Eagle day 4

Stallions went to Gunnison. Mares to Broken Arrow (BLM now calls Indian Lakes).

I can’t give you pictures of these faces in hopes for adoption and they go to a closed facility.

The last 20-30 came out of the area of the first trap. Babies “weaned” the moment their family hits the trap. Can’t bring you pictures of them either.

All I can do is pray they find a kind hand somewhere…

The most I have seen of the stallions

haunting eyes

Mares going to Fallon

Today's youngsters



9 thoughts on “Eagle day 4

  1. Polly says:

    It is really time to organize a major event in Washington. We all need to join together and really get active. I really appreciate Laura, but her efforts are less effective without the publicity arm really working. How might we make this happen?

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    Too sad for words. I hope you get some rest, Laura.

  3. Anna says:

    my comment is:

    See the bottom pix of the foals behind the green fence
    See the pix of the Hay on the other side of the green fence
    See how the Foals cannot reach the bale hay @ green fence

    this is standard for the blm; they put hay outside the corral

  4. Anna says:

    Summary; the BLM and contractor put bales of Hay on the other side of the fence from where the foals are trapped;

    they do this as a placebo to “fool the american people into thinking the Foals are “well fed…how could the foal get Hay

    thru a wicked green plastic fence?

  5. Anna says:

    ps and if the foals try to get the Hay from underneath the green fence by putting their muzzles under the green fence

    the foals could injure their faces from green fence’s plastic!
    plastic is dangerous to wildlife!; plastic harms wild birds alot

    besides the foals are way too stressed to be eat the Hay!@@

  6. Mary says:

    I too hope they find a kind hand. I VERY MUCH appreciate all that you are doing! Take care Laura and rest.

  7. The Rounder says:

    Well, if you think about these foals out on the range that is covered in two feet of snow and they can’t get to feed, I’m sure they are happy as hell to get all the feed they can eat at the holding corrals after being gathered. What you should do is ask for a bigger picture that shows the foals getting all the food they can eat from beneath the panels, which the picture does not show to make you believe that they are being starved!!!!!!!!!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Hi “Rounder.”
      They are not being starved in the temporary corral at Eagle. There is hay.

      But I disagree with you completely about “starving” on the range.

      These animals are only allowed legally on 10% of public land where they are not given a fair share of the resources. Where other interests are continually given priority… even though those other interests can exist legally on the rest of public land.

      When you do the math the horses get the short side of the equation.

      I have had the “no food” discussion several times with some that post here. There is hay at holding… but the youngsters I saw want their moms… moms that still have milk.

      “Rounder” these horses do not expend much energy in this weather. This time of year they conserve “fuel.” The stress of the roundup and separation compounded by the cold leaves them vulnerable to illness. To allow the mares and youngsters some “stress relief” by pairing up could go a long way… and it’s not happening at this roundup.

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