Day One Antelope

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But for now…



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8 thoughts on “Day One Antelope

  1. R.T. Fitch says:

    Disgusting, perverted, twisted, sickening…on days like today I am ashamed to be an American. There is no reason and is no cause. Abbey lied and baited Maddy P. right up to the very end. I hope people now realize that the only way to beat these bloated bureaucrats is in the courts. There is no trusting them.

    • MorganG says:

      That is so true. There are some people who come out and say we have to work with the BLM. You can’t, you can’t work with someone who always negotiates with an ace up their sleeves. The only way to work with them is to go through the American process and meet them in court. Even then they will ignore court rulings and lie to the courts. And they brand us as the terrorists! pffffttt.

    • savewildhorses says:

      Yep and follow Western Watersheds strategy for their winning courtroom wars with the BLM.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    L, How you doing out there?? Send me Gordon’s address..? need it to mail things… Maureen has been busy, has not sent it. Be careful. mar

  3. Robin Bailey says:

    This just breaks my heart beyond words. Stay safe, Laura.

  4. MorganG says:

    From beauty beyond words to ugliness outside of any comprehension in the space of 24 hours. Wrong, terribly wrong. I sent you a bit of a package to Gordon’s address I found on line. Hope you received it as I heard he was moving his office.

  5. Louie Cocroft says:

    You bet there’s something wrong and we’re doing our best to get your documentation where it needs to go

  6. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, just made a donation to GRASSROOTS to help. Stay warm, stay safe and stay in touch.

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