Pine Nut baby at PVC

Pine Nut youngster

Little one at Palomino Valley that did not pair up so was not released. Currently available for adoption at PVC.

I’ll update later with more pics just thought y’all might like to see that cute face.


Comfort from the next pen


47 thoughts on “Pine Nut baby at PVC

  1. Linda Horn says:

    What a beauty! A kind eye, and look at those lashes – I’m jealous.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Baby was nervous when I first showed up and got comfort from the mare in the pen next to him. So I went and played with the mare… and baby got so curious!

      Love… the things we do for love….

      • Linda Horn says:

        Laura, that sorrel mare was so in touch with you it seemed like a “Join Up”! You certainly have a special way with these wonderful horses.

      • cat Kindsfather says:

        God bless you for this one! I could not be sure which was the one that would be left behind, when I went and documented them the day before their release. Sweet face, he must feel so lost! I understand the BLM worried he would be coyote bait, if allowed to go free without his mom. I am hoping one of the sanctuaries will adopt this sweetie from the Pine Nuts, left all alone.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    What a sweet boy. Because of a lack of keeping track of the individuals… this
    little one cannot be taught the things his family knows. I am sure if he were a bit older he could be released and accepted by a bachelor herd or even luck out and find his band. The lack of effort to be thorough becomes neglectful, even criminal. What was to become of these babies if no one had known the course of events? mar

  3. Louie Cocroft says:

    Thank you Laura. EVERY single, solitary one of them matters. It was wonderful to see all of the rest of the mares and foals reunited and released—-but that ONE that was left—bothered all of us. We need to see him taken care of, as well. Thank you for being there.

  4. Mar Wargo says:

    More pics with the new system from Palomino Valley Center bring back memories. Good write ups from Maureen Vanderstadt of Laura’s visit with captive wild horses.

    Is there an email sent out to say when you will be doing this?? The subscription?? I know I signed up for something there but have never got any
    emails. mar

  5. arlene orlando says:

    It breaks my heart that they did not find her mama , she has a very beautiful angelic face and i see a very special horse here , and i also see she wants her mama…. This all is heart breaking and to know it is all unnecessary tears me to pieces inside , Who ever takes this little beauty will surely have a wonderful surprise in store for them … God bless all the Mustangs !!! who have suffered at the hands of the Betraying BLM all there will answer for their criminal assaults on the American Legendary Wild Mustang….Even at that it will never bring back the ones they so callously took their precious lives…………………….. with malicious intent ………..

  6. arlene orlando says:

    Whoops Laura Leigh Im am so sorry I also want to thank you , for all that you do , it never goes unnoticed……..

  7. Darcy says:

    I so wish I could take him, poor little guy. He’s got to be missing his family, & what the heck is on the little one’s face?

    • Linda Horn says:

      Maybe poop from a good back-scratching roll?

      • arlene orlando says:

        sorry to laugh hehehehehehe but it does look like that , or maybe a bird dropping , I hope not ……. This little one is so very Precious……..and very special…………………………….

  8. Robin Bailey says:

    Is it some kind of salve for an injury maybe? I know this is asking alot, but could Return to Freedom take him/her? Or one of the other rescues? He/She has been through so much, we would hate to see this baby end up with the wrong adopter. We see too much of that as it is. I just wish he/she would have been returned to the wild with the others.

    Laura, great job!! So there are a few bugs to work out…the important thing is you are there, you’re bringing us and the rest of the world there, and I just know that all those eyes watching in real time has the BLM real worried. Herd Watch rocks!!!

    • Linda Horn says:

      I’d hate to see this baby CASTRATED, if it hasn’t happened already. He SHOULD be too young, but with the BLM, one never knows. The Mustang gene pool is being rapidly depleted, and we need to save as many bloodlines as possible.

      I don’t have a home for him, but if one can be found where he’ll be able to run free or folks know is a good place, I’ll pay his adoption fee.

  9. savewildhorses says:

    What a beauty. My heart breaks for him missing his family. All other re-united and him left behind. Feel bad for his mama too. This is what happens when you let idiot contractors run the show. No reason for him not to be released with his mama. I hope he doesn’t end up being shipped all over the country for adoption events racking up strikes. Does he have a name yet? Let’s keep an eye on him.

