Antelope Update

Working on an in depth story on some of the issues on the Antelope range for Horseback… be ready in a day or so.

In the meantime the family that I photographed in the wild and then at the trap, shipped to Palomino Valley Center this am.

More beautiful horses came in today. Studs will ship to Gunnison including these…

Offloading at Temporary Holding

Entering "the system"

Yesterday a horse literally crashed through the jute to break to Freedom…

Literally fighting for freedom


27 thoughts on “Antelope Update

  1. Cindy says:

    It’s no wonder that he broke through…look how close that damn helicopter is!!!!

    I hope he got to STAY free!!!

    • Linda Horn says:

      Cindy, I could see the downdraft, but not the copter, and I couldn’t get the page link to work, but this one does:

      A brave horse breaking free, and then looking back at its family lost forever. It’s a terrible thing to lose those you care for and make you feel safe. And a terrible thing that these particular Homo sapiens don’t give a damn about that.

      And BLM, I’m not “anthromorphizing” wild horses. You many not appreciate the value the animals place on the families you rip apart, but we do. Maybe you should give familial relationships some thought when you look at those you love!

      • Suzanne Moore says:

        Do these heartless people actually love anyone?

        • arlene orlando says:

          NO ! They are incapable of love of any kind !!!! They have no heart with no heart there is no love. !!!!!!!!They are a miserable lot! It must be horrible to live without being capable of giving or receiving love………………………. Here is the Question , why are they allowed to continue their needless Rampage of death and torture , and destruction on Our Wild Mustangs ………..Our Mustangs are Loved by all of America………………… Clearly this is a American Tragedy of tremendous future ramification………………………..

  2. arlene orlando says:

    I am praying that the horse that broke loose is free !!!!!! Tears are streaming down for all the Mustangs , especially for Blue moon, It tears my heart to know this is going on !!! If only we could stop these MURDERING Bastards……………………..

    • savewildhorses says:

      THis round up is lasting a long time. Unless that horse get to another HMA with no Sun J copter pilot, or hides out for a month, I fear his valiant break for freedom may be short lived and he will have to endure this terror all over again. (and his are exactly the type of genes that should remain in the wild to reproduce–incredible tenacity, smarts and tremendous heart).

      • arlene orlando says:

        100 percent right , in nature there are no Mistakes…………….. Only the BLM s mindless disasters…………………………

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    Business as usual for the BLM, contractors and the pilots getting to make some very hairy decisions in the air. mar

  4. Puller Lanigan says:

    Did the Jute crasher escape????

  5. Linda Horn says:

    Laura, do you have some hunter’s glove/mitten combos? If you’d like some (or some more), let me know and I’ll try to find a couple of pair and send them to you.

  6. Cindy says:

    In the frame where he has finally broken through you can see the helicopter’s skid….and the downdraft….it’s a wonder they didn’t all break though.

    I just wonder what goes through the horses mind when he finds himself back out on the range in the dead of winter alone and his family lost forever.

    BLM should be ashamed of themselves!

  7. arlene orlando says:

    BLM is nothing but a bunch of careless mindless fools, who have no common re-guard for any life ………………………………………………. This will be their downfall, couldnt come quick enough……………………………………for The Wild Ones…………………

  8. LisaG. says:


    the number of yearlings to adult horses is pretty low (13 yearlings to 87 mares and stallion) (so far) and that indicates less than a 15% population growth.

    Hope you have plenty of supplies put back, at an average of 42 horses per day, this roundup will last well into March.

    And when is the “official” BLM foaling season?

  9. savewildhorses says:

    Could someone explain to me how Gunnison Prison has more room for our wild horses than the millions of acres bequeathed to them by the American people? Geesh, how many hundreds of horses have they taken in since last summer? Enough for God’s sake.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      The convenience of total privacy is so attractive to BLM… the horses there can be shipped out quietly and received anytime. Transport schedules would be wonderful to see. We need to write a little bill to get; WH&B Transparency and Safety Act… so we have total access to wild horses and burros and all their records so we can clean this mess up… Homing in on the justice department is another way to get an investigation done by the only branch of Government that could do it. ar

      • savewildhorses says:

        Yes, they prefer their holding facilities private and hidden and away from those pesky American people. That is why they are so afraid of Madeleine Pickens who would be open to and educating the public on the plight of the wild horses. They prefer our horses go to 5th generation multi-millionaire cattle ranchers in Oklahoma or go literally to prison. And it would be nice if Madeleine was allowed to help clean up some of their “mess.”

  10. arlene orlando says:

    The BLM is on a mission that nobody seems to be able to stop them, They needlessly constantly torture Our Mustangs , for no good reason , these Mindless Bastards need to be stopped and stopped now, is there no one in Government able to stop them, they are proven to be wasting the lives of Our Mustangs , they has to be a way to stop them once and for all… Who will we be able to count on to be their Champion , so clearly they are Criminal………….. I am ever so sick and tired of the BLM and their Murderous agenda…………………………………..

    • savewildhorses says:

      Endless and non stop harassment, injury and death to our wild horses. The steward of the law is the lawbreaker!

      • arlene orlando says:

        Dear savewildhorses, They are (BLM) possessed with the evil ….. I believe that they have become Hoarders???? It is insane what they are doing !!!!!!! All at the expense of the Wild Mustangs lives…………………… They need to be stopped now.

        • savewildhorses says:

          Yes, they are animal hoarders, Arlene. With 60,000 expected by year’s end in holding, 3x the number in the wild. The BLM is mandated to protect wildlife and public lands for future generations, not help the cattle and gas and oil industries.

  11. arlene orlando says:

    The Corruption is at a Huge proportion, The BLM thinks they are God Like and can do whatever they want to The Mustangs , with no repercussions, they need to be put in there place and disbanded…….. By Our President !!!! They are Criminals of the Highest Level !!!! What will it take to stop them?

  12. There is not enough transparency. 70% of BLM budget disappears into hands of private ‘contractors’ and the accountability ends there. Numbers fudged, horses disappear into the night (off to Mexican slaughterhauses?). It’s not unlike the war in Afghanistan where huge $$$ are spent on private contractors whose activities are then not open to examination by the U.S. public. In case you missed it tune into an excellent assessment of this on KDNK Carbondale Community Access Radio by Amy Hadden Marsh

  13. Mar Wargo says:

    At Peace, Thanks for the link to Amy’s work!! I have meant to do this. mar

  14. arlene orlando says:

    If horses are disappearing in the nite , in trunks , this is a clear cut criminal case , with grounds for arrest…………………..Why is this not happening?????

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