Quick re-cap

This is a very fast recap as I am on the road and need to get moving.

Mis-information is again ragging like wildfire.

First and foremost I have NOT left the horses. There are others here right now to witness and it gave me a chance to document other areas and take care of a personal issue. I will be at the roundup tomorrow.

What I am seeing is a meshing of the roundups of the last three months into some of the information coming out about Antelope.


Sulpher Springs was in UTAH. Youngsters went to adoption and older were treated and released.

Bald Mountain and Callaghan… temps fluctuated and some days were above freezing and some below. Issues with access and changing access.

Eagle had the very cold am temps and steaming horses

BEFORE Sulpher was Pine Nut and inbetween Callaghan and Eagle Clan Alpine was cancelled after census was complete.

ANTELOPE has not been as cold as EAGLE. Going is very slow as horses ARE NOT conregated in any specified area and are in small family bands.

Antelope 1/22/2011

day one Antelope

 Editing a video piece on Antelope and working on a story for Horseback.


11 thoughts on “Quick re-cap

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Someone thought you left?? They don’t know you!! Thanks for the tenacity and love you have shown for the wild ones… mar

  2. LisaG. says:

    I haven’t seen any conflicting reports, but there have been so many frickin’ roundups its no wonder people might get the details confused.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I have seen email chains that currently mesh things into one… alot of email chains.
      I can’t respond to all of them as I don’t have time.
      Also it got back to me that a “rumor” was beginning that I “just left.” I had a chance to do something else for a “minute” that needed done.
      : )

      This old truck should literally be a commercial for Ford… the pounding it takes… bless it.

      • Morgan Griffith says:

        I’m so sick of rumors and those that spread them. Heaven forbid you should have some sort of personal life to attend to. I had a Ford Ranger that I beat to half to death, that darn old truck did things that no truck should be asked to do and it wasn’t even 4 wheel drive. Hope your truck is as loyal as mine was. We road many thousands of miles together, me and the Great Danes.

  3. Pamela Vilmar says:

    I am confused as to why the horses in the holding pens can’t go over to Madeleins “Horse Sanctury” if it’s costing the government X why can’t they just release these horses back into the wild on her property…..

    • Suzanne Moore says:

      Cuz the Bobby Abbey said NO or he would hold his breath until he turned purple, that’s why.

    • Anna says:

      this is because the BLM officials think Madeline is a “joke…!
      so they play mind games and word games with her like:

      sure Maddie; go purchase your Spruce Ranch and we’ll give you the “10,000 Geldings in holdings to your ranch…

      Then after Mad BOUGHT HER 30,000 ACRE RANCH; The BLM reversed their plans and said NO ! hardy har har u B..!

      this is the way I see things; BLM should be indicted for making formal agreement with a citizen and copping out !

      I understand the BLM’s new policy will allow Mad’s ranch
      which will be a wonderful great sight to see herds of Mustangs living on their original homeland being cared for

      • Anna says:

        summary; where Mad P. made her mistake imo:

        “she met with the enemy (BLM); she shook hands with the enemy (BLM) and made “negotiation with the BLM”
        Madeline “trusted the enemy; that was “foolish…imo
        and the BLM “strung her along until they got her to buy her ranch and then they got MP off their tails…

        was like a big joke to the BLM…hey look we got one of America’s wealthiest women and animal activists to buy a 30,000 acre ranch for nothing hardy har har !

  4. Thank you Laura for working so hard to hold witness for our wild horses.

    May your truck be blessed and a new one freely manifest.. and may your good work be honored and your voice and vision manifest now, in freedom, wellness and safety for our wild horses, here in America.

  5. Odakota Roberts says:

    Laura, thank you so much for being there for the horses. I and many others are here waiting for this outdated inhumane system to crash. Hang in there!

  6. lydia says:

    just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do for our wild ones. Your work is tough and you are even tougher for what you go thru for these Wild Mustangs & Burros. God will reward you some day. Bless you and I pray for you and the Wild One’s . Take Care & be safe

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