  10. Linda Horn says:

    Laura, we are so fortunate to have you, Maureen, and others bringing us these photos, videos, and the “play-by-play”.

    The first name that came to mind when I saw this little guy was “Mohawk”, since his white spot reminded me of the way some Indians wore their hair. Just a suggestion.

  11. cat Kindsfather says:

    I do think that is an owie on his face, poor little sweetie. Thanks Laura for checking in on him! Happy Trails, in between the saddest of all events, the roundups. Great seeing you yesterday!

  12. sandra longley says:

    Xs & Os to the little Lone Ranger..left behind but not forgotten..

  13. arlene orlando says:

    Awesome Sandra Just Awesome I love it !!!!

  14. savewildhorses says:

    Can he be put in with some mares for some tender loving support? I hate to see him all alone. He must be so afraid and cold.

  15. Mar Wargo says:

    Love the new pic. I do wish he could be released. He has the right to live where he he was born, the Little Lone Ranger! mar

    • cat Kindsfather says:

      I wish they would let him go home, when he is a little bit older, to join his family band. I love this name too, The Little Lone Ranger, looks like it gonna stick! On my way to PV now to rescue Oshunnah. Thanks laura!
      Hope to see this boy. Hi Mar!!

      • Mar Wargo says:

        Hi Cat! I am very excited for you! A horse of ones own….

        One day a bunch of old ladies will all pull up to a campground in the mountains in summer. They will each be driving pickups and pulling horse trailers with their horses in them. There we will all meet and ride together and remember these days for the wild horses and the fight we put up to save them. I say we win… mar

        • cat Kindsfather says:

          Thanks Mar, I love your fantasy too! So, I did it. I adopted a mustang! “Oshunnah”, medicine hat mare from Owyhee! Its love!

  16. morganlvr says:

    I wish I could take Little Lone Ranger AND that wonderful mare as well!

  17. cat Kindsfather says:

    I saw the Little Lone Ranger! He seems to be loosing his mind, pacing back and forth along the fence in a frenzied way. For at least a half hour, I observed this behavior pattern, which showed that he was emotionally imbalanced. : ( I am serious, he is having problems adjusting to being left there, while all the rest of his band has gone away. I wonder what happened to his mother. He needs rescuing people!
    I don’t think there is any way he will ever get to go home to the Pine Nuts.

  18. cat Kindsfather says:

    I visited with that mare also, and she is a real sweetheart! She came to me and nuzzled up, smelling my hands and trying to eat my shirt when I wasn’t paying attention. She tried to console the foal, but he just kept pacing, back and forth. : (

    Oshunnah cannot leave the facility yet, strangles is rampant, and John Neil said she is also sick. She looks fine, not coughing either! Adoptions continue, but horses cannot leave until after Jan, 1st. They will be tested then, and if still sick, they must stay into February! I got pretty depressed there today, seeing the foal going insane and the Lahontan stallions imprisoned, my newly adopted mustang, still a prisoner, and John said, all the horses are sick, there are so many. I left with a heavy heart for the horses.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Hey Cat, What can be done for these horses with the strangles? Glad to hear your girl is OK, may she stay that way.

      I see no reason why this foal has to be alone at PVC. What reason have they given for this? His behavior is classic for wild animals who have been traumatized and caged. mar

      • Linda Horn says:

        Mar, earlier this year the Rescue horses came down with either Strangles or Distemper (after CULTURING, it turned out to be the latter). Vet said it was IMPERATIVE to isolate the infected horses, monitor their eating and drinking, and recommended letting the disease run its course. Naturally, these were domestic horses in a controlled environment.

        Nearly every horse developed the disease. Exceptions were much older horses (in their 20’s) that the vet said had probably been through it before. The new foals and weanlings suffered most (a few were near death). Major throat abcesses and snotty noses impaired their breathing and, because they were sick, some didn’t want to eat. Volunteers fed mashes to those that had lost their appetites. Fortunately, everyone made it through.

        This lasted for well over 6 months. Just when we though it was over, another horse would get sick. TERRIBLE stuff, and extremely dangerous in horses that CAN’T be isolated, hand fed, or comforted in any meaningful way.

