Bald Mountain Video

First leg of the Callaghan Complex. Trap, treat (PZP-22) and release. About 400 will be removed, about 1000 rounded up. For the entire Complex (Bald Mountain, Callaghan, New Pass/ Ravenswood) will be aprox. 875 left on the range. Battle Mountain District may have more mining than any other district and a  lot of grazing interests.

 Counties Eureka, Lander, Nye….

(video is labeled “2011” because it is on trhe fiscal 2011 schedule. I think geography in terms of HMA’s and time by thr roundup schedule….)


8 thoughts on “Bald Mountain Video

  1. Anna says:

    Details of the Gather
    Under the Proposed Action, about 866 wild horses would be gathered from within and outside the Callaghan Complex and New Pass Ravenswood HMA. The proposed gather would be completed in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) located in Appendix A. The BLM intends to return to these areas in 2-3 years to retreat mares to continue with population control activities as well as to remove excess wild horses as specified in this EA. Approximately 221 excess wild horses, mostly weaned foals and yearlings, and any wild horses residing outside of the HMA boundaries would be removed from the range. Approximately 645 of the captured wild horses would be released; of these, about 323 would be mares treated with fertility control vaccine. The post gather population would be about 862 wild horses.

    More detail is available by accessing the Documents and Maps link in the right column. Public observations days will be scheduled and announced with details about the media and the public attending the gather.

    Anne’s comment: something is wrong with BLm’s Math:

    If gather 866 Wild Mustangs in the wild; and you put 323 on PZP; and you return 645 to the range; that means the blm intends to: Approximately 221 excess wild horses, mostly weaned foals and yearlings…would be removed from the range.

    What? mostly foals and yearlings will be penned and kept?
    221 foals and yearlings will be separated and kept ?
    and only 323 Mares treated and how many Stallions ?

    How many stallions will be put out on the range to breed?

  2. Anna says:

    Laura wrote:
    About 400 will be removed, about 1000 rounded up.

    anne’s comment: this means: 1,000 rounded up and 400 will be kept…(mostly foals and weanlings from what i read…)

    so what happens to the other 300? 300 treated with PZP;

    then; they put out 300 stallions instead of 300 geldings !
    so they breed mustangs on public lands by putting stallions

    so the 300 stallions mate with the wild mares not treated

    and in a few years you have a thousand “excess mustangs
    (a stallion will roam for hundreds of miles to find a mate
    in 25 years the blm has not put back nary a one Gelding
    only stallions to breed breed breed excess wild mustangs
    then pretend they don’t know why there are so many !
    would you bring 300 stallions into your herd of mares ?
    no; so why does the blm put hundres of stallions to breed?
    A breed roundup and sell scheme. imo final post until wed.
    happy holidays to the mules; donkeys burros mustangs and ferals ! and paints; pintos; palominos; and Jacks/jens !

  3. equus5 says:

    Those horses look like they’re going to freeze to death without any shelter.

    SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) has what they call an “Angel Copter”, an aircraft that carries a video camera so they can film animal abuse on land where they are not permitted. Could wild horse advocates use something like that or can you just document the roundups with a helicopter, since the BLM wrongly claimed the air space around the roundups was off limits?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Personally I think they would freak out the horses.
      I have the equipment I need to get you pictures… I am just forbidden to set it up. Others have set up the same type of equipment but I’m not allowed…
      That’s why we have the lawsuit.
      Waiting on Judge Hicks now…

  4. LisaG. says:


    so cold for the horses and and for you as well. I know you are tired of their little games as well. I can think of many things to say as to why the folks at SunJ don’t want to be taped. Their paranoia speaks volumes.

    I’m disappointed that there are only a few viewing days for this gather.

    Hang in there.

  5. Robin Bailey says:

    Every time the BLM does anything with our wild horses and burros, we should have the right to view it. Anytime. Not just on BLM approved observation days. The BLM’s whole program just reeks of dirty little secrets to hide. Thank you Laura for being there to expose them.

  6. Suzanne Moore says:

    Waiting on Judge Hicks… and waiting…. and waiting…..

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