Spent the day in the Dayton side of the Pine Nuts (HMA).

Examiner Story:

Horses were released today after being rounded up yesterday. Mares were PZP treated.

Family bands have been shattered.

This was literally a backyard roundup. The community is very supportive of it’s wild horses. There was a tremendous group of volunteers that could have been utilized to keep these families in tact.

If it can’t be done right here…?

Working on a report for Horseback .

PZP treated mares released

AND this is my blog… so Happy Thanksgiving. I hope y’all had time with your family, two and four legs.

Travelling song for today…. but I think Obama needs to come out of the video.

Mare leaps to freedom

PZP treated mare released

Strong community support

Awaiting release


24 thoughts on “Thanksgiving?

  1. sandra longley says:

    Just read on facebook they removed 22 foals that they could not reunite with their mothers..and why is that??? 22 foals that have no hope of being adopted..another fine day in the valley of the guns

    • Laura Leigh says:

      That’s what the day started like…
      You can imagine the response when they said that.
      About 45 minutes later they decided to hang onto the wet mares… mares and foals are at PVC trying to match up after 24 hours of being apart.

      Release set for early next week.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Good, that was a close call for those babies. BLM decisions sometimes are the most outrageous actions humans can take. We have accepted this is the manner by which they operate. SOP. Right? Why do foals get this treatment and why are we hearing more and more about foals being sold off or killed together? This seems the ultimate horse hate crime; foal abuse. mar

  3. Linda Horn says:

    To force knowledgeable people willing to help to stand by and watch is both cold-hearted and morally bankrupt.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      However this am the voice raised kept 22 babies with their moms tonight.
      Unfortunately their families are forever disrupted… needlessly.

      • Linda Horn says:

        Laura, many thanks to you and whomever else spoke up for these mares and foals. I guess my comment was more “in general” than specific. Will there be any way to know if ALL the reunions at PV have been successful?

  4. Jill says:

    Thank you, Laura.

    This all is a nightmare and we thank you for your strength and forbearance.

    You are a horse angel.

    Were you able to adopt your horse from the prison?

  5. Barbara Warner says:

    Thank you , Laura, and all the advocates who gave up their Thanksgiving Day to watch out for these wild horses and help the mares and foals be united. Of course it was another unnecessary roundup but hopefully no horses were killed or injuried thanks to you all being there.

  6. Jeff McCool says:

    God Bless You Laura.
    And Goddamn the politicians and our government for what they are doing.
    Our esteemed Mr. partyline Heller wrote me back saying he will follow the “science” regarding these round-ups.
    Oh if we could only round them up once like they have done to these wonderful creatures, then maybe they would understand that what they do is not only wrong but truly evil.
    Again, God Bless You and your volunteers.

    • Linda Horn says:

      I get really angry when I read “BLM” and “science” in the same sentence. I defy Mr. Heller to find TRUE science – that which employs the “scientific method” – in any of the agency’s actions of regarding wild horse and burro activities.

      When the BLM asked for input after the Denver meeting, one of my suggestions was a “triple blind” research project. Three HMAs of equivalent acreage, topography, water sources, climate, predators (even if they have to be “reintroduced”), and wild horse populations (200 head low AML).

      Each HMA would be set up so the horses are contained within the boundaries by both natural barriers and fencing to prevent their migration without restricting wildlife. All cattle and internal fences removed. NO hunting of predators. Balanced AMLs for ALL grazing and browsing wildlife and all excess wildlife removed. No other human activities allowed (extraction, exploration, etc.), with the exception of fire roads and right-of-ways if they can’t be avoided.

      The study would be done over a 4 year period, the time the BLM contends a herd size may “double”.

      HMA 1 – Manage “the old fashioned way”, allowing herds to build without removals of any kind.

      HMA 2 – Treat the 200 horses based on the BLM’s mathematical herd-growth projection over the study period. PZP the mares and skew the herd ratio to 60% stallions, 40% mares (NO geldings).

      HMA 3 – Manage the with an on-the-ground team of LOCAL advocates and ranchers. People who know the land, care about the horses, and would treat them as they would their own herd. This would necessitate selective, rotational removals of young horses (not babies, but before they are mature enough to breed) for gentling and adoption. If the population drops below 200, no removals.

      I think with removal of both cattle and excess wildlife, and NATURAL PREDATION, HMAs 1 and 3 would likely stabilize, but HMA 2 might actually have to import horses at the end of 4 years to bring the herd back up to 200.

