Eagle Video

Here is the first video from the Eagle roundup. I’m back in the field again. Very tired and updating the blog may be tough again for awhile.

Please check Horseback Magazine  for updated articles and reports.


21 thoughts on “Eagle Video

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Very intense days out there. be careful, stay warm, mar

  2. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Pass the prozac

  3. Barbara Steele says:

    I sit by my woodstove in a warm house watching this carnage, feeling helpless. The least I can do is support Grassrootshorse in some small way. I really wish more people would be out there with Laura. Please be careful and thank you for what you are doing Laura.

  4. Forest Horse says:

    Thank you for what you do. The numbers that you have shared with us are unbelievable. 2 hundred some odd horses on 750.000 acres?
    Does BLM realize how bad their secretive illegal hiding makes them look?

    Take care.

    • puller9 says:

      Forest Horse,
      BLM doesn’t care. They get their directives from House Natural Resources. They aren’t paid to care, they are paid to do a job and their job is to clear the land.

      Individuals within BLM may care, but if the job isn’t done, they will be replaced and someone who will do the job will be brought in.

      The sooner you go after the head of the snake, the sooner the beast is quelled.

  5. puller9 says:

    Thanks Laura for staying on top of the roundups for us many miles away!!

  6. Pamela Vilmar says:

    Laura, thank you for keeping us well informed and updated…..this is so disheartening to watch….how can this continue to go on…..why is this cruelty allowed……if the BLM and any other organization do not allow free and easy access, then we all know it’s because they are covering up and doing illegal, underhanded activities…..If they exposed the truth our government would have to answer along with all these KILLERS…….You did the math……thousands upon thousands of acres for a small amount of animals…..we all would rather see these horses die naturally, even taken down by other animals also in this area and occurring naturally……..survival of the fittest…it’s a natural occurring process……..Stay strong Laura………we are all behind you……we support you……..Is there an address we can we send you personally anything….something that will brighten your day….a thermos, hot chocolate, warm gloves and a warm hat…..it’s not much but at least you know we are right there by your side……..Please anything……

  7. LauraHouston says:

    Really nasty of the BLM to block views and refuse to put in public webcams at all their facilities. Then I read they don’t want you getting on your car to get a bit of height. How about a camera boom pole of some type, perhaps attached to the back of your car for some stability. Could a camera boom raise your camera even higher than the height afforded by standing on the car? Could also raise a camera up and then point down to get views inside the large trailers when they stop anywhere public.

    Thank you so much for all your patience and time, dealing with the BLM. The BLM leadership in my opinion are horrible in their mistreatment of not only the horses but ALL the humans who care about wild horses.

  8. Thank you, Laura. I’m putting this on my blog.

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