On February 1 I was told that there was an investigation as to what is occuring on the range. I met with Mary D’Aversa and Chris Hanefeld to discuss what I had seen.

The next day Lili Thomas of the BLM (apparently on the four member team appointed by Dean Bolstad) was at the trap. She was not on the other side of this ridge… I don’t think anyone was.

These pictures were taken at the trap on 2/2.

2/2/2011 Antelope Roundup

Is there anyone documenting the other side of the ridge?


AND we NEED to get the doors open to the CLOSED facilities… NOW!

These are OUR horses and every life matters to us!

please support and their legal battle.


18 thoughts on “Investigation?

  1. savewildhorses says:

    Chris Hanefield I have a bit of hope in. Lili Thomas, no. Or maybe at this point, all hope in any of them is gone.

  2. sandra longley says:

    we have a campaign started requesting OSHA N. Nevada send investigators out for safety violations..calls e-mails and faxes have gone out…no one messes around with OSHA

  3. LisaG. says:

    The same Lili Thomas who told me a few years ago that she is in favor of slaughter for our American mustangs as a form of “euthanasia”? Why am I NOT hopeful that this “investigation” will reveal any mis-conduct?

  4. Puller Lanigan says:

    Do you ever wonder why it’s people like Jane Goodall who are famous and not people like Bob Abbey?

  5. arlene orlando says:

    We can only pray this Lili Thomas has had a awakening !!!!!

  6. arlene orlando says:

    I hope she can !!!!! Our Mustangs need all the good words they can get !!!!

  7. Louie Cocroft says:

    Are BLM employees the only ones doing this “investigation”?

    • LisaG. says:

      Doesn’t give much hope, does it, for the BLM to be investigating a possible wrong doing by one of their contractors?

      Unless the sheriff’s office gets involved, the gang of four from the BLM looks like “it.”

  8. arlene orlando says:

    Before any of these Buffoons,say what they say about Horse Slaughter , they should be required to watch a video of the entire procedure before they answer!!! I am sure their answers would be much different…………………………….

  9. LisaG. says:


    I have been looking at the pictures for 2/2 and can’t figure out where he wants those horses to go. And he is right on top of them, again. What gives? Is he that dense?

  10. savewildhorses says:

    Follow up story on the news! And it’s not pro BLM!!

  11. sandra longley says:

    hippies 4 horses, organised an effort spearheaded by Dianne Holland– had a determined call in to the sherriffs office of white pine and elko to enfore animal laws of nevada of “overdriving as inhumane” as seen in the collapse of ole sister on the first day and filmed by cloud worked! they sent officers out to investigate, a complaint has been filed, and sent to the DAs office-the congresswoman spoke out about what happened to ole sister, driven to exhaustion, 2 news stories were done using that video, now we are working on a FBI investigation of a fixed wing aircraft that was hazing WH the day ole sister dropped from exhaustion, pushing horses from Schell onto antelope..plane registered to the “Utah” dept of Ag..asking FBI to investigate 2 counts of breaking federal law-driving with a fixed wing airplane and harrassing a federal protected species..finally movement and results!!

  12. arlene says:

    Great News !!! movement on this is all good , these low life idiots need to be stopped …………………..

  13. Lisa Norman says:

    Every roundup in NV violates NV statute 575.100 (going on memory here) violation to overdrive any animal, harm, torture, maim, harass, kill, or deprive animal from food/water. Remember the last 30 Calico horses left in the trap pens overnight without water after being overdriven God knows how many miles? 3rd offense is a felony. How many offenses now? Thousands! Not to mention the federal violations and check out the Lacey Wildlife Act. How come Eygypt can get 80 million people to rise up against corruption and we can’t get 500 to show up at a roundup and decry this corruption?

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