Eagle quick update

Yesterday I went out to try to find trap site… no site.

Contractor got into town late afternoon yesterday. Trap being set today… no roundup today.

Will go out scouting.

Still free 2011


4 thoughts on “Eagle quick update

  1. arlene orlando says:

    BLM says stampede is a dirty word ????? They ought to know …………….If it looks like a stampede , sounds like a stampede therefore it is a stampede………………….

  2. Linda Horn says:

    Just like the western movies … horses peacefully grazing, snoozing, ambling along. Then a “predator sighting” and it’s time to RUN! The difference is, horses will run for a distance – 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile or so – then stop and check if the predator has given up. If so, relax. If not, more running.

    Monty Roberts talks about this constantly during his “join-up” sessions. Of course, he DID have to chase “Shy Boy”, the mustang, for a couple of days and nights straight … a feat accomplished only because he had a supply of fresh horses. And, despite his weariness, Monty admired the will and toughness of the wild horse!

    The helicopters are RELENTLESS predators … no rest for the exhausted, lame, or stragglers; no mercy for ANY horse or burro that attempts to elude their clutches. No matter what the BLM, Cattoors, or Sun J may SAY, what they DO is the perfect definition of “STAMPEDE” and all it’s nasty synonyms.

    Laura, Maureen, and any other advocates witnessing for the wild ones, please stay safe and be extra careful … in case orders have come down to “stampede” you!

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    Delays are good for the horses, maybe.. hang in there and stay warm. mar

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