Eagle Day1

Day started at -12*… saw wild and free on the way in…

Saw aprox. 60-70 captured before heading to holding to get a look… at holding view was blocked with no elevation so condition was difficult to view.

Article now up on Horseback http://horsebackmagazine.com/hb/archives/5726

Still free at dawn... not for long

Edited to add:

I found two more shots I want to share…

Dawn 1/5/2011

Just after noon 1/5/2011


8 thoughts on “Eagle Day1

  1. jan eaker says:

    I thought about these horses last night, held a vigil out in the starlight for all those who were free for their last night. I am so sad about this.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    This is a sadness we all share, Jan. It must end. there is no common sense anymore and there needs to be a real understanding that that this is done badly all around. mar

  3. Linda Horn says:

    Laura, thanks for being our eyes and ears. And Mar’s right, common sense has left the building!

  4. Mar Wargo says:

    Added pictures are family in danger; mare and big fuzzy foal. Star and blaze….
    in the removal crush. Kidnapped by aliens. mar

  5. Linda Horn says:

    And the pix at Grassroots – all that steam, and the Judas horse and two saddle horses tied to the panel! I guess the “welfare” recommendations from the “expert” Designated Observers hasn’t filtered down to ground level.

  6. savewildhorses says:

    Any reason why they are stampeding in this temperature? Cannot be good to run when the air is well below zero, Any word from whoever is in charge and why proceeding in such brutal weather?

  7. savewildhorses says:

    Laura, is this a trap, treat and release? Picture so sad of the captured band at noon. High noon, I guess that would be. Breaks my heart. Freedom no more. Little one just had a small taste of being a wild horse. Such a travesty.

  8. jan eaker says:

    I forwarded this to abbey and gorey @ BLM, it will not have any effect, but I am so angry, it makes me feel better to do something, I will continue forwarding every update that belies their statements about the “humanity” of roundups, and that the horses are not being stampeded.

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