A New Year?

It’s a New Year?

Another HMA awaiting roundup. Many HMA’s awaiting roundup as “Multiple Ruse” continues.

Clan Alpine scheduled for February

Sanctuary proposals never answered by BLM. Significant public interest in wild herds on public land continually overlooked and minimized.

A so-called “Summit” to discuss with “multiple public interests” the welfare of American Equines begins in Vegas tomorrow. Yet missing from the table is any representation of actual equine welfare. A farce, a circus, an abomination of dialogue is given the label of “public forum.” A forum where even audience members (that have to pay significant cash) are denied access by the king and queen of slaughter-world. It is disgusting that members of a branch of our government are slated to not only attend, but speak. As no advocate voice sits as a speaker… not one.

The BLM ran a “public forum” for dialogue on wild herds in Denver last year. The king and queen of slaughter were significantly out numbered and out documented. Not a single concrete outcome from that workshop. Each advocate that attended was asked if they would volunteer for solution based action… not a single one of us has been contacted.

Yet Bob Abbey, the head honcho at the BLM, is slated to speak at this (cough, gag) public forum. 

However last year he was slated to speak at the Society for Range Management “summit” that was another push by the “red handed” to reinstitute the slaughter of wild horses. He bailed ten minutes before showtime. The objective of that show was to give BLM employees continuing education credits (I’m not kidding) and endorse Salazars proposal.

That “fun time” included the panel (including Bud Cribley, BLM) making fun of Congress, blaming wild horses for decrease in Salmon populations (I swear to you) and Sue Wallis, their Ethics speaker, regurgitating her “poetry.”

Needless to say I aint going to this one.

Instead I will go and sit yet again on the range and see no activity of our governments contractor at the trap. I will again be denied access to watch horses captured. I will yet again be denied the ability to view the horses in holding facilities where they are shipped.

"Silver King" HMA

I sat in Silver King today… where Galahad fought for his family, Silver King and so many others lost their Freedom, and Braveheart broke his neck. Where all activity at the moment of capture and any significant ability to observe the condition of our horses was obstructed. I saw no horses today.

Yesterday I sat with the Silver King horses that Return to Freedom is trying to reunite with their families… I sat with Bravehearts mare and youngster… it hurt.

Galahad and Mare

Single horse chased at Silver King

Single horse... just one

 We have two suits right now in Federal court. From what I understand Bob claims not to know about anything that has been happening out here and when he was told said “we need to change that.” Months ago… that conversation actually did occur with an advocate… in a closed meeting… months ago.

But this week will be the same old same old… the “Summit” will be the same old same old…

Hey Salazar… do you and Bob know what “New Direction” means?

And for all of you that asked about General and Crew…

General... I love that old man

Ranger and Commander

True.... kept getting too close for camera

Oh yeah… one year ago…  the only “new direction” is that they try to stop us from seeing it.


7 thoughts on “A New Year?

  1. savewildhorses says:

    Summit is not a public forum as the public has to pay to hear what our elected officials are saying about wild horse policy. This smacks of being illegal. Don’t think you can make the public pay to hear public policy?

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Good piece, Laura. Some of us have been looking back a couple years and even decades and finding nothing has changed. One thing has been added; you are out there when no one else was before, or for very long…

    Stay warm and keep your eyes and ears open. hugs, mar

  3. Linda Horn says:

    CNN aired another story (the 2nd?) on the roundups at about 5:30 this morning. I won’t go into details about the video, because I’m putting this up on a number of blogs.


    I wish reporters would stop using animal “rights”. Makes us sound like PETA!

    The reporter’s follow-up to the video included comments they only aired a small protion of the burro footage – that it was chased multiple times. Also commented that people won’t believe how far CNN was kept away from the roundup in the video they’re airing tomorrow morning.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      So who from our side actually discussed things with CNN?
      I can tell you they blew me off… met them at PVC. Apparently they discussed me with BLM, she (CNN) told me in the parking lot.

      1% death rate? By whose statistics?
      Calico 1922 captured… if you include all deaths (including foals BLM cares nothing to record) we have an over 10% death rate.
      Just because BLM says that only horses that drop dead at the trap are statistics doesn’t make it so.

      I hate that these reporters make us look like whiny weanies instead of giving a voice that allows facts to be discussed… that’s why I love George Knapp. (Remember when he interviewed Cindy MacDonald?)

  4. Barbara Warner says:

    God bless you and the wild horses this New Year. Thank you so much for continuing the fight. Right makes might. We will win.

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