For Mom

Just a reminder this is my blog.

Thought I might make it to see my mom and kids this holiday but it looks like I will have a busy season. So I wrote a “letter” for my mom and made a video for her.

Yes, all of this insanity hurts. It is my personal expression of it here. Not the most graphic or telling of the images… but ones that spoke to me today.

I love you mom… and yes, I am feeling sad. But not always… you know me well enough to know there is an equal “other side.” I promise I will show that to you soon.

double click video if link is not working to go to YouTube


21 thoughts on “For Mom

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Good for you. She will love this. You found a path and you have followed it true and not strayed. For that you have been alone too often and without too often- but your heart is full, my friend. They all need you. Buenos suerte, mar

  2. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Laura, I just heard an author on C-Span who has written a book on animal welfare activism. He noted that the people in it are often sad and he said that is the price they pay for taking the MORAL HIGH GROUND. Your Mom must be VERY PROUD OF YOU.

  3. Anna says:

    Thanks Laura; I like the way you go from scene to scene of the Mustangs in the wild to the mustangs in the pen…

    a good contrast…HoneyBandit is doing better though; TG ! A.

  4. Barbara Warner says:

    Laura, this is the most moving video you have made so far. As a mom myself I know yours is very proud of you but is sad and crying as she watches this as I am . Your courage and dedication are an inspiration to us all.
    God bless you and our wild horses.

  5. Monika Courtney says:

    Thank you Laura to be their voice, to be their guardian angel and for all you do. It will have an impact. Thank you for having a strong heart thruout the whole heartbreak and pain.

  6. Linda says:

    Lady Laura, I’m so glad you made this special video for your Mom. Moms like me (Dads as well) always worry about their “babies” no matter what their age. Touching base, even once in a while, doesn’t make that worry go away, but it’s certainly a comfort. Safe travels.

  7. savewildhorses says:

    I think there are 2 Bravehearts.

  8. Laura Leigh says:

    Just got off the phone with my mom… she is a very neat lady.
    Her home computer had no speakers so I had to play audio for her while she watched…

    Thanks y’all for letting me “get this out.”

  9. Forest Horse says:

    Keep your brave and open heart, Laura.

  10. arlene orlando says:

    How very proud your MOM must be of you Laura Leigh, she instilled in you The Bravery, the courage and the love to carry out what you do for the Wild Mustangs, all will be rewarded back to you in beautiful ways……… Just remember Laura it is darkest be the dawn……………. God Bless you Laura Leigh….

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Mom and I have tried to figure out if it’s “courage” or “stupidity.”
      I was the little kid that said “what’s this?” and then touched it… I spent time in many odd places in my life that folks don’t go. But you see interesting things that way.
      : )

      Thanks all for letting me share this with my mom… she worries about me but in an odd way knows I’ll be just fine.

  11. arlene orlando says:

    It is pure wonderful courage and bravery just like the amazing mustang himself !!!!! Believe in the fact that the Mustang , if we have anything to do with it …………Will be free again………………………… It takes a very special person to do what you do for them…………………… I am proud to be with you !!!!!!

  12. Deb says:

    WOW. Thanks for sharing this video. And thanks for watching over our horses. Your mom must be very proud that she brought such an amazing life into this world.

  13. morganlvr says:

    I’m sure your Mom is very proud of you, Laura, whether it’s “bravery” or “stupidity” or a little of both. 😉 She sounds a lot like my Mom, and that’s how she would have felt.

    So, we just keep on keeping on. We have a new Representative in my district. He’s a Republican, but so was the last one – before he had to resign over a sex scandal, that is. So, we shall see. The new guy can’t be any worse, that’s for sure!

  14. savewildhorses says:

    ON GETTING ALONG IN TOUGH TIMES, by Howard Zinn (noted historian, activist)

    You ask how I manage to stay involved and remain seemingly happy and adjusted to this awful world where the efforts of caring people pale in comparison to those who have power?

    It’s easy. First, don’t let “those who have power” intimidate you. No matter how much power they have they cannot prevent you from living your life, speaking your mind, thinking independently, having relationships with people as you like. (Read Emma Goldman’s autobiography LIVING MY LIFE. Harassed, even imprisoned by authority, she insisted on living her life, speaking out, however she felt like.)

    Second, find people to be with who have your values, your commitments, but who also have a sense of humor. That combination is a necessity!

    Third (notice how precise is my advice that I can confidently number it, the way scientist number things), understand that the major media will not tell you of all the acts of resistance taking place every day in the society, the strikes, the protests, the individual acts of courage in the face of authority. Look around (and you will certainly find it) for the evidence of these unreported acts. And for the little you find, extrapolate from that and assume there must be a thousand times as much as what you’ve found.

    Fourth: Note that throughout history people have felt powerless before authority, but that at certain times these powerless people, by organizing, acting, risking, persisting, have created enough power to change the world around them, even if a little. That is the history of the labor movement, of the women’s movement, of the anti-Vietnam war movement, the disable persons’ movement, the gay and lesbian movement, the movement of Black people in the South.

    Fifth: Remember, that those who have power, and who seem in vulnerable are in fact quite vulnerable, that their power depends on the obedience of others, and when those others begin withholding that obedience, begin defying authority, that power at the top turns out to be very fragile. Generals become powerless when their soldiers refuse to fight, industrialists become powerless when their workers leave their jobs or occupy the factories.

    Sixth: When we forget the fragility of that power in the top we become astounded when it crumbles in the face of rebellion. We have had many such surprises in our time, both in the United States and in other countries.

    Seventh: Don’t look for a moment of total triumph. See it as an ongoing struggle, with victories and defeats, but in the long run the consciousness of people growing. So you need patience, persistence, and need to understand that even when you don’t “win,” there is fun and fulfillment in the fact that you have been involved, with other good people, in something worthwhile. Okay, seven pieces of profound advice should be enough.

  15. Anna says:

    Proposal from Madeleine Pickens for Wild Horse Ecosanctuary (under review by the BLM)

    Proposal from Madeleine Pickens for Wild Horse Ecosanctuary (under review by the BLM)

  16. Sharon Kennedy says:

    I despair when I realize that the nation that gave the world Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, does so little to preserve and protect the heritage given to us by God. The horses are one of God’s favorite animals (read scriptures to see what He has to say about horses and the other animals that rode the Ark with Noah).

    A nation that destroys the blessings of God in favor of greed and profit will surely perish….it will just be a question of when God chooses the moment.

    • savewildhorses says:

      Or when man chooses the moment. Earth is left in our stewardship. We are doing a lousy job and wiping out record number of species never before seen.

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