Eureka Moly

Hearing on Eureka Protest to General Moly project

Had a short meeting today with the representatives from General Moly/Eureka Moly. They say they have a wild horse mitigation plan that includes re-establishing springs. We were informed that the info is published in the operations plan they submitted to the BLM but is not a document available to the public, yet.

I have made a request to be sent the portions of the plan that are pertinent to wild horse management. Please be aware that there are three HMA’s directly effected and others that will be indirectly effected by changing water tables. I will write a complete report when I can review documents and compare to the recordings taken today.

We all know that other interests, particularly in an area where those interests have historically been “anti-wild horse,” the plan often simply involves “remove the horses.” If not in Moly’s outline it will come when BLM determines “excess” down the road as other interests begin to hurt for a resource much more precious than any ore, water.

The State Superintendent has a challenge in this decision for water usage. My expectation is that the decision will be put off until BLM publicizes the draft EIS.

Enough is enough of our herds NOT being protected as mandated by Congress by the agency tasked with that mandate. What we always hear is we are mandated to manage… they are also mandated to protect… and do so humanely. This process begins in the coming EIS.

The local community members that we spoke to are literally between a rock and a hard place. The “hard sell” and economic reality faced have created a conflict where these long standing farmers/ranchers no longer have any reassurance that their voices matter.

Many of them fear that what their families have struggled to build will disappear as this project moves forward at breakneck speed and creates a process where they will simply have litigation as a recourse within a system that no longer values what they stand for.

Sound familiar?

Freedom and Family (American values?)


13 thoughts on “Eureka Moly

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Lately when there have been interlopers at RTs who come at us saying “You don’t get the Big Picture…” I see Them as not seeing it. The resource planning going on will be the demise of the wild herds. These ranchers see this closing in on them and now feel what we do for the wild ones. Special interests and private industry and international debts have burgeoned across the HMAs with an OK to Go all the way. Not even the family rancher can hold onto their homes. I do not see how wildlife of any kind can stand up to the toxic presence of all these pressures that have been invited in by DOI/BLM. mar

  2. MorganG says:

    Oh it sounds all too familiar. Ranchers/farmers had their chance to join with us for decades but they could not see the handwriting on that distant wall. Now that wall is in front of their faces as it has been in ours.
    To paraphrase Joni Mitchell–they paved Paradise and put up uranium mines, oil wells, hydrofracking. We’ve seen the BIG PIC for a long, long time and we tried to be the voice of the average man who appreciates the land. Now perhaps we will get a whole new cross section of supporters. If they are smart they will join with us as we have learned too well how to turn over rocks and see what evil lies beneath.

  3. sandra longley says:

    so which 3 HMAs and what the hell is Moly..I have no idea what we are talking about here

  4. Linda Horn says:

    Will this “intention” to help the horses be formalized and written into their contract? If not, it’s nothing but unenforceable fluff.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I think much of the issue everyone has with the plan is the “unenforceable” fluff.

      A project like this that will use the vast majority of an available resource (water), at a rapid rate, will leave any “enforceability” of any policy to litigation after the fact.
      Kinda like the wild horse issue has been for us… this time it’s also farmers/ranchers.

      Moly is also ultimately controlled globally by China.
      Still digging before I write a full “report.” Pieces still missing…. we are awaiting the written statement regarding horses from Moly… however they are not the controlling agent here… it is the BLM.

      BLM creates the EIS…. BLM sets the bar for these projects… BLM gives the green light… BLM supposedly is controlled by Congressional process…
      Pass the ibuprofen…

  5. jan eaker says:

    Mar, I like your plan to get land for bands more and more. I am on an email list for govt. land, I’ll send it to you, I have no idea how to certify that the land offered would have water, etc. but it may be a place to start.

    • Linda Horn says:

      Each state has a department in charge of water management. New Mexico’s “watermaster” is the State Engineer, but other states may use different titles. They all do the same job, and could probably give advice on procedure.

      FYI: Just because a landowner says he or she has a water right doesn’t mean it’s true. Sometimes it’s a scam, but often it’s a misperception stemming from the individual’s ancestors using water over the years without anyone challenging their right.

      At the San Juan River Remanagement meetings, I saw folks literally break down and cry (for good reason) when they were told they had no legal right to water their families had been using for generations. It was a mess, but pressured the state to investigate and confirm records, and create an online, searchable database.

      A water right has cash value, and you need to know that number before buying property. There are attorneys (NATCH!) who specialize in water law/rights. Spending time and money up front saves on heartaches (and heartburn) later.

  6. Mar Wargo says:

    Yes, out here you have to confirm water availability and rights before you buy… and now you need to check mineral rights or BP can stick a gas platform in your backyard. mar

  7. Anna says:

    we did not stop the blm with “animal abuse charges as i suggested; so they continue to trample down Mustangs and Burros; putting them in concentration camps for Mustnags +B

  8. savewildhorses says:

    What’s going on with the lawsuit? Judge seems to be taking his sweet time.

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