Pine Nut: Mares/foals released

Pine Nut Release

Click on the picture above to go to Grass Roots Horse for our first attempt at live stream. Put the system together quickly and am working out the bugs on the fly….

43 went home today

Craig Downer at the release click on blog upper left corner.


5 thoughts on “Pine Nut: Mares/foals released

  1. jan eaker says:

    happy, happy day, hope they find their stallions quickly. I know they were glad to be home!

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Laura and Maureen and Deb, if she is there… this is monumental and exciting and will level the playing field a little… about time! I call this a success. It was strange watching the tiny dots of horses moving about. But what this means for them is incalculable. Thanks for your innovation… and patience. Great job! I am glad that almost all the separated moms and foals are back together… I just wish the little one left behind had been brought back, too. Great day. mar

  3. Louie Cocroft says:

    Same goes for me! Thank you to ALL who worked so hard for this. You have all sweat blood and tears.

  4. morganlvr says:

    SUPER! Like Mar said, little dots of horses that look like ants may not SEEM like much, but it is COLOSSAL! And, for a first attempt, not half bad!

    BEWARE, BLM! We ARE Watching!

  5. sandra longley says:

    Thanks for your actions and for being there-so we can see for ourselves -the horses returned..many speak-only a few do..

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