BLM says stampede is a “dirty” word

New Article from Horseback

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Officials of the federal Bureau of Land Management have become increasingly sensitive to the media’s frequent use of a common English word. Horseback Online and many other news sites have used the word “stampede” to describe what BLM bureaucrats in Washington routinely describe as a “gather.”

In a note to Horseback on the first Monday of the year, BLM’s chief Washington spokesman Tom Gorey said, “Wild horses and burros are not stampeded during gathers. Go observe one for yourself. Stampede is an anti-BLM propaganda term, pure and simple.”

Horseback responded.

“Tom, stampede is a word common to the English language. Your response drove me to my copy of the 2,129 page Webster’s Universal Dictionary,” said Horseback Magazine Editor Steven Long. “The definition I quote in the first reference is ‘A sudden headlong running away of a group of frightened animals, especially horses or cattle.’ That seems to fit perfectly what I have seen in every video of the BLM roundups. I don’t view it as a propaganda term whatsoever, and I’m certainly not anti-BLM as you well know. It is simply a term which best describes for my reader, in common language he will understand, what is going on. While I’m certain BLM would prefer me to call these things a gentle trot down the trail, that doesn’t seem to be fitting considering hundreds of horses have died in the process.

Horseback has also learned that controversial BLM chase contractors, Cattoor Livestock Roundups have been awarded a new five year contract.

“October 1, started a new contract for the wild horses roundups and CLR, and another company, Sun J, received the two awards for the next 5 years,” Sue Cattoor told Horseback Magazine last week. We asked Ms. Cattoor about the new firm.

“They are not based out of Nephi, but out of Vernal, Utah, and they are not related to us,” she said.  

Asked if the BLM had used any new criteria in awarding the contracts to Cattoor in light of the unprecedented number of wild horse deaths in 2010, Gory said it was business as usual.

“The Cattoors have demonstrated an ability to conduct safe and humane roundups, so that’s why their contract was renewed,” Gorey said. 

Today, CNN ran a story critical of BLM’s wild horse roundups showing a helicopter flipping a donkey with its skid. The news network didn’t identify the company chasing the burro. 

Horseback asked Gorey if pilots actually touching animals with the skids of their helicopters was taken into consideration in awarding contracts.

“Regarding the new footage concerning the burro, I’m trying to get the specifics of where and when this happened,” Gorey said.

Read the rest of the article on Horsebacks Online site:

Reminder that BLM changed “Roundup” to “gather” and then tried “harvest” on for size… propaganda?

The photos are from Twin Peaks 2010, Cattoor Contractor.

They "trot" horses, don't they?




Twin Peaks


20 thoughts on “BLM says stampede is a “dirty” word

  1. MorganG says:

    Hmmm looks like a stampede to me. Ya and I’ll bet old Tom is looking into this incident with the burro getting flipped real hard. Even if he does nothing absolutely nothing will ever come of it. Not voluntarily at least.

  2. Hey…it seems like Gorey had a little movement when having to respond to the fact that a little burro was literally hit by that asswipes copter….so I say we should forward copies of That video, AND THE ONE WHERE A HORSE WAS SLUNG INTO THE AIR, to all media outlets newspapers, anyplace where we can email it to, and try to cause a BIG NATIONAL STINK OVER THIS!!!!. And just maybe the Cattoors contract will be revoked…I did read on here that the FAA was going to investigate them.

    • Elizabeth LaRoche says:

      Hey Susie is it possible to actually do this and send the all the horrible cruel actions to the big guys for all the world to see? What do we need to do to make this happen???I’m sure there would be others with us to put it out there. WOW !!!!

  3. Barbara Warner says:

    Gorey and all the BLM KNOW how cruel the roundups are but they are not going to admit it. They just don’t care how many of our wild horses get killed, injured or die later. Secretary of Interior Salazar and all responsible for this autrocity need to be fired IMO.

  4. Linda Horn says:

    The BLM PR folks have obviously taken THE LONG COURSE in semantics.

    Back to Webster’s:

    Semantics –
    3. the relationship between signs and symbols, and the concepts, FEELINGS, etc. associated with them IN THE MINDS OF THEIR INTERPRETERS; notional meaning
    4. loosely, DELIBERATE DISTORTION OR TWISTING OF MEANING , as in some types of advertising, PROPAGANDA, etc.

    From Roget’s Thesaurus:

    Stampede –
    Noun: A charge of animals. Synonyms: Charge, chase, crash, dash, flight, fling, panic, rout, run, scattering, shot, smash, tear. The next three entrys are equally applicable.
    (MAJOR scary word for the BLM, especially now, since EVERY SINGLE ONE if these synonyms has been documented in multiple advocate videos.)

    Harvest –
    (Includes “cull” – NOT a good public image – and “gather” – SOOOO much better!)

    Gather –
    (There’s that nasty “cull” again! And “round up” – two words this time, but still not a good image. My particular favorite is “hang out”. Horse talk: “Yep, we’re just gonna hang out for a while. Wonder what’s happenin’ next?”)

    Maybe the BLM would like to another synonym of “gather” – “congregate”. “2011 BLM Congregation Schedule”? Propagandize the general public with an image of the wild ones strolling calmly into church pews!

    Pews for the wild ones? NOT! Make mine PHEWS for the BLM. “Breathy forms of disgust” – like the sounds one emits at the odor of SKUNKS!!!

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  6. Suzanne Moore says:

    I know! The BLM honchos are so ignorant about horses that they think this IS a trot!

  7. Elizabeth LaRoche says:

    GOREY is such an apt name for this person(thing) and how would he understand the meaning of either SAFE or HUMANE??? I am praying everyday for the demise of these evil beings and that IS what they are, really!! These beings are truly from some evil reality because they are making even me doubt there is a creator and we must NOT let that happen.

  8. Barbara Warner says:

    Elizabeth, you said it. I feel exactly the same way. I had to laugh at you calling Gorey a thing and how true he’s name fits him perfectly.

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