Blog reminder

The first time you post your avatar goes into a cache and needs approval. After that you can post without issue. (Not my set up, wordpress).

If you attempt to create a second profile the system catches it. Please be aware that I will not approve a second avatar if it appears that you are trying to hide from your first identity. If you lost passwords etc. that is a different case.

I am often away from my desk for literally days… so be patient with the system.

Single horse chased at Silver King for over 15 minutes

Court case is a week from today. Grass Roots Horse has a donor willing to match donations to help cover costs.

Get a Pair and Make a Stand

Underwear from Grass Roots/Herd Watch

Or go to Grass Roots Horse and download a free iron on and make your own.

Here we go….


8 thoughts on “Blog reminder

  1. Linda says:

    Laura, I didn’t know about the $10,000 Grassroots Matching Funds until you put this up. Just added a comment to SFTTH. Has it been posted elsewhere?

    • laura leigh says:

      I think it’s just on the Grass Roots sight.

      zfinally catching up on sleep!
      Brrrrrrrrrrrr……….. winter hitting hard.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Linda, I posted it at RT’s on one post but it should go up again. It only has a week… mar

  3. Elizabeth LaRoche says:

    I am having to unsubscribe from everything until I can afford a new pc . . . . Just want you to know you are always in my prayers waking and sleeping for the good you are doing it is a blessing to hear about folks such as you. Thank you and Love you, Lizzi

  4. Anna says:

    Good Luck Lizzie and thanks; my comment is: the foal HoneyBandit is doing better; but the Foal does not have a stall; the owners have the wood but no builders; they got the wood donated from America’s Oldest Wood Steam Mill; CA;

    so I hope I can find some volunteers to build HB his Stall ! A.
    (HoneyBandit nr. Sacramento in “Shingleton: Ca. nr susanville

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