Eagle day 5 part 1

Editing footage and going through photos.

The distance I am kept to and the inability to view the trap or horses in holding creates the need to enlarge each frame to see any detail.

The number of pregnant mares is actually painful to see. These mares are all being shipped to Broken Arrow that BLM now calls Indian Lakes. We all remember the Calico roundup last year at this same time and all of the spontaneous abortions… that we only knew about because we could go in once a week. BLM keeps no statistics…

This facility is closed to the public… not because they can’t open it (because they did)… but because they do not want to deal with the publics response to what happens behind those closed gates…

How many will die this time that we will never know about? How many under 5 months old… because they are not old enough to count? How many of these unborn will never take breath? How many will be born in that … place? How many will never be given an opportunity for adoption and will ship unseen into the black hole of long-term holding?

What is the purpose of this program? Pest control at the highest cost possible? Or the management of the “living symbol of the pioneer spirit of the west?”

It is absolutely unacceptable that those doors remain closed.

Our horses, our money…

Is this the transparent BLM Bob Abbey spoke of in Vegas?

Dean Bolstad… open Broken Arrow.

Beautiful stallion and his pregnant mares

This stallion will go to Gunnison prison at dawn and his pregnant mares will travel all the way from near Caliente to Fallon, about 8-9 hours.

I will add more after I rest…

Eagle 1/9/2011



7 thoughts on “Eagle day 5 part 1

  1. Anna says:


    Jan. 1
    Jan. 7,
    2011 Nearly all horses have gained weight and regained their health. Nursing mares and yearlings are on a high nutrition diet while all other horses in adequate body condition are on a maintenance diet. A few of the 2010 foals are noted with minimal levels of upper respiratory disease. They are being monitored and treated as necessary. (See June 11 Upper Respiratory Veterinary Report). Starting to receive horses removed from the Callaghan Complex gather and Eagle Complex gather.

    Deaths that occurred this week are listed below:
    • 6518 2 yr old died due to colic
    • Unbranded foal born at facility was euthanized due to club foot
    • 2886 1 yr old euthanized due to club foot
    • 2876 1 yr old euthanized due to club foot
    • 2849 1 yr old euthanized due to club foot
    • 1192 2 yr old found dead death cause unknown
    • 2808 2 yr old euthanized due to double cryptorchid
    • 2185 weaned foal died due to upper respiratory infection
    • 2457 weaned foal died due to upper respiratory infection

    Weekly Facility Death: 9

    Anne comment: JUST THIS WEEK; 9 MUSTANGS WERE “DESROYED BY THE BLM; and sad to say; out of the 9

    out of the 9 who perished at Fallon THIS WEEK

    6 were foals 1 year or under; 2 were 2 years 1 was a foal

    ya see folks the BLM actually “destroyed a FOAL BORN AT THE FACILTY LAST WEEK because foal had minor clubfoot

    that is EVIL ! so this is my final post for a while; a comment!

    the only reason is: I need the time to contact my Rep. asap


  2. sandra longley says:

    The absolute truth is that these STH facilities have become nothing more than concentration camps-overcrowded feedlots and cesspools of infectious diseases..it is time to take this to a higher authority, one that has the power to investigate all the abuses in one case and can put a stop to this american tragedy of justice-cattle feedlots would be shut down if this was occurring..Canon city facility housing 2000 plus horses now has an outbreak of pigeon fever among the young-while hundreds of stallions and colts have just been gelded

  3. Robin Bailey says:

    I agree with you Sandra. As frustrating as it is for me to sit here and read about it, I can’t imagine how Laura or you or anyone else who is actually there deals with this. Judge Hicks is going to let another whole year of roundups go on before he ever rules. What else can we do?

    • puller9 says:

      Judge Hicks was appointed by either Senator Reid or a House member (I’m betting on Reid). If any of you decide to write to the Honorable Hicks, make sure you are polite in requesting that he request Broken Arrow (or whatever the name of the week is) be open to the public and roundups cease. Someone also needs to research NV state law on housing for livestock. I was appalled that these holding facilities offer NO protection from the elements. With all the low economy in NV…why doesnt’ the gov’t hire more caretakers for these horses. With the outbreaks of Pidgeon Fever (staph?), it seems to me that sanitation is compromised and they need staff for cleaning up the pens. That’s a boost to the economy. HIRE SOMEONE or several someones.

      My question all along has been with all the mining projects on the books for NV, how many local Nevadans will actually be hired to run the equipment? It seems to me the companies will bring in their own employees and not hire and TRAIN locally. So who gets $$$??? Banks who sell or lease foreclosed houses to these emigrants and hotels and restaurants. Not the local rancher. Not the local anything.

  4. jan eaker says:

    Scary thought is that they ARE feedlots, fattening them up for the trip to Cananda/Mexico, what high authority did you have in mind, Sandra, because this is long overdue to end. This whole thing is the biggest travesty I have ever seen.

  5. arlene orlando says:

    This is an atrocity !!!! Laura Leigh how can we ever thank you for what you do , you are truly an Angel !!!! as tears run down my face , for our beautiful mustangs , i hope with all my heart that this will end and their suffering will stop and they will roam free……….. We were given all the answers but they will not listen…………………

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