Driving on the range

This morning on Highway 93 going South toward Vegas a passenger car struck and killed a wild horse.

The temperatures were frigid, below zero. There was heavy fog referenced as “pogonip.” It is a fog that carries ice and is extremely dangerous and has been known to cause death in people and animals.

Highway 93 dawn 1/9/2011

The stretch of Highway in Pioche near the Castleton mine road has a posted speed limit of 70 miles per hour. That stretch of highway is a common wildlife crossing for deer, rabbits and horses. There are no signs that indicate “wildlife crossing.” No signs that let drivers know that out on the range dusk and just before dawn are very dangerous times and you need to slow down. No common sense reminders that when the fog is so thick you can only see shadows for fifteen feet and then nothing that you need to slow down.

The man driving the car will be ok. His wife and three very small children will be ok.

The impact was so hard that the interior of the car had blood and feces from the horse. Horse hair, blood and feces were in the windshield.

Please, please, please use common sense when driving. In that same area at dusk two days prior I was almost hit by a semi that insisted on riding my tail and passing me because I wouldn’t go over 55. As his truck came along side mine a large group of deer crossed at that same location. We both had to brake hard… but he was going at least 80 and swerved…

Please be aware that highways traverse through areas filled with life… they don’t just connect cities.

Report from todays roundup coming soon.

auto that struck the horse


8 thoughts on “Driving on the range

  1. Jill says:

    Please, stay safe, Laura. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Wishing I could do something to help. Maybe some day that will be possible.

  2. Anna says:

    the helicopters themselves spook the Mustangs so they get hit; the blm does not round up the ones near hiways

    oh no no no the blm rounds up ONLY the ones WAY OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE but what i really wanted to say is



    A GREAT BIG 400 MUSTANGS OUT OF 12,000 MUSTANGS FOUND HOMES…that is a sign of a badly corrupted program; AND out of the 12,000 slated to be rounded up Fiscal year 2011; how many Mares will be treated with TZP

    ONLY 900 MARES WILL BE TREATED; 5,ooo will be P.O.W’s!
    why is our Gov. “comitting a War against our Mustangs?

    Why does our gov. add Stallions instead of Geldings ?


    SIMPLE GELDINGS DON’T BREED ! AND TEH BLM wants to breed breed breed so they added 300 stallions ot one hma

    in 5 years 300 stallions could produce 3,000 foals; get it

    the blm breeds excess foals by adding too many stallions

    the stallions should have their own special hma; imo Anne

    • sandra longley says:

      Anna, stallions do not produce foals..mares do..most band stallions only have a few mares and out of those mares many bands only have 1 or 2 foals..there is NOT 20% live foal rate..this idea projected that the only way wild horses die is by predator is ridiculous..Our wildlife photographers that follow these herds in the wild show that many foals do not make it..they document it..where is BLM documentation that backs up 20%?? they do not count foals up to 5 months..do you think that is an accident or oversight on their part? They do not provide those statistics anywhere because it is counter productive to their claims of 20%

  3. Anna says:

    looks folks i made a promise to myself i am not going to get involved with blogs this year but instead concentrate on sending the “truth about how the blm breeds excess foals on public lands by adding way too many stallions; a Stallion will travle hundreds of miles to find a mate; why does the BLM add Stallions to the HMA’s instead of geldings that is all i want to know and the only thing that i wanted to say is

    Out of 12,000 Mustangs rounded up Y2010 ONLY 400 MUSTANGS FOUND HOMES THE REST ARE IN “HOLDING

    SO don’t be fooled by the BLM’s Placebo Adoption program

    • sandra longley says:

      Your idea to eliminate stallions is counter productive to the health and future of wild horses..1 stallion can service many mares..by increasing the amount of stallions you increase genetic diversity, you cut the amount of stallions- you increase the likelyhood of inbreeding..many stallions also decrease the size of the bands, which benefits the forage as you disperse the wild horses..large bands are created by the lack of competition among stallions-you need competent older stallions and lead mares capable of defending and leading..the whole social structure is being turned upside down in the wild as whs without enough years of experience are being put in charge artifically by removals of older horses..you can expect catastropies to occur in the wild as a direct result of the thoughtless manipulations going on by the BLM..This idea that the BLM, you or i are better judges and managers than mother nature defies intelligent thought..You have been brainwashed by the BLM into thinking these roundups are about excess wild horses resulting from overbreeding…They have reduced the land available for the horses..period..read the RMPs don’t listen to the propaganda

      • sandra longley says:

        To follow up on that thought Anna, look at ‘sanctuarys”-aka LTH where there are no stallions..horses are in bands of hudreds..now that does destroy the land..without stallions..thus sanctuarys have to feed hay to the tune of 10,000 to 50,000 a month. What you are proposing is nothing short of total destruction

        • Jill says:

          Sandra, where have you received your knowledge? Wishing the BLM would have a little…

          Have you or anyone else heard from Craig lately?

  4. puller9 says:

    Hi Laura, That’s so sad about the horse hit and killed. I’m glad the family is okay, as it would have fueled our idiot gov’t to remove more horses. We have the same problem locally with deer. I try to work with local groups who are contracted to implement wildlife crossings for new roads. the new roads seem to work with the crossings, it’s the old roads that need revamping…but everyone cries they have no money. So people and animals are killed, the animals are blamed for traveling trails that have been there for years if not centuries…and it’s the animals that are removed for man’s stupidity.

    Be safe!

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