Day of the “escape”

Today could be dubbed the day of the “escape.”

First band of the day (5 member) was too hard for the pilot and was given up on. Another band of seven had one and then two break… last band at the first trap was eleven members and the pilot could not get them in.

Second trap had nine and the stallion tried to vault the panels… second band ran into the trap and before the gates closed a black ran back out, broke through the jute… and up past us.

Freedom won… but at what price?

I apologize for being behind on the article and video edit… I will try to get it out tomorrow after the roundup. We left the range at dark.

Fighting for Freedom

Antelope 1/28/2011Trying to escape

Will try to get update out to Grass Roots Horse et al. asap.

Just a side note: When BLM was asked by an observer if they could go take pictures elsewhere the reply was “it’s public land, of course.” Reminder: this is the Elko district… same as Owyhee… remember Owyhee? This legal battle continues.


6 thoughts on “Day of the “escape”

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Incredible horses wanting to remain home. Great work, Laura. Take care, mar

  2. Morgan Griffith says:

    Laura, I have never heard of a contractor having so much difficulty bringing in the horses before. From your frame of reference is this through the determined efforts of the horses to remain free or is this through the ineptitude of this contractor?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I have been watching this contractopr since their first roundup… no they are not “as good” as Cattoor. The pilot appears to either not understand horses at all or be of “old cowboy” mentality… There are also several other issues with this contractor.

      Just in from the roundup… I need to get stuff offloaded… sleep… and edit.

      Helicopter down tomorrow so I can shower (stinky!) and catch up a bit.

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    Linda and I have been posting the new videos around and people are watching and responding… they are amazed at the brutality. We can never accept this violent activity. mar

  4. Lynette says:

    I think this is the new contractor. The pilot doesn’t have any experience rounding up horses before. Why is he doing it for the BLM then? He needs to kicked off the round ups. What is the matter with those in DC??? Oh yea I know but can’t say it here. How many are going to die from his experience? Please don’t let the BLM get away with it.

  5. Ilse Daniel says:

    Happy birthday, Laura! Thanks for all you do!

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