Sun J does it AGAIN

Sun J contractor


Multi-million dollar government contract

Horses are protected by Congress?

Outrageous Conduct!

Tomorrow he flies again...

Today the BLM did not update their hotline so I was late getting onto the range. I would have been on the other side of the rise…

Does this pilot need anger management classes or serious glasses? Either way Sun J needs to be pulled from this roundup. Many instances of either incompetance or laziness. Internet issues… will write more tomorrow.



Antelope photographs

I take about 1000 frames each day plus hours of video.

I have been doing a video of each roundup with a voiceover that describes the area and AML, etc. This one I just put to music… cause it has taken too long. Articles coming soon…. Interesting article for Horseback very soon…

It’s been snowing all day… maybe the helicopter wont fly in the am? I have seen so many bands broken up by this pilot… He starts with a larger group and only a few come in… or he has to let a band go. Many of the horses are lathered… really lathered. The layout of each trap does not make sense. I am worried about what he has left on the range in his wake.

When we get to the point in time when a roundup takes place the time for policy talk ends… it becomes an issue of literally life and death for these animals. A dialogue needs to take place to evolve the methodology used to stampede horses and treat them like pests… This is the only animal in our history to have an entire act of Congress devoted to it….

President Obama… are we a civilized nation? Do we as Americans still value compassion? Or have we sold that off to the highest bidder?

I’m tired… goodnight.

Antelope injury (quick post)

Reviewing photos for am post.

About 57 horses today. So much to tell… I will write detailed report and get caught up AND a shower tomorrow… chopper down for mantainance.

Last load of the day was given about less than 5 minutes to settle before activity began to load. Public observers notified the BLM representative, Tom from Colorado, that loading now was not “the right thing.” He did not pass on the information and repeatedly ignored concerns of observers.

The youngster loaded with adults, immediately after capture, arrived at holding with a bloody nose. Was it really that important to “clock out?”

Isn’t it time we “evolve” as a society and begin to recognize that historic prejudice suurounds these horses and start “growing up” as a nation? DEAR GOD! This is the only animal in the history of the US to have an entire act of Congress devoted to it! Isn’t well past time that this program is taken out of the hands of those that hold those predjudices?

Can’t common sense and a bit of humanity actually exist in a society that claims to be “civilized?”

(Yes… I’m tired. I’ll pull it in after some sleep…. but this is my blog… )

Bloody nose youngsterInjury due to "quiting time"

Injury due to "quiting time"


Running into trap

Day of the “escape”

Today could be dubbed the day of the “escape.”

First band of the day (5 member) was too hard for the pilot and was given up on. Another band of seven had one and then two break… last band at the first trap was eleven members and the pilot could not get them in.

Second trap had nine and the stallion tried to vault the panels… second band ran into the trap and before the gates closed a black ran back out, broke through the jute… and up past us.

Freedom won… but at what price?

I apologize for being behind on the article and video edit… I will try to get it out tomorrow after the roundup. We left the range at dark.

Fighting for Freedom

Antelope 1/28/2011Trying to escape

Will try to get update out to Grass Roots Horse et al. asap.

Just a side note: When BLM was asked by an observer if they could go take pictures elsewhere the reply was “it’s public land, of course.” Reminder: this is the Elko district… same as Owyhee… remember Owyhee? This legal battle continues.

Quick re-cap

This is a very fast recap as I am on the road and need to get moving.

Mis-information is again ragging like wildfire.

First and foremost I have NOT left the horses. There are others here right now to witness and it gave me a chance to document other areas and take care of a personal issue. I will be at the roundup tomorrow.

What I am seeing is a meshing of the roundups of the last three months into some of the information coming out about Antelope.


Sulpher Springs was in UTAH. Youngsters went to adoption and older were treated and released.

Bald Mountain and Callaghan… temps fluctuated and some days were above freezing and some below. Issues with access and changing access.

Eagle had the very cold am temps and steaming horses

BEFORE Sulpher was Pine Nut and inbetween Callaghan and Eagle Clan Alpine was cancelled after census was complete.

ANTELOPE has not been as cold as EAGLE. Going is very slow as horses ARE NOT conregated in any specified area and are in small family bands.

Antelope 1/22/2011

day one Antelope

 Editing a video piece on Antelope and working on a story for Horseback.

Antelope Update

Working on an in depth story on some of the issues on the Antelope range for Horseback… be ready in a day or so.

In the meantime the family that I photographed in the wild and then at the trap, shipped to Palomino Valley Center this am.

More beautiful horses came in today. Studs will ship to Gunnison including these…

Offloading at Temporary Holding

Entering "the system"

Yesterday a horse literally crashed through the jute to break to Freedom…

Literally fighting for freedom