It has been a bit of a “rough trek” trying to report to all of you the treatment of our horses as they are rounded up and handled by the BLM. I am still trying to get a report on the actual trap for Horseback.

In Tonopah we had an AML of 3 at Paymaster because they didn’t want to list as a “zero out” and to allow a horse or two to cross the border on occasion.

Observation was discriminatory, again.

It has taken me some time to edit the footage together that I have to give you all a “taste” of the frustration. It is frustrating to view the tapes and review the documentation.

Gather reports:

Field office data… Please note the number of “Fast tracked” projects and that so many use WATER. Also note how proud the district is of how much gold and silver come from the land (we all know about mining and what it does to WATER):

Note the date on this project that utilizes heliostats (water) in the federal registry, Sept. 3, 2010 with expected approval of Dec. 2010:

Warning in New York Times article: 

“The Nevada controversy highlights the emerging conflict between the Obama administration’s plans to greatly expand the use of renewable energy and the concerns of those who fear solar arrays, wind farms and geothermal plants could disrupt or destroy wildlife habitat and soak up precious water supplies in the arid West.”

But OUR horses are just about gone now in this area and the main reason given is lack of water… but we can bend over (literally) to create avenues to “fast track” projects, yet can’t find a way to make sure horses can get water.

Silver King video soon… Just need to push through the frustration. 

Edited to add stills.

We watched loading only after Horseback called DC


Paymaster AML of 3



Tonopah's one day of Observation




15 thoughts on “Tonopah

  1. Linda H says:

    I don’t know how you do it–day after day. But, watching this, you give me strength tonight as I head to East Douglas tomorrow.

  2. sandra longley says:

    Just another redkneck welfare rancher trying to take attention away from the fact-we and the wild horses are supporting his tin can operation..not for very much longer SLICK, anyone ask him how many cattle he puts out on our land..well, we are only going to allow him 3…..a steak from your slab sided beef is costing the taxpayer 5,000.

  3. sandra longley says:

    I dedicate this song to braveheart and his family, the sorrel mare, Hope, The Palamino mare on the cliff and her foal” wait for me” with the broken legs that tried to follow her..and the many others that have and will give their lives in the “raids” to come…”Seven Spanish Angels have come to take our Spanish horses HOME” I think Willy would be happy to know his song is for them, and I will post it-every time another spanish mustang is shot or dies in this travesty.

  4. Mar Wargo says:

    The sorrel mare had no chance. The handling is so insensitive. The contractors are such pushy idiots. All preventable. Our good horses. Back off and leave them be. We want them if you do not. Let us take them so they will not be touched like this again. mar

  5. sandra longley says:

    look at that mare, she is making her last stand backed up to the trailer terrified and they are whipping bags at her..she appears to strike at the bags to defend herself..can you imagine running for your life for miles being pursed by that piece of crap then being corned and whipped at..according to BLM protocols for killing an animal..I just read this in the warm springs EA..the injury has to be SEVERE or deformity such- that the animals would be unable to survive LTH or the haul..she just ran for miles, you can see she is fat..I doubt she had a club foot or she wouldn’t have been able to make the run with sound horses..they killed her because they were pissed she resisted them..pure and simple..I want revenge

  6. sandra longley says:

    I think we should name her WHY????

  7. Anna says:


    Do some Mustangs go into Corrals at the gather site

    and others go into trucks? Why?

    why do some go in the back of trucks and others in corrals?

    do they separate the foals from mares at the gather site ?

    why do they put bales of Hay on the OUTside of the corrals

  8. Anna says:

    ps to Laura

    that is a wicked good video above; can’t wait to send to my Rep.s and Sens. this is why I wanted to know

    Why do some mustangs get put into trucks and some in pens?

    boy does the blm confuse the beegeebers out of the stangs!

    man my heart starts beating like a drum just watching them

  9. arlene orlando says:

    You are a amazing Lady, the love and caring within you is an inspiration to all of us who love horses, I am from Ohio and I wish i was in your area I would be helping you in every way…….. i also love these beautiful beings, It is rough for anyone who loves them,to read the reports that are coming out , I myself had to not read some of them , cause enough is enough, i have been also trying to help them, from here….. Even though lately the reports are very saddening I still feel that there is some very wonderful news in the making, so many of us are now looking at all angles to free them, I am certain that there will be great progress very soon, how can there not be there are many and growing people like you ……and I …….even though I work on it from here and I am not in the field like you………….. Awareness is growing like wild fire I can see that………. Wanted to commend you for all you do !!!!! and all the others who work in different ways , all of the efforts count now ……..

  10. LOUIE COCROFT says:

    Be certain to get pictures of BLM EMPLOYEES and SECURITY GUARDS. They should be REQUIRED to wear NAME TAGS in order to identify themselves. This apparently is a very important government operation, therefore ID tags are essential for security purposes.

  11. Forest Horse says:

    Laura, Keep your heart safe and here to the safety and freedom of all of our horses and burros. Thanks. Seven HUNDRED Spanish angels!

  12. I have never, ever seen such poor understanding or horse handling in my life. Unbelievable. The cruelty in the unrelenting pressure to that stallion, flagging, poking, flagging, the utter folly and callousness and COUNTERPRODUCTIVENESS of it boggles the mind. I see this all the time, but this handler was a real piece of work. No wonder we constantly read of horses dying, crashing in the pens: these people whip them into a frenzy. They have no clue on how to handle horses. They think 30 years of doing it wrong makes them experts. I’m beside myself. Good work keeping a lid on, Laura.

  13. cward says:

    Thank you for capturing these images. I am sure that the BLM does not wish for the public to see any of this despite the fact that the BLM is a government entity supported by we, the people. If the government is hell-bent on continuing with these round-ups, the very least they can do is provide training to their employees about basic horsemanship and the proper use of “pressure and release.” These videos capture the BLM handlers exerting a tremendous amount of pressure with no release…even as the horses try to figure out how to get away from the pressure…the handlers have given these horses no options. It is as if they enjoy irritating them and causing them to blindly panic.

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