Eureka Moly

Hearing on Eureka Protest to General Moly project

Had a short meeting today with the representatives from General Moly/Eureka Moly. They say they have a wild horse mitigation plan that includes re-establishing springs. We were informed that the info is published in the operations plan they submitted to the BLM but is not a document available to the public, yet.

I have made a request to be sent the portions of the plan that are pertinent to wild horse management. Please be aware that there are three HMA’s directly effected and others that will be indirectly effected by changing water tables. I will write a complete report when I can review documents and compare to the recordings taken today.

We all know that other interests, particularly in an area where those interests have historically been “anti-wild horse,” the plan often simply involves “remove the horses.” If not in Moly’s outline it will come when BLM determines “excess” down the road as other interests begin to hurt for a resource much more precious than any ore, water.

The State Superintendent has a challenge in this decision for water usage. My expectation is that the decision will be put off until BLM publicizes the draft EIS.

Enough is enough of our herds NOT being protected as mandated by Congress by the agency tasked with that mandate. What we always hear is we are mandated to manage… they are also mandated to protect… and do so humanely. This process begins in the coming EIS.

The local community members that we spoke to are literally between a rock and a hard place. The “hard sell” and economic reality faced have created a conflict where these long standing farmers/ranchers no longer have any reassurance that their voices matter.

Many of them fear that what their families have struggled to build will disappear as this project moves forward at breakneck speed and creates a process where they will simply have litigation as a recourse within a system that no longer values what they stand for.

Sound familiar?

Freedom and Family (American values?)