Antelope 2/5

Last group today of three...

18 horses taken today from Spring Valley.

We have gone into Spring Valley 3 seperate times for very few horses.

Last group run more than an hour. Three horses turned into two… and one left alone after he/she escaped. They came in beyond lathered.

Roundup was called a second day in a row by Ben Noyes and did not resume due to wind.

Last group becomes two...

Oh yeah… access was awful. Saw horses run for under ten seconds and in trap for less than five. Horses loaded directly after capture with no time to settle.


The “photos”

I saw the News 4 report where BLM says the pics I took were the same day as the video of the mare.

I wasn’t there the day that particular mare went down. The only day I have not been on that range. The “photos” referenced were taken on the another day. They were taken from an area that no observation of the pilot could be seen by the “known” observers. I was on the opposite side of the hill.

It is not “telephoto” illusion or any such crap. My vantage was much lower (not higher). My vantage would not make the chopper look closer to the horse. Look at the wash from the chopper blades… there is snow on the ground. That tells you where that pilot was and how close…. this is NOT rocket science.


Todays note:

Pilot (from the limited view I had) flew in a more appropriate manner except when the last group broke from the trap as the wranglers on the ground were standing upright and moving during approach. He then resumed the “force” the horse methodology. I hear over the radio a voice I believe was Ben Noyes the BLM Wild Horse and Burro specialist call it… to let the horses go.

Dash for freedom

Rest of the family... free tonight

Only 9 horses were taken from the “overpopulated” range today.

I wonder if a member of the public were not present would this have been the case?

Need to get up at 4….