        Was Strangles (or whatever) at PVC BEFORE the Pine Nut babies and moms were taken there? It takes time for horses to show symptoms, so I don’t think they could be blamed for bringin it in. If strangles was present at PVC, the horses should NEVER have been shipped to a contminated facility. PVC should have been quarantined as soon as they confirmed the outbreak, like Herriman (Does anyone know what’s happened there?) and ALL the Pine Nut horses should have been released at the trap site.

        Here we go with another MESS!!!

        • Laura Leigh says:

          Yes… strangles has been present at PVC for months.
          They don’t warn visitors, btw, about contaminating other areas with boots and clothing.

          • Linda Horn says:

            So people could be bringing Strangles home to their personal horses? This is so irresponsible!

        • Linda Horn says:

          Were the foals and mares put in a pen that had recently held sick horses or directly adjacent to a pen with sick horses? If so, they may have been contaminated and brought the disease back to the herd. As we know, adult Mustangs have strong constitutions, but I worry about the young ones surviving a long, hard winter.

        • Mar Wargo says:

          I have not checked back to Herriman for weeks… but should! Thanks for this info, Linda. This is not good going into winter.

          I do hope the foal from Pine Nut, Lone Ranger, will be placed with others soon. It is cruel not allowing him to be inside the pen with the sorrel. There can be little reason for not moving him. mar

          • Linda Horn says:

            I don’t know if Lone Ranger should be put in with the mares. They might bully or even fight over him, as mares have been know to do. If he and the sorrel have bonded, would she feel forced to protect him from the others?

            But maybe she could be put in with him. If she’s got a close and calm “girlfriend”, maybe she could come as well. They could both be “aunties”, so the sorrel would be more secure and the little guy might feel protected enough to get some rest. If he sleeps at all, I bet it’s with one ear open.

            Just went to GrassRoots and took another look at the video with Laura and the mare. I wonder if the bay with the blaze that kept coming forward is the same horse as in the “comfort from the next pen” photo. If so, she might be a good candidate for a second “auntie”.

            Opinions from wild horse/horse behaviorists, please?

            Of course, this can only happen if the PVC folks are willing to try it.

          • Mar Wargo says:

            I agree.. I was not sure how many were in the mare pen. But putting two buddies in to be aunties would be great comfort and wind breaks for the little one. mar

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The mare is one they have been working with. She is halter broke and a sweet pea.
      Baby is very skittish after what he has been through and very sensitive to people. He was fine if I just sat and talked quiet. He came over and watched me.
      If there was movement, like loading or people walking, he is afraid in that pen alone.
      Did you get your mare?

      • savewildhorses says:

        Laura, why is he alone? What can we do?

        • cat Kindsfather says:

          He is going to Lucky Horse Rescue Tuesday. I called Shirley on Saturday regarding his frantic pacing on Friday when I was @ PV, adopting my medicine hat mare. Shirley worked it out this morning with BLM, to pick him up Tuesday. He should be fine now.

          Today, Monday, he was supposed to get his mustang freeze mark, and shots. Someone had named him The Little Lone Ranger, and it stuck. : )

      • Jerry says:

        I saw a photo of the injury on that one mares jaw you had posted somewhere else and the sauve they applied after a lengthy time. It looks the same color as what is on the face of this foal. Could this one have sustained an injury also that they doctored up?

  19. savewildhorses says:

    I hear through the grapevine that Shirley Allen is picking up little Lone Ranger tomorrow!

  20. arlene orlando says:

    WOW , this is awesome news !!! I would like to ask Shirley Allen if she would keep us informed of his Progress, there is something very special about this little one !!! I am not sure what it is but , it is there for sure …….

  21. cat Kindsfather says:

    You all must have heard that he was not able to go to Shirley’s rescue at that time, because of his injury. There is a hole in his face, that goes through to his sinus. They said it was pre-existing. Shirley was told he had to stay for at least ten days, and be treated by the vet. When he is better, he can go to Shirley’s rescue. I don’t know what the status is currently for him, but I am going out to Palomino Valley Later today, to check on him and my mare, Oshunnah. Will post my findings later. I think its been about ten days now.

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