Another day in Court

Judge Hicks has finally set a date for hearing on the emergency TRO filed over a month ago for access to the hands on management of our wild herds. The Contempt motion will also be heard on the same day.

 Say a prayer for Democracy

Two important lawsuits will be heard by Judge Larry Hicks in Reno, Nevada on November 16, 2010.One of the hearings will be on the Motion for Temporary and Injunctive Relief in the Silver King, NV wild horse round up filed by the Plaintiff, Laura Leigh against the Bureau of Land Management, Interior Dept. and the Nevada State Director of the BLM. The Plaintiff‟s Response to the court on BLM‟s responses to the Motion was filed on October 12, 2010.
This lawsuit is based 100% on violations to First Amendment rights. It directly challenges, the Defendants‟ unconstitutional prior restraints on the Plaintiff‟s First Amendment rights by denying her reasonable access to wild horse roundups and related activities, to observe and report on all activities from capture, removal, processing, shipping, transportation, housing, and ultimate disposition of wild horses taken during the Silver King wild horse roundup operations (which the BLM euphemistically refers to as “gathers”). Laura Leigh, is a journalist and videographer whose work on wild horse issues has garnered her international attention.
“All I am trying to do is bring to the public a comprehensive story on the hands-on management of this National Treasure,” says Leigh “The difficulties I have had are absurd in a Democratic society.”

The government is basically controlling the content of what information reaches the public by precluding journalists who may portray them in an unflattering light.

The Second hearing will be on the (filed) August 11, 2010 Motion on Contempt of Court charges levied against the BLM which cites evidence of the Defendants‟ violation of the court‟s previous order to uphold the plaintiff‟s First Amendment Rights to observe and report on the Bureau of Land Management in regard to the “gather” and removal of wild horses in Owyhee Herd Management Area. When Laura Leigh arrived in Owyhee, accompanied by two individuals, they were barred entrance to the roundup site, stopped by armed personnel on public land, and given the literal run around.

The Contempt of Court Motion also addresses the Defendants‟ sworn testimony in open court that a „water emergency‟ existed and that an „emergency‟ roundup had to happen immediately, or horses would die. This testimony resulted in Judge Larry Hicks lifting the Temporary Restraining Order he had put in place to halt the Owyhee gather until he could hear legal arguments in the case.

Photos and documentation of the area have been filed showing that in fact the range appears exactly the same as it normally does this time of year, and nothing out of the ordinary was found by independent observation.

“Federal Judges have a tough job and a tight schedule,” said  council Gordon Cowan, “Our country is based on very sound principals that ensure democracy continues and our case will be heard.”



8 thoughts on “Another day in Court

  1. Robin Bailey says:

    Laura, your video is further confirmation that your First Amendment rights are non-existent with BLM. I really hope Judge Hicks realizes it, too, from all the evidence you have presented the court, and also that he was lied to and duped by the BLM, especially concerning the “emergency” roundup that wasn’t. I will say a prayer for democracy, and for you and your attorney. I for one (among so many) am grateful for the determination that you have in exposing the BLM’s cruel and needless treatment of our wild horses and burros, and would proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with you at a roundup anytime. You have true grit!

  2. Morgan Griffith says:

    Laura I hope you can feel how firmly we stand behind you, that breeze you feel is really just all of us breathing in and out. I am so hoping that common sense in law prevails and that the only reasonable judgments are issued.

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    There is great importance in this. We are here for you… mar

  4. R.T. Fitch says:

    Go get um Tiger…sorry that I will not be in-country to be there in person but I will surely there with you in spirit.

  5. Cindy says:

    stand up for what you believe in…what we all believe in….

    • Laura Leigh says:

      You can bet I’ll make a stand, it’s reflex at this point in my life. I just hope we can open those doors to watch our beloved American treasure.

      At Warm Springs… report after coffee.

  6. Morgan Griffith says:

    Laura, I wanted to share this line from an e-newsletter I received from the ACLU: “Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Warren Burger once said: “People in an open society do not demand infallibility from their institutions, but it is difficult for them to accept what they are prohibited from observing.”

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