Sulpher Springs day 2 and 3


Don’t know how long the connection will hold… but want to share some photos of yesterday.

Day 2 we went out and the roundup was called off due to wind.

Today they flew for just a few hours in the afternoon. Nine today. Weather came in last night more expected over the weekend to all of Nevada and Western Utah.

No horses day 2

Waiting to go home

Dad protecting his son

Communications are hard right now. I am keeping in touch with Maureen at Grass Roots.

Our briefs are all finished… we are awaiting Judge Hicks.


7 thoughts on “Sulpher Springs day 2 and 3

  1. R.T. Fitch says:

    Not for your lack of comfort, Laura, but for the sake of the horses I hope that the weather shuts down the stupidity for months.

  2. cat Kindsfather says:

    Ditto on RT’s comment! Thanks for sharing the pics. ❤ Stay warm and healthy, we need your eyes out there, and your body back in court! : )

  3. Barbara Warner says:

    So sad. Many thanks, Laura.

  4. arlene says:

    Laura Liegh How will we ever thank you enough for all that you do for the mustangs, i pray for you everynite , and everyday i see my prayers were answered for you !!! Thank YOU WONDERFUL LADY, WITH A HEART AS BIG AS THE MOUNTAINS SHE TRAVELS…………

  5. Anna says:

    comment: is that a stallion or a mare in the top pix?

    that is the “fattest wild mustang I have ever seen in the wild

    so what’s the BLM ‘s excuse this time huh ? surely not to save them from “starvation…no the blm does that in the blm pens!

    the blm does not actually feed sick downed orphaned foals!

  6. Suzanne Moore says:

    Such touching pictures of father and son. If they must leave their home, I DO hope someone can keep them together.

  7. sandra longley says:

    Looks like storms for a week out as the pineapple express hits…not a pretty Christmas picture for these horses, just more heartbreak ahead..thanks Laura for hanging in there..

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