Grass Roots Blog

Grass Roots Blog

Grass Roots Horse has started a new blog. The purpose will be to try to bring you updates as close to real time as we can about what is occuring in the field.

Check it out!

We may be streaming live very soon….

I wont give up my blog, it’s my place to share thoughts, etc. And I’ll keep writing in all the places I write

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13 thoughts on “Grass Roots Blog

  1. sandra longley says:

    LOL-glad to see my Herd Watch Cap and Coffee mug are not going to be extinct-be tuning in

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Never… Herd Watch lives.

      Database is actually being built and manuals are a comin’.
      Grass Roots Horse has taken the lead to supply the actual help needed to get the job done. I can’t get the frame built and do what I’m doing. I’m exhausted as it is.
      Right now it’s a scramble to BE on the ground and try to organize… we will get there…

  2. Louie Cocroft says:

    SUPER! Something akin to the work of Jane Goodall’s foundation?

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    Good video reporting at the new site… voiceover is excellent!

    We have heard things about foals in recent months that are most disturbing with no way to verify anything…. If there is any documentation about it I hope it will surface.

    Pine Nut will take weeks to settle down and those horses are stressed bad. The winter has barely begun. The prospect of no foals next year is ominous. The idea that 22 foals were nearly lost in the BLM labyrinth is also very suspicious. It has happened before…

    BLM is attempting to handle too many horses with too few people and not enough vets or even decent observation. This must stop; all removal activities must cease. It is simply crazy for a broken program to be so “Ambitious”! mar

  4. Lori Schmidt says:

    Laura I know this is off topic for here but I wanted to get your input on a blogger that I have followed since 2007. They have a working cattle ranch but also house hundreds of Mustangs. I have not followed her a lot in recent years but curiosity got the better of me today when I recalled her. I tried to find their exact location but couldnt. Here is a particular post that caught my attention

    and here is a link to her horse posts in general.

    She has become a household name it seems since I started blogging which was at about the same time as she did.

    I would be interested to gear any input u or anyone else may have on her.

    Apologies for any typos am battling with broken right hand!!!!


  5. savewildhorses says:

    The Pine Nuts incident just highlights how very important it is to have observers present at ALL round ups. Without the public, those foals would never have been returned to their mamas.

  6. Lori Schmidt says:

    I have just read a post of FB saying that these horses may not be released as there is a strangles outbreak in the pen next to them at PV!!!! Please tell me this is not true!! If it is, how blooming convenient now they have the foals AND mares who will need to be quaranteened for up to 3 months if not longer!!!!

    • savewildhorses says:

      They should have taken the foals back to the mares, not the mares to the foals @ PVH. Then they could have matched up the 9 month old standing all by himself too with the mare they didn’t bring along!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Strangles has been at PVC for months now.
      The decision to take them there was made with the knowledge that Strangles (and an upper respiratory illness) is present.

      I was afraid of this…
      They also have not warned any visitors to PVC that may have horses or are heading where other horses are that they may have been exposed.
      The claim all along is that it is under control….
      but now it’s not.

      Wonder where those foals will go? Seems like they really want to stick to this arangement… hmmmmmm…….

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