wild horses would be extinct in 5 years. It looks like her prediction is coming true. Also Animal Welfare Institute put out the magazine, “Managing for Extinction”, years ago. I have an orginal and now they have updated it. It can be read online or they will send you a copy for only $3. Congress can stop this but it will take a huge outcry and so far that has not happened. We need to be better organized some way before it’s too late if it’s not already. The BLM is using PZP-22 now also on some of the mares. Where is the HSUS ‘s help? It supplies the PZP for the BLM and roundups were s[pposed to have decreased with their MOU but have increased instead.

  5. savewildhorses says:

    You cannot take wild animals off the range who have never been in an enclosed space with walls or corners, terrify them for miles at top speed, split up their family band of safety and then load them in a small, dark space of the truck immediately after capturing them without even letting their body temperature normalize and their fear abate a little.

    Why does the contractor get to call the shots? Do they not work for us? Instead of the BLM improving their WH&B program, they are regressing and getting worse. What’s next? This contractor has people who use to work for Cook. They used to run the horses straight into the truck by helicopter. With diasterous results. Time to take back our power. After all, they work for us. We are their bosses.

    • LisaG. says:

      why IS the contractor calling the shots? Something I have asked as well. I guess that’s the BLM’s way of deflecting questions and criticism.

      Ten days after the Investigation over the mare and nothing on the record so far. I guess when Lili et al spoke the pilot all they said was “Good job!”

  6. savewildhorses says:

    Praying for a WikiLeaks dump on the BLM!

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