I saw him…

Silver King

It was dark when he offloaded from the trailer with his companion Galahad after their long journey back to Nevada from Gunnison prison in Utah. I could see him but not capture any clear photos. It had been months since that day we followed him from the range in Nevada to Utah. Months since I left all my cameras and phone (and everything else) to go see him at Gunnison. I have thought about him every day since…

But he has now joined the others in Return to Freedom’s effort to establish a National Wild Horse Preserve in Calico.

September 30th at Dawn

December 29th at Dawn

I don’t know if words can do the emotion justice? I laughed and cried. I talked to him and he responded just as he did when I met him… I think he likes my voice.

His companion on his trip was Galahad. The stallion that fought for his mare in that alley for five hours. His mare was the one that had her face ripped open during the roundup. His mare and son have been at temporary with Braveheart’s family.

Galahad’s son is a doll baby. He is beautiful and curious. He is strong and healthy… and did I mention curious? He followed me around the pen as we waited for the stallions to come down the alley to meet the Calico boys.

Galahad's baby ( by Deniz Bolbol)

Galahad’s mare recognized him right away. From their pens they can see each other again. They are surprisingly calm…. almost as if they know it’s going to be ok and they will be together soon.

After the initial posturing the stallions settled in… I can’t tell you how it felt.

I know many of you are concerned that I spent Christmas and now New Year “alone.” I am not alone. You are all with me always… and so are these horses. The gift I carry in my heart every time I see General and Commander and the beautiful three year old True… and now these wonderful Silver King horses… I remember our small “miracles” in this convoluted mess…. it gives me “Hope.”

Maybe we will hear from Judge Hicks soon and the doors to the facilities that house our horses will finally open? Each life matters…

Happy New Year.

Tomahawk and True give King the "sniff" test

The Calico bunch +2

Silver King and Galahad

A roll in the "boy" pen

They have not joined the "missing"


25 thoughts on “I saw him…

  1. Linda H says:

    Indeed Laura! You are not alone and you and all the wild ones are in our hearts.

  2. Lori Schmidt says:

    He is magnificent Laura, I have been longing to hear that he has been returned. This video of Gallahad, his mare and foal and Silver King had me crying like a baby. Happy New Year, so glad he is home!!!

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    Lovely horses and changes in expression as soon as they were loose. True is a brat! Happy New Year, Wild Horse Warrior! We got a lottery ticket! love and hugs, mar

  4. nancy roberts says:

    Thank you for the wonderful update. Happy New Year Laura! No, you are not alone. Day and night I think about the wild horses and how we can help them. You are an inspiration to us all!

  5. savewildhorses says:

    Happy New Year, Laura! Such great news. Perhaps 2011 is the Year of the Wild Horse.

    That last photo is incredible. You should sell some 8×12 prints of it. Put me on the list if you do.

  6. Sabine says:

    The gashes and scars in their faces are testament to the horrors they went through!I so hope that we can end this once and for all!

  7. MorganG says:

    I’m so glad you saw him Laura. I was just thinking about you and your blog update appeared in my inbox. No girl you are never alone. I think of you often and I know everyone else here does too. You are our eyes where we cannot be. We in turn keep you in our hearts.

  8. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Wonderful to see these beautiful photos first thing this early morn, the last day of 2010. Amazing story! Happy New Year!!! Hugs…

  9. Linda Horn says:

    Laura … blessings on you, the wild ones, and all who treasure them!

  10. jan eaker says:

    Happy New Year!!!! When Galahad’s mare saw him! It took my breath away, I cried tears of joy! That this family has a chance to be what it once was; that is a blessing.
    Thank you for all you do; I believe they are calm because they KNOW that this is different, the people near them now CARE!

  11. Suzanne Moore says:

    You are NEVER alone, Laura. We all and your horses are always with you. Those videos you posted of the reunion made my entire new year. I watched them over and over. How could anyone deny the cruelty of separating these families?

    Take care. Who knows, surely we’ll hear something from Judge Hicks soon. But, good or bad, we WILL fight on.


    • Laura Leigh says:

      And on and on… if we have to.
      These horses can teach so much… it is a shame this administration is deaf.

      Off to bed… early morning…
      Happy New Year… maybe the year of the wild horse?
      (I like that, savewildhorses)

  12. Elizabeth LaRoche says:

    I was wondering what fate had in store that I was alone after 80 yrs of caring for others and now will be tomorrow too, I spent a great deal of that time thinking of your precious babies and surrounding you all with all the energy of love I could muster and will do so again tomorrow. I love you and your clear Intention to solve this horrendously cruel action. I Know it will come to a perfect closure for all concerned. When you are down to nothing…..God is up to something !!!Faith sees the invisible, believes the incredible, and receives the impossible

  13. God Bless you, Laura. You are the one true faithful soul who is out there every single day that you absolutely can, no matter the weather even. I have much love in my heart for our wild horses and burros, and much love and respect in my heart for you, and there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about you out there. Happy New Year, Laura, and Happy New Year to your Mom, too.

  14. Louie Cocroft says:

    Happy New Year Laura. You are right–Each life DOES matter. Blessings be upon you.

  15. I am thrilled that these horses are going to Return to Freedom what a wonderful group. We all need to support these grops if we can so more hores will have tis opportunity. Hopefuly the law will at some time be on our side. Laura thanks for doing what you do for all of us. We truly support your efforts. Have a very Happy New Year. You have certainly made mine better

  16. audreyc says:

    Uplifting! My New Year’s wish is, like all advocates, 2011 will bring a turning of the tide for the horses (and burros). Thank you, Laura – what an angel you are for them. Silver King has an expression that is riveting. …mesmerizing. It is as if the collective souls of the wild ones, & their pleas for freedom, conspire to come through in his gaze…..as if he is bears the multitudes’ burdens – an “old soul.” So grateful he is safe.

  17. Puller says:

    Oh Thank God that Silver King and Galahad made it to Freedom. What a joy to see General, True, Tomahawk and others. I have to tell you, I cried when Galahad’s mare and foal saw him. I have to wonder what happens to humans and at what age that refuse to believe animals have emotions and feelings?? It THAT what makes ‘us’ human? I hope not.

    May God and all Great Spirits keep you safe and guide you in the quest to stop this madness.

    • Elizabeth LaRoche says:

      Hey Puller I am hoping that you are a guy as one seldom has the pleasure of hearing spiritual passion from guys any more. Whatever AMEN to you !!!!!!

  18. I just can’t read , each time i start tears won’t let me …
    thank you .

  19. KA Schaaf(kasohio) says:

    Happy New Year Laura- and of course to our horses! Blessings for more successes in a brand new year.

  20. I has three articles about Horses senses and the ancient mind of the horse ….
    descrubing the mind of the horse and how it works , how their senses work and how wrong we are that we compare their senses to ours , we are not capable of understanding their senses specially when we compared them to ours …
    I used your Video to describe what i mean in Video sense of matter in Visual sense for us to understand it better ,
    How horses never forget but they do forgive , something we are not capable of the “FORGIVENESS” …

  21. gudrun wicart says:

    Laura, You are not alone!!! We are with you every step of the way!! 🙂
    Love you!!

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