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Every once and awhile I need to post a reminder that this is my BLOG. A blog is defined as an online journal or diary. I write articles and papers for several sources and provide documentation, video, photographs for several other organizations, publications and broadcasters.

Eagle holding

I like to keep the blog open for discussion. Yet if the language gets stronger than the occassional “shit” or deteriorates to personal attacks I will ban you from posting. The opinions expressed on the blog are not all mine.

The post came from “Rounder” today…

The Rounder (19:28:04) : Well, if you think about these foals out on the range that is covered in two feet of snow and they can’t get to feed, I’m sure they are happy as hell to get all the feed they can eat at the holding corrals after being gathered. What you should do is ask for a bigger picture that shows the foals getting all the food they can eat from beneath the panels, which the picture does not show to make you believe that they are being starved!!!!!!!!!

Here is my response:

Laura Leigh (20:09:01) : Hi “Rounder.”
They are not being starved in the temporary corral at Eagle. There is hay.

But I disagree with you completely about “starving” on the range.

These animals are only allowed legally on 10% of public land where they are not given a fair share of the resources. Where other interests are continually given priority… even though those other interests can exist legally on the rest of public land.

When you do the math the horses get the short side of the equation.

I have had the “no food” discussion several times with some that post here. There is hay at holding… but the youngsters I saw want their moms… moms that still have milk.

“Rounder” these horses do not expend much energy in this weather. This time of year they conserve “fuel.” The stress of the roundup and separation compounded by the cold leaves them vulnerable to illness. To allow the mares and youngsters some “stress relief” by pairing up could go a long way… and it’s not happening at this roundup.


8 thoughts on “Blog discussion

  1. Jill says:

    Hay is a far cry from warm milk!

    Some babies are younger than others, how will they survive without their moms?!

    • Anna says:

      exactly; not only do they not get warm milk; the poor things cannot even reach that placebo hay bale intentionally placed on the outside where no foal reaches

      look no body is gonna tell me a foal can stick its nose under a heavy green fence and reach that hay: no one !

      because I know a Mustangs nose cannot fit under fence!

      summary: the foals get : no milk; no hay; no feed; water!
      and that is god’s honest truth ! so many a foal perishes
      and remember the blm does not reocords foals <4 mos.

  2. Anna says:

    Sure; there is Hay at the Holdings; and lots of Hay at the Corrals; but some Mustangs cannot reach the Hay due to various causes; such as: “too young; big; lame; exhasuted; sometimes at the Corrals a mustang will fall and get no feed for days; some perish like feathers; hope and a host of others

    SURE THERE IS VISIBLE HAY but not in the pens a placebo!

  3. Lori Schmidt says:

    Laura I have only just seen this and it reminds me of a person who has repeatedly reared his ugly head with negativity and total rubbish on many forums and discussions. I am trying to remember his name but he also went by the name of “Rounder”. If this is the same guy he gets his jollies by antagonising us and I would not waste my breath on him. This is what he does. I will try to remember his name and let you know.

    Stay safe, stay strong and I just wish I could do more or be there with you to give you the support I am sure you desperately need.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes… but there are a couple of issues such as this that have come up in conversation out here about the things the “blogs” say…. this is one of them
      “Rounder” may or may not be one of the people I have spoken to out here or not… but it is the same issue.

      There are huge stressors that contribute to foal deaths that don’t count in BLM inventory… I want to make sure that the issues that I see are actually discussed and not gewtting off on issues that can be easily discredited…

      Out here I also often get held responsible for everything advocates post on the web… even if I didn’t say it.

      • Lori Schmidt says:

        I understand completely!! Oh and I do remember this person’s name, I wont post it here but if you are interested e-mail me privately and I will let you know. Stay safe and take care of yourself.

  4. Barbara Warner says:

    Laura, bless you and thank you. I hope yopu can get some food yourself and some rest.

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