Bald Mountain

Freezing fog and wind grounded Sun J

Full report coming soon. Check for preliminary. I’m tired… I’ll write tomorrow.

This roundup is in an interesting geographical location. LOTS of allotment fencing and LOTS of mining…. but they didn’t fly this am.

Bald Mountain mare

Bald Mountain mare

Temporary Holding

Bitter Cold


9 thoughts on “Bald Mountain

  1. sandra longley says:

    may the freezing fog go on forever and the road never end for these horses..stay warm

  2. Anna says:

    hi Laura; the blm acts as if the Wild Mustangs are “escaped convicts and they must be apprehended to save the nation!
    what a joke the blm is !
    Can you tell me if the BLM puts any of those Bales of Hay

    actually in the Corrals for the mustangs to eat ?

    or do the bales just sit there as a placebo Hay ?

    i dont see any hay in the temp. pens; only outside the pen!

  3. Anna says:

    ps i get a kick out of people who have said to me:

    The mustangs are “well fed…’

    ROFL…(ever see the video of the downed mare…no hay at all!

  4. Anna says:

    no shelter whatsoever in the long and short holding corrals?

    Brrrrrr….(must be fun to be a foal in a blm corral during as storm; what do the mustangs do; huddle together like sheep?

  5. Anna says:

    what is very odd to me is: The BLM rounds up Mustangs and Burros in areas saying: we do this to protect the Forage and natural native plants…

    and then in the very same area (according to blm research):

    The BLM Conducts “prescribed burns” in the very same areas!

    sometimes using chemical agents; the BLM calls

    Tumbleweeds as “hazardous fuel ! I kid you not ! “peace ! A

  6. savewildhorses says:

    So, can the BLM provide the study that shows vast improvement in the range now that they have removed 50% of the horses?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      This is a trap-treat-release.
      There has been some improvement that is visible… issue is that resources are being “applied” for by several other interests… so the future is iffy out there.

      • Anna says:

        Laura Leigh wrote: this is a trap-treat-release…

        Anne’s comment:
        a. how many Mares will be treated ?
        b. how many Mares will be kept ?
        c. how many stallions will be released ?
        d. how many Geldings will be released ? curious AW
        ps why do they only treat a handful and keep others?

    • Anna says:

      no; in fact from the research i have done from the blm’s own website: the areas they removed the Mustangs and Burros had OVERGROWN GRASS RUINING THE RIVER !

      in fact one area had so much grass the river was “gone!

      see nature created Grazers to keep the grass low to prevent “the clogging of streams; blm “knows little about ecology ! ps Deer eat vines from forest pines; vines are very hazardous to pines and ever greens !
      ducks eat algae keeping rivers clean…AW

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