      I don’t know if this would completely satisfy the “scientific method”, but I think it would beat the heck out of all the pseudo-science the BLM is experimenting with now.

      • Linda Horn says:

        And if ranchers lose livestock to proven predation, DON’T pay them, just give them equivalent animals to replace their losses.

      • Mar Wargo says:

        This is just the kind of research that can be invited by universities and can be ongoing. It is what has been missing along with any independent research that is done for the betterment of the horses.

        We have been looking at PZP for a long time and we still learn more and understand more. Tools need to be used properly or they will cause problems.

        Since BLM does not identify horses as individuals or as having family bands everything goes down hill from there as there is no scientific base to do work upon.

  7. Jo De George says:

    I pray every day that restitution for what is being done to these innocent and magnificent creatures will be exacted one day. We must continue the fight. Thank you all who are out there in the trenches

  8. Linda Horn says:

    It’s very disappointing that things turned out this way in a gather that had such potential for effective cooperation between all parties involved.

    To me, the only positive takeaway in this foul-up is the BLM response to concerns voiced by Laura and others and the resulting ACTION. Perhaps an indication of change to come?

    I’ve often wondered who’s in charge – the BLM or the contractor – since the former seems to defer to the latter in so many cases. Again, could this be seen as a willingness on the part of the agency to be more “hands on” with managment? Impossible to know while independent observation remains so restricted.

    Who was the contractor? Was there any sense among the observers that this error resulted from a “let’s hurry up and get this done” on the part of the contractor, since this was the last day of the gather?

    I wonder if a penalty, such as changing policy to non-payment to the contractor (in this case, for at least the 22 mares x $600(?) = $13,200) for violating the parameters of a gather might be a wake-up call to do things according to plan.

    I sure hope all 22 foals are reunited with their moms and released together. If not, I wonder if stress will have been a factor, but I don’t know how one would quantify that.

    Laura, any indication yet that you or any other independent observers will be allowed at PVC and/or the release site to monitor the results?

    • Mar Wargo says:

      According to my new “Gather schedule” this was Sun J at the Pine Nut roundup. They are certainly off to a miserable start.

      My short experiences with Palomino Valley and Broken Arrow was that when advocates could observe horses- lives were saved and injuries seen and taken care of. There was an annoyance from BLM that this was going on but when they listened and responded the care of the horses was better. There are so many animals in captivity now and never enough vets and no observation to take up the slack as never seems to have enough people in the field. Horses need observers and this was the better way to work together and solve problems. It made a difference. mar

      • Linda Horn says:

        Mar, WHICH new Gather Schedule? The one on the BLM Website doesn’t have contractors names. Was this on a blog? Lordy, I get so confused with all these “updates”!

      • Mar Wargo says:

        This is at Cloud Foundation and it is newest schedule… it lists the contractors.

        Please hold onto this schedule as we go into the new year. mar

          • Linda Horn says:

            Thanks, Mar. Don’t know how I missed this nasty piece of business. Even at $500 per horse “captured” (5463 head), Sun J stands to make over $2.7 million in their first year, not counting any “extras” they may tack on.

            The Cattoors have separate contracts for captures and helicopters. Do they also transport? If Sun J does the same, who knows how many of our tax dollars they’ll rake in.

            If the advocates had the money that’s been wasted on all the contracts for captures and holding since 2000 (as far back as I’ve been able to trace), I think (make that KNOW) every single wild horse and burro above the BLM’s “magic” 26,000 would be in a safe place and properly managed by now.

          • Mar Wargo says:

            What could be- is so alienated from what we have. The money amazes me as it is Gov’ment funds and they don’t think anything of this monumental waste. It could have funded a great, positive program for a number of years. This failure of the BLM’s WH&B Program has continued to barrel along as if it were not fallen apart. This is ludicrous. The problem with BLM is they are not looking for an alternative. We are, at every step. They say they don’t know what to do?? Hey, over here. Start altering course and stop roundups and experimental Birth Control. Step back and stand still and let the studies look at the horses left on the range. Start at a new point with a new direction with the public involved and interested in staying that way. mar

  9. Louie Cocroft says:

    We all know what would have happened had you not been there No one would have ever known. THANK YOU to all of you!

  10. Hi Laura,

    It was great meeting you there on Thanksgiving. My email is can you contact me..I have a question! Thanks!:)

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