Warm Springs

2010 November 5



Meet 4:30 am BLM office Burns
Drive like a bat out of hell in the pitch dark on rocky roads
thank god tires not flat
arrive at trap site  in the ptch dark
sat in car for over an hour waiting for sunrise

Sun J chopper refueling for the fourth time

got to observation location around 7:30
contractor shows up 9:20
helicopter fuels 10:06
refuels around noon…
refuels around 2…
BLM PR asks if horses today
contractor confirms there will be horses coming in
refuels at 3:30
Deb Coffey blows a gasket and wants to know just how far those horses are being run in a day and isn’t time to call this off
BLM PR goes to trap to talk to contractor
BLM “decides” it is time to call it off to rest horses.

note: single trap location chosen for entire HMA

Temporary Holding

Go to temp holding
denied accesss to view mares and foals because contractor has their two year old playing by pens

New contractor
“Sun J”
Vernal Utah
All nice new EXPENSIVE equipment, lots of it.

Only two observation days offered, no reschedule, no return

No horses rounded up today.

But who knows what happened with the ones run that we did not see.