Callaghan Holding 12-20

Rounding up today. Finishing Callaghan.

BLM schedule, subject to change:

Back to work.


20 thoughts on “Callaghan Holding 12-20

  1. Robin Bailey says:

    Laura, I cannot thank you enough for being there and sending us this video. Are these mustangs going to be released? Or are they being targeted for removal? With the storms coming, I hope these are to be released…and soon. Is this BLM’s idea of a windbreak? And what’s up with putting a vehicle inside a pen with wild horses?! I will never understand this. “Subject to change” is just BLM’s way of changing the rules and trying to keep everyone off guard to what they are doing.

    Got my certified letter today from BLM regarding Antelope; “finding of no significant impact” totally expected. Letter is just a formality; another box to check. But why certify this one? All others came regular mail. The number they plan to remove doesn’t match the schedule anymore, either. Another “change”. Unbelievable, literally.

    I wish you safe travel, and for our mustangs a Christmas miracle.

  2. Jane Bravery says:

    This looks and sounds like a wild goose chase.
    Do you think they were they doing something they didn’t want you to see at the original site Laura?
    So many thanks for everything, and stay warm.

  3. Forest Horse says:

    Laura: Thanks for being there. How do these horses keep warm. No hay. water? vehicles in the pens to run into? Recipe for some sick and dying horses. These people are sadists. Thanks again for being the eyes on the ground on our public (HA HA) lands.

  4. LauraHouston says:

    a cold, wet and depressing experience for you and the horses. Are the horses supposed to suck mud, they must be so thirsty. Why?, why do they do this 😦

  5. Suzanne Moore says:

    This gets more like Alice in Wonderland every day! Are these people on drugs? It’s unbelievable that not only is this a government operation, but these are – supposedly – adults.

    And they blame LAURA for making them look bad. They don’t need any help on that score from Laura or anyone else. Good Grief!

  6. Barbara Warner says:

    No hay or water and what on earth are those “carts” doing in there ?! Thank you , Luta. Please take care of yourself so you don’t get sick. The horses need a Christmas moracle.

  7. Barbara Warner says:

    Oops I meant to type Laura –not Lita. Hard to type with a cat in my way. At least she didn’t walk across the keyboard.

  8. savewildhorses says:

    7 deaths already. That seems to be a high mortality rate for this one.

  9. Linda Horn says:

    Laura, keep warm and stay safe. Personally, I have a real problem driving any distance in winter weather, even on good roads. The fact that you push on dispite the distance and conditions not only heightens my admiration for you, but also my gratitude for your dedication to wild horses.

    Maureen Harmonay wrote there was an out-of-season foal born AT THE CAPTURE SITE!!! Both mare and foal have been shipped to Broken Arrow, and will now be forced to endure the strangles epidemic. Is BA still closed to the public? If so, we can only pray this little one makes it.

    According to weather reports, rain has really been pounding southern Nevada. Does anyone know if it’s equally bad at Fallon? A horse’s winter hair protects it from snow, but a combination of rain, sleet, and freezing cold soaks right through. Since there’s no shelter available, this nasty mix can (and likely will) be deadly, especially for young ones with compromised immune systems.

    • Linda Horn says:

      My bad – the mare and foal were take to Indian Lakes (Which is where?). I’m having a hard time keeping all these STH & LTH facilities straight!

      • Laura Leigh says:

        Indian Lakes, Broken Arrow and Fallon are all the same facility. BLM changes the name each time there is bad press. Yes, it is still closed to the public. Our lawsuit is trying to open those doors… waiting for Judge Hicks…

        Weather has been bad. Temps above freezing daytime, below night. Day is rain or wet snow… night freezes… and we get that frozen fog.

  10. sandra longley says:

    Misery-slop-and a foal leaning into a piece of equipment for a windbreak..where in the hell is the Humane Society..or the ASPCA, do they seriously think we will support them if they do not intervene on these horses behalf? We need to turn our anger on those that are standing on the sideline ignoring this

  11. Jodi says:

    This is absolutely horrible! These horses are standing in mud and water, they are freezing! They would never do this to themselves in the wild!! BLM treat them like live stock! They don’t consider them wild animals who stress out and get cold….these people are despicable! Like Sandra, I’d like to know where the ASPCA and Humane Society are at as well?

  12. LisaG. says:

    Laura, a few people, me included, are concerned about that horse that is standing in the corner next to that cart (or whatever that contraption is). Do you know if that horse is okay?

  13. Linda Horn says:

    This morning brought glad tidings of a true Miracle … the remaining 235 Pyramid Lake horses at Fallon have been saved from the killers! I believe the Lord, Great Spirit, or whatever Higher Power guides human lives, sent special Angels to rescue these noble animals gifted to our care.

    Blessings be on Madeleine Pickens, Jill Starr, and everyone they hold dear!

    Blessings be on these magnificent horses as they begin their new lives!

    Blessings be on the Paiute Nation … may they find the sacred path of enlightenment!

    Blessings be on you and yours … the two leggeds and four leggeds who bring each other joy!

    And blessings be on all creation in this holy season and throughout the coming year!

  14. Louie Cocroft says:

    Here is one email address. Can anyone else find any other addresses that we can mail Laura’s pictures and documents to?

  15. Puller says:

    Thank you Laura!!! Yes, I agree, that yearling with the heartshaped markings on his/her face and muzzle looks in shock. What is wrong with these people??? Why are these horses standing in MUD and puddles??? What a recipe for disease and disaster. They bring it on themselves. PLEASE Laura, include photos with what you send to Judge Hicks. When I wrote to the Energy Committee sitting on the ROAM bill, I pointed out that the Government requires adopters to provide shelter, why doesn’t the Government have to follow their own requirements???? I saw hay, I did not see water troughs. Also, what was that horse doing down?? The dark one (mare?). She never stood up, She looked like she was lying flat in muck and then rolled and got her legs under the fence panel.

    Who is the Director of this roundup??

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