Antelope injury (quick post)

Reviewing photos for am post.

About 57 horses today. So much to tell… I will write detailed report and get caught up AND a shower tomorrow… chopper down for mantainance.

Last load of the day was given about less than 5 minutes to settle before activity began to load. Public observers notified the BLM representative, Tom from Colorado, that loading now was not “the right thing.” He did not pass on the information and repeatedly ignored concerns of observers.

The youngster loaded with adults, immediately after capture, arrived at holding with a bloody nose. Was it really that important to “clock out?”

Isn’t it time we “evolve” as a society and begin to recognize that historic prejudice suurounds these horses and start “growing up” as a nation? DEAR GOD! This is the only animal in the history of the US to have an entire act of Congress devoted to it! Isn’t well past time that this program is taken out of the hands of those that hold those predjudices?

Can’t common sense and a bit of humanity actually exist in a society that claims to be “civilized?”

(Yes… I’m tired. I’ll pull it in after some sleep…. but this is my blog… )

Bloody nose youngsterInjury due to "quiting time"

Injury due to "quiting time"


Running into trap


7 thoughts on “Antelope injury (quick post)

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Looking forward to all your news… trying to get your work and Maureen’s out to people. Lots more discussion. This is always good. People need the inspiration and the urgency in their hearts. mar

  2. Louie Cocroft says:

    Same here, Laura–trying to get the word out in as many directions as possible

  3. Jane Bravery says:

    Working too Laura, have learned who is in charge and therefore responsible.

  4. Puller says:

    Hi Jane, Can you please let the rest of us know who is in charge so we can also voice our concerns.

    Laura, thank you being there for us. It is imperative we have eyes on every roundup and I agree that another entity needs to oversee these animals as the prejudice against them seems to be ingrained in some of those unable to evolve.

  5. jean says:

    Laura, Your dedication and compassion for these magnificent creatures, goes without saying. Thank you so much for being out there to provide the “real” story and how it’s effecting our wild ones. I admire your stamina and courage, which I’m sure has been very difficult, roundup after roundup. I still don’t understand how this is allowed to continue, with such mistreatment of these innocent horses. Horses that were suppose to be protected, by our government. I can only hope that “something” will be done to protect them.

  6. arlene orlando says:

    This is an outrage, My God , What kind of dirt bag would do this ????? I cannot believe this heartless unnecessary treatment is aloud to continue?????? I agree with you fully !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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