Merry Christmas

Angels on Mainstreet?

To all of my dear friends and fellow “wild ones” lovers,

Tonight there is definately “room at the Inn.” Only a handful of travelers light the windows of this roadside motel.

The night is clear and cold.

Callaghan was completed on the 22nd and horses were released or transported. Ravenswood and Eagle begin at the New Year.

I went out today to search for horses in an area awaiting a pending roundup and saw no horses, nor horse sign. I saw hawks, coyotes, sheep and cattle. I saw mining trucks and fencelines. I saw no horses. I will go back tomorrow.

Hold your loved ones close tonight and count your blessings.

Merry Christmas to you all.



13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Louie Cocroft says:

    Merry Christmas, Laura. Take Care. Our hearts are with you.

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    Merry Christmas, Laura. Please rest just one day. God bless you and our wild horses and burros in the New Year .

  3. Linda Horn says:

    Laura, you are a special gift to all of us. Merry Christmas Day to you and your’s!

  4. jan eaker says:

    Merry Christmas Laura!!!!!!

  5. Forest Horse says:

    Merry Christmas Laura. Thank you for the actions you take to protect the wild.

  6. Robin Bailey says:

    Merry Christmas, Laura. Wishing you many holiday blessings. Stay safe and warm.

  7. savewildhorses says:

    Merry Christmas, Laura from all of us and the horses who love you!

  8. Mar Wargo says:

    No horse sign… long gone. Will they be resurrected from another roundup to be proxie to these long gone horses? Thank you for being out there. BLM is merciless and the contractors their manifestation.

    Boxes will be coming later… wish I had a million dollars to send! Can’t win the lottery without playing!

    Stay safe and warm. hugs, mar

  9. Morgan Griffith says:

    Merry Christmas Laura. I pray for the day, much like the Eternal Champion in a book I read, that you can go home and rest your work done.

  10. Suzanne Moore says:

    Merry Christmas to you too, Laura. Take care of yourself, and stay warm.

  11. audreyc says:

    Merry Christmas, Laura…..May you be blessed.

    “And the lion shall lay down with the lamb”… wish this Christmas is that, all creatures, great and small, as well as those humans whose hearts are filled with compassion, shall find peace, joy, love, and kindness. A Christmas miracle, please….God help the wild horses, and the burros. Please…..

  12. Merry Christmas, Laura. May God bless you and keep you in your work, the work of angels watching over the innocents. Know you are kept in thought, heart and prayer by many. And please do take some time for you, it really is a good thing for the soul 🙂 xoxo

  13. Honor Hannon says:

    Dear Laura,
    May this Season of Compassion bring blessings of deep inner peace and stillness to your big loving heart. Blessings also on the very good work you do for the wild ones and those of us who love them.
    I will be in Vagas for a 2hour layover on the way to SF. Any chance you would be nearby????? It never hurts to ask in this time of miracles.
    Take Courage and Love and Never Give Up,

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