First Trap site of the Antelope Roundup

The Antelope Complex roundup begins tomorrow… say a prayer that keeps them safe from injury and death.

Antelope 1/22/2011

Horseback Article up


6 thoughts on “Tomorrow…

  1. Puller says:

    How cold is it out there Laura?

  2. Julie Barraquue says:

    My prayers are with both you and all those beautiful horses that know not what is about to happen to their lives 😦 You feel their pain and their confusion and I hope that you will be alright as well as all those innocent wild souls…

  3. arlene orlando says:

    May God Guide their innocent hearts, and keep them safe from all harm !!! and to their captors, may the Helicopters break down and not ever be able to fly…………

  4. LisaG. says:

    Chin up, Laura!

  5. savewildhorses says:

    Good bye horses. Sorry we couldn’t get you to Madeleine’s. Sorry all our calls and letters fall on deaf ears. Sorry we don’t do better by you. I am sorry we will never see you again after you are rounded up and never know where you end up. I am sorry your families will be torn apart forever. I am sorry that the BLM hates you so much. I am sorry that the agency mandated and entrusted with your protection on your federally protected lands is one of the most corrupt agencies we have